Baking Soda for Acne – Does this Treatment Really Work?

baking soda for acne

Are you tired of standing in front of the mirror and squeezing those tiny spots? Why squeeze them when you can vanish them off your face and skin? In the modern era where others scrutinize even the minute details of your beautiful picture, acne can make you a laughing stock amongst your college group.

Having a spotless and glowing skin is a dream of all people, irrespective of their gender, age, or status. So why hide behind the terrible acne when you can pull it off from your life within seconds. This article enriches you with in-depth knowledge about one of the most effective remedies for acne, the baking soda.

Glue your eyes to this article and learn about the benefits and uses of baking soda for acne scar.

What does baking soda do for Acne?

Acne is a skin condition which occurs when hair follicles get clogged with dead skin cells and oil from your skin glands. Acne is a common issue, and we all have experienced it at some point in our lives. But is there something that can cure it as quickly and effectively as you want? Yes! It is baking soda.

baking soda acne
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Baking soda is 100% pure sodium bicarbonate and is a favorite baking ingredient. You can quickly get away with those shabby looking red spots of acne which mar your beauty. Baking soda for acne is a robust solution and has shown exceptional positive results on the issue.

So instead of masking the issue, let’s face it boldly. In this article, you will get some of the best remedies, DIY’s, and potent benefits of using baking soda for face acne. So choose your favorite way and get away with that unpleasant acne in no time.

Benefits of baking soda for acne:

  1. The white powder has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. These properties allow it to reduce swelling and redness and offer a soothing sensation. Flare-ups are common in acne. By using baking soda, you can quickly get away with them.
  2. The anti-inflammatory properties of baking soda help to provide relief from rashes, itchiness, irritation, and sunburn.
  3. We live in a world where pollution has become part and parcel of our lives. We are forced to deal it every single day. Your face is the most delicate part, and these hazardous chemicals affect it adversely in the form of acne. Baking soda has fine particles which shed off dead skin from your face and allows removal of dirt from the skin pores.
  4. Apart from being a guard for preventing acne, baking soda also helps to fade the red acne spots, scars, and pigmentation. Apart from acting as a guard for preventing acne, baking soda also helps to fade the red acne spots, scars, and pigmentation, giving you your healthy, beautiful skin back.
  5. If there is an excess of oil on your face glands, it triggers pimples and blemishes. Baking soda absorbs any excess oil from your skin which fosters the healing process.
  6. During acne attack, your skin becomes excessively acidic. Baking soda being a terrific alkaline substance helps to balance the pH levels of your skin efficiently.

7 Homemade DIY recipes using baking soda

  1. Clarifying Shampoo
  2. Baking Soda Bath
  3. Exfoliating Face Wash
  4. Water and Baking Soda
  5. AVC and Baking Soda
  6. Toothpaste and Baking Soda
  7. Milk and Baking Soda

There are multiple ways in which you can use this magical element for acne treatment. Those ugly red spots on your face will vanish away quickly with these terrific ways of using baking soda on the face.

Read the given solutions depicting baking soda for acne and rely on them for evading the unpleasant spots and blemishes on your beautiful face. Baking soda works as one of the most feasible and undoubtedly amongst the most versatile ingredients.

Take a look at the seven exemplary DIY ways to use baking soda for acne.

1. Make an effective clarifying shampoo

Acne often occurs due to the dirt build up on the skin of the scalp. Treat this build-up effectively with the help of a clarifying shampoo.

How to use?


  • Take your regular shampoo bottle
  • To this add half a tbsp of baking soda
  • Wash your hair with this shampoo once a month

How to remove?

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water or lukewarm water to avoid dryness of scalp

2. Use baking soda bath for body acne removal

If you have pimples on your body, rely on this baking soda bath and get away with the problem quickly.

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How to use?

  • Fill your bathtub with warm water
  • To this add half a cup of baking soda
  • Soak your body in this water for 15-30 minutes
  • Use a sponge to rub the water into your skin
  • If you have sensitive skin, dilute baking soda with more water. Soak in for 5-10 minutes only

3. Use baking soda as an exfoliating face wash

baking soda for face fash
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Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells that clog your pores and cause pimples to breakout. You can use baking soda with face wash to treat acne.

How to use?

  • Mix one tbsp of baking soda to your regular face wash
  • If you don’t use a face wash, you can add one tbsp of baking soda to one tbsp of raw honey
  • Gently scrub the mixture on the affected areas
  • Avoid using the scrub around the eyes

How to remove?

  • Rinse off with cold water

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4. Water and baking soda

baking soda and water
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It helps to treat acne bumps and spots.

How to use?


  • Two tbsp baking soda
  • Water
  • Non-comedogenic moisturizer


  • Cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser
  • Pat dry your face
  • Mix the baking soda and water in a cup to form a wet paste
  • Apply it on your face and allow it to settle for a minimum of 15 minutes
  • If the mixture stings too much remove it
  • Apply a good moisturizer straight after removing it

How to remove?

  • Remove plenty of cold water to take off the paste from your face

5. Apple cider vinegar and baking soda

AVC and baking soda
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How to use?


  • One tbsp baking soda
  • One tablespoon water
  • One tbsp apple cider vinegar


  • Mix baking soda and water to get a paste
  • Before applying this mixture on your face wash it with a cleanser and soak it dry
  • Allow the mixture to settle on your face for 15 minutes and then rinse off
  • Apply a moisturizer
  • The next day soak a cloth in the apple cider vinegar and dab the fabric onto the affected areas
  • Dilute vinegar with water if you have a sensitive skin
  • Let the solution sit for about 15-20 minutes
  • Rinse off

How to remove?

  • Wash off the paste with cold water both the times

6. Toothpaste and Baking soda

How to use?


  • Half a tbsp of organic toothpaste
  • Half a tbsp of baking soda
  • One tbsp of water


  • Take a warm washcloth and place it on the affected areas of your skin. Do this for at least five minutes
  • Mix all the above ingredients to get a smooth mixture
  • Apply this mixture on the required area and gently rub it in with a clean toothbrush

How to remove?

  • Wash your face with cold water. You can also use lukewarm water but strictly avoid using hot water

7. Milk and Baking soda

milk and baking soda
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It helps you to get rid of dead skin.

How to use?


  • One tbsp of baking soda
  • A quarter of a cup of milk


  • Mix all the elements well to get a smooth paste
  • Apply this mixture on the affected areas
  • Massage gently in circular motions
  • Leave the mix untouched for about 5 minutes

How to remove?

  • Rinse off with cold or lukewarm water

Precautions to take while using baking soda for acne

  • Always consult a doctor before using baking soda for acne treatment.
  • Be cautious about the quantity of baking soda and the frequency of applying baking soda.
  • Baking soda causes dryness so always use a good moisturizer after applying.

Baking soda for acne will give you quick relief. Everyone wants to enjoy a glowing spotless skin. But sometimes pollution, bad eating habits, along with certain other habits gives birth to acne on your face and body. You can quickly get away with acne if you rely on these multiple uses of baking soda for acne.

You can do away with acne with certain medications as well. But what’s better than opting for natural homemade recipes. Baking soda is a natural substance, and it usually does not pose any threat to your body. So choose your favorite DIY and kick off those red spots from your face and life.

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