5 Essential Oils for Upset Stomach

Updated on February 24th, 2020

In a day and age when healthcare has taken a backseat due to rigorous and tiring work schedules, there is not much room for clear health guidelines. These guidelines aren’t followed by a majority of us, and hence, it leads to many of us facing ailments of all sorts, some of them serious and some not-so-serious type of illnesses.

It can clearly be said that there is a vast major room for improvement in this regard and the moment we pay heed to our health and a good lifestyle, that’s when we are bound to prosper. Upset stomachs can be very upsetting too, setting the trend for other ailments to follow. An upset stomach is usually the gateway for other diseases to follow suit and impact us.

Therefore it is necessary to avoid such situations by eating healthy food, leading a good lifestyle with no bad habits or addictions such as liquor or drugs. By eating healthy food, one can stay fit as well as keep certain toxins that are present in junk and oily food, away.

Types of Stomach Disorder:

There are a few types of upset stomachs, here’s how some of them feel and what they are called –

  • Upper abdominal pain: Excess gas
  • Pain in the lower chest area and top of the abdominal area: Heartburn
  • Severe pain in the upper abdominal area: Ulcers
  • Cramping and bloating: Bowel Syndrome
  • Severe Cramps and Diarrhea: Gastroenteritis 
  • Pain and indigestion: Lactose Intolerance
  • Gas, chronic diarrhea and bloating: Gluten Intolerance
  • Pain in the upper right abdomen and under shoulder- Gallstones
  • Lower right abdominal pain: Appendicitis

These are some of the symptoms of the kind of upset stomachs or pains one could face and what they stand for. This is an indication that you have a serious issue and it is best advised to visit your healthcare expert immediately to get a qualified diagnosed report and also for an adequate diagnosis as well as being medicated.

Causes for upset stomach:

  • Bad food habits, which include over-eating
  • Eating rarely and drinking a lot of alcohol
  • Eating too many meals in a day
  • Bad immunity
  • Eating foods with high levels of carbohydrates
  • Eating gassy foods
  • Drinking very less water
  • Eating at the wrong times

Why Use Essential Oils for Upset Stomach

Essential oils(1) are natural extracts from plants, fruits and herbs. They are extremely potent and have excellent medicinal values. They are extremely beneficial in the case of upset stomachs and are good easy ways to get rid of them, especially if still at the minor impact zone. If your stomach is heavily upset, you must consult an expert and seek guidance.

The essential oils for upset stomach have some great benefits, especially to get rid of diarrhoea, uneasy hard stools, to regulate bowel movement, to make quick motion possible, to get rid of the nauseous feeling and so on. The oils blend well within our body and make it possible to do away with upset stomachs if taken at the right time and also in the right quantity.

Which Essential oils to use for upset stomach

Several essential oils can be used for upset stomachs and get instant relief. Here are some of the most effective essential oils for upset stomach that you can use:

Peppermint oil

peper ment oil

It is one of the best oils to use for an upset stomach. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease stomach aches and cramps. It also helps in the case of indigestion by relaxing the muscles.

Cardamom oil 

Cardamom essential oil is an excellent remedy in case of an upset stomach. It helps soothe the stomach muscles and controls the spasms.

Ginger Root oil 

Ginger essential oils contain high amounts of gingerol which acts as an analgesic. Taking ginger oil in case of stomach problems is a practical solution.

Nutmeg oil 

Nutmeg essential oil is widely used to treat problems related to the stomach and the digestive system. It helps soothes stomach aches, cramps, gas and helps with digestion.

Star Anise Oil 

Star Anise oil has significant benefits for ensuring good health of the digestive tract. It helps soothe the stomach muscles and improves the digestion process as well.

How to use essential oils for upset stomach

essential oils for upset stomach
  • Add a few drops of the oil to a cotton ball and inhale the aroma at regular intervals. It will help soothe your stomach muscles and cramps.
  • You can also add a few drops of the essential oils to a diffuser and breathe in the aroma for a fantastic effect on the upset stomach.
  • You can add a few drops of the essential oil to a glass of warm water and drink it whenever you feel any discomfort with your pain.
  • Take a few drops of the essential oil of your choice and mix with a carrier oil. Now massage it gently over the abdominal and stomach area for instant relief.

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Precautions & Side Effects

  • For pregnant women, it is advised by medical experts only to take limited amounts, to avoid any damage of the baby inside the womb. Also, the health of the mother is of utmost necessity, so that shouldn’t be put to the test.
  • If ingested orally in limited amounts, it can be safe, but more substantial amounts can lead to blisters, swellings and sores that can cause itching and irritation inside the mouth.
  • Bad quality of essential oils can cause anal burning or diarrhoea and can be very tiresome to some individuals.
  • It is consulted for general purposes that children below ten years of age are not exposed to essential oils as they can cause heat and expulsive side-effects to those who have used it.

Other Home Remedies for Upset stomachs

  • Eat a banana followed by a glass of lukewarm water
  • Drink lots of warm water, for a clean bowel movement
  • Eat berries like raspberries and strawberries, crushed and squeezed with lime
  • Drink water with lime, not lime juice, but plain lime squeezed in water
  • Ingest a lime orally into your mouth and chew the yellow part too, to get rid of pain temporarily

All this said and done, stomach pains can be very upsetting and harsh on the body, so it is needed to take better care of ourselves to avoid further complications. It is better to prevent upset stomachs by eating healthy, staying fit by doing exercise and also by drinking lots of water, but if upset stomachs do harm you, try the essential oils for upset stomach and get rid of the discomfort immediately.


1. What drink helps an upset stomach?

There are several drinks that you could use to make to reduce the pain of your stomach whilst it is upset, such as sports drinks, clear non-caffeinated sodas, diluted fruit juices, clear soup/broth, and decaffeinated tea and coffee.

2. Can baking soda cure upset stomach?

Yes, you could use it to calm indigestion in your stomach. Baking soda counteracts with the acid and helps in the reduction of the volume of the acid. However, please note that you shouldn’t use baking soda within 2 hours of other medications.

3. How long does an upset stomach last?

This seems to depend on the cause, if it is viral gastroenteritis it may appear for 1-3 days and could usually last as long as 10 days.

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