Top 11 Impressive Astragalus Benefits for Health and Beauty

Updated on December 2nd, 2019
astragalus benefits

Astragalus, doesn’t this sound like something descended from some other planet? Well, it is purely an earth’s product and is gaining immense popularity as it is vested with a plethora of Astragalus benefits of health. A few of them include protection of cardiac health, alleviation of pain and inflammation, prevention of cancer, fortification of the immune system, and enhancement of physical energy and so on. So why to wait any further, give this great food a little place in your diet chart to start reaping its incredible benefits.

What is Astragalus?

Astragalus(1) is a miraculous herb regarded as a powerful medicine since ancient times. The root of the herb astragalus benefits health and beauty in innumerable ways. The herb belongs to the Astragalus genus of the family of legumes.

Popularly known as goat’s thorn and locoweed, astragalus has its origin in the northern hemisphere of the world. The medicine prepared from this herb gets extracted from the roots of astragalus. The root extract is saturated with antioxidants and nutrients that make it one of the most potent medicinal herbs off all time.

Astragalus Uses

A few of the most significant astragalus benefits for health and beauty include

  • Preservation of cardiac health
  • Alleviation of allergies
  • Prevention of intestinal inflammation
  • Natural cure for stress and anxiety
  • Natural treatment of insomnia
  • Improvement of body immunity

Top 11 Powerful Astragalus Benefits for Hair, Skin and General Health

1. How to use Astragalus Root for the Preservation of Cardiac Health?

astragalus root for cardiac health

Astragalus benefits the health of the cardiovascular system. It has been revealed by clinical research that administration of the astragalus root can protect the heart and enhance its health and functioning. The Astragalus root can strengthen the walls of the artery and aid in healthy circulation of blood.

It can regulate the pumping mechanism of the heart and ensure the healthy flow of blood to the different organs. Prescribed astragalus dosage can protect the heart against the risks of cardiac attacks, strokes, atherosclerosis and help in the natural treatment of chronic cardiac problems and disorders.

2. How to use Astragalus Extract for the Alleviation of Seasonal Allergic Reactions?

astragalus extract for seasonal allergic reactions

Consumption of astragalus extract can aid in the natural treatment of seasonal allergic reactions. Extensive medical research has revealed that the administration of astragalus extract can help in the natural treatment of hay fever and other such chronic allergic disorders.

The antioxidants and chemical compounds present in astragalus promote the cure by suppression of the secretion of histamines and by alleviation of the symptoms of allergies like itchiness of the skin, sneezing fits, runny nose, sore throat, watery eyes and so on.

3. How to use Astragalus Herb for the Cure of Gastric Cancer?

Astragalus benefits the health of the digestive system. Even if the doctors claim that cancer has no remedy, it has been revealed by extensive studies that the administration of astragalus herb can aid in the natural cure of gastric cancer.

Astragalus contains saponins that can promote the apoptosis or cell death of cancerous cells in the gastric tract and can prevent the metastasis or spreading of cancerous cells as well. The saponins work by cutting off the supply of oxygen to the cells. Prescribe astragalus dosage can also get administered for the natural treatment of other types of cancer.

4. How to use Astragalus Supplement for the Cure of Stress and Anxiety?

astragalus for stress and anxiety
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Astragalus benefits mental health and state of mind. Administration of astragalus herb can bring down the levels of stress and anxiety by suppressing the release of stress hormones. Extracts of the root can also cure mood swings, depression, nervous disorders, panic attacks, headaches and nausea induced by stress. Consumption of the herb generates peace of mind and causes a feeling of calmness. The herb helps to relax and unwind by doing away with anxiety and stress.

5. How to use Astragalus Herb for the Cure of Insomnia?

astragalus herb for the cure of insomnia
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Astragalus herb is one of the best natural cures of insomnia, irregularity of sleeping pattern, sleeplessness, and disturbed sleep. It helps to promote good health, regulate body metabolism, control hormonal balance in the body, and induce calm and deep slumber by establishing a Circadian sleep rhythm.

6. How Astragalus Benefits Body Immunity?

Astragalus benefits the strength of the immune system. The astragalus herb is adaptogenic, and its content of potent antioxidants can boost the body immunity by fighting against toxic free radicals and foreign invaders and pathogens that inflict oxidative damage and harm upon the body.

Administration of the astragalus herb protects the body against common cold, infections, seasonal allergies, and other such minor diseases and makes the body immunity strong and firm.

7. How to use Astragalus Extract for the cure of Diabetes?

The root of astragalus contains a powerful biochemical compound that is highly effective in the natural treatment of diabetes type 2 and diabetes type 1. The biochemical compounds work to decrease the levels of glucose in the blood. Administration of astragalus extract helps in controlling any sudden spikes of blood glucose and aids in the maintenance of blood sugar at normal levels.

8. How to use Astragalus Membranaceus for the Natural cure of Chemotherapy?

The treatment of chemotherapy involves many different side-effects such as nausea, vomiting, dullness of skin, bone marrow inflammation and more. Prescribed consumption of astragalus herb extract helps in soothing and curing the toxic and painful after-effects of chemotherapy radiation treatment.

9. How to use Astragalus Seeds for the Cure of Chronic Asthma?

astragalus seeds for the cure of chronic asthma
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Chronic asthma is a respiratory disease in which the respiratory tract undergoes constriction and hinders the physical process of inhalation and exhalation. Administration of astragalus supplement can prevent the attacks of asthma and protect the breathing system against congestion, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing, fatigue, breathlessness and more.

10. How to use Astragalus Root for the Cure of Minor Cuts and Wounds?

Astragalus benefits the health of the skin. The dried roots of astragalus have been in use since ancient times for the natural healing of cuts, wounds, bruises, and scars on the skin. The topical application of a paste of the astragalus root can control the profuse bleeding, restrict the flow of blood, and accelerate the healing process. It can also aid in the healing and disappearance of scars.

11. How Astragalus Benefits Dandruff and Dryness of Scalp?

astragalus benefits dandruff and dryness of scalp
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Astragalus benefits the health of the scalp. Crush a tablespoon of astragalus seeds and mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with it. Massage your hair and scalp with the paste and leave it on for about 15 minutes before rinsing your head with shampoo.

The crushed seeds can cure inflammation and irritation of the scalp. The mixture helps in the shedding of dead skin and flakes and leaves the scalp feeling soft, gentle, and free of dandruff. The antimicrobial nature of astragalus root can prevent the infestation of lice in the scalp and preserve the health and beauty of hair.

Astragalus Side Effects

  • Digestive disorders like bloating, flatulence, stomach flu, abdominal cramps, intestinal inflammation, etc
  • Allergic reactions of the skin and allergic internal response
  • Interference with medications and drugs
  • Hypertension and anxiety
  • Withdrawal issues
  • Interference with pregnancy and breastfeeding

Astragalus Recipes

Astragalus Root Broth


  • 4-5 pieces of chicken with bones
  • Water
  • Three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
  • One teaspoon of dry astragalus root
  • A pinch each of salt, pepper and chili flakes
  • One tablespoon of butter


  • Place the chicken in the cooking pot
  • Pour a few cups of water in the bowl until the chicken gets covered
  • Begin to boil
  • Add the apple cider vinegar and continue cooking the contents of the pot
  • Add the astragalus root to the broth with a little stirring
  • Cover the bowl with a lid and keep boiling until the chicken gets well cooked
  • Let the stew simmer down
  • Strain it out
  • Season it with salt, pepper, chili flakes, and butter and serve hot

Astragalus Tea


  • Two tablespoons of dry astragalus root
  • 1 cup of water
  • One teaspoon of honey


  • Boil the water and add the crushed astragalus root to the boiling water
  • Continue boiling for a few more minutes
  • Let the tea simmer down in a few minutes
  • Strain out the tea and add a teaspoon of honey to it before serving


Astragalus benefits the health and beauty of skin, hair and general physiology. The adaptogenic astragalus herb is miraculously beneficial for health. It has been revealed by extensive medical research that extracts of the herb can be administered for the prevention and cure of chronic diseases like cancer. However, if the infection persists beyond a reasonable period or becomes unbearable then do not hesitate to visit an expert physician. But, for the natural cure of minor to moderate health conditions, it is recommended to embrace the astragalus herb to resorting to chemical pills and capsules.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Astragalus Safe While Breastfeeding?

Consumption of Astragalus extract might not be safe during breastfeeding as it can interfere with the infant’s health.

2. Is astragalus a diuretic?

Yes, astragalus is diuretic in nature and can flush out toxins from the body thereby helping in detoxification of the body.

3. Is astragalus root a blood thinner?

Astragalus is a blood thinner and can aggravate the risks of strokes and bleeding.

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