5 Cool Benefits of Armpit Detox

Updated on March 12th, 2020
Armpit detox

Step aside, teas and detox waters and a new beauty detox—the armpit detox—has been making its rounds in the beauty circles. Many people are opting for clean, natural,  skincare options as an alternative to their once-cherished products, so it’s no surprise that the armpit detox mania has been spreading across magazine pages and social media feeds alike.

But what’s the deal with armpit detoxing? If you’re curious as to what precisely an armpit detox is, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more about this beauty trend so you can determine if an armpit detox should be part of your skincare routine.

You likely have an opinion as to what an armpit detox is, based on the name alone, but let’s delve deep into the details so you can decide if doing an armpit detox is the thing for you. An armpit detox focuses specifically on detoxing your underarms from chemicals and toxins, and that may have been absorbed from the buildup of sweat as well as the use of deodorants. The idea is to leave you with good-smelling, clean,  armpits—and who doesn’t want that?

Benefits of Armpit Detox

  1. Natural deodorants
  2. Removes the buildup
  3. Detoxing the body
  4. Reduces the level of irritation
  5. Bad odor

All about Armpit Detox

We are living in an era where everything can get detoxed. From your diet to tech habits and even your armpits now. Everything can get detoxed, and many new techniques have been introduced involving technology while some still have old school approaches.

Armpit detox is a technique that helps to reduce the different problems that happen in your armpits. This detox facilitates to remove multiple toxins that build up in a body and accumulates in the armpits which can be very embarrassing in public.

The approach of armpit detoxification helps in reducing the ability of the sweat gland to produce sweat in large quantity. According to the latest studies, this has been discovered that armpit detoxification helps in increasing the immunity of a person and also it is an effective way to reduce the risk of cancer in people.

armpit detox

Why go for Armpit Detox?

People who are in the habit of using deodorants in large amount all day. Beware! It’s time for you to know some of the interesting facts that will give me an eye opener towards many aspects. Your habit of using chemical deodorants to the extent that you are getting addicted to them may hurt you really bad in the future.

The antiperspirants get absorbed into the skin, and due to using these products in large quantities some residues build on the skin. These residues may further result in severe rashes, itching problems, blackness, and many other problems. The armpit detox is the best way to cure all these problems and the various effects of not keeping proper care of your armpits.

The main aim of armpit detox is to reduce the multiple toxins that accumulate in the armpits area and piles up even more due to the utilization of a large number of chemical products that are harmful to the skin.

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5 Lesser Known Benefits of Conducting an Armpit Detox

Before you look into the different benefits of armpit detox, it is crucial that you must know some of the facts associated with armpits. In a human body, the armpit area is the entry and exit point of many bacteria. But the deodorants that make you smell pleasant, actually retain those bacteria in the armpit and stop them from getting pushed out of the body. Thus, the multiple benefits of armpit detox are –

1. It helps in increasing the effectiveness of the natural deodorants

natural deodorants

A majority of the armpit detox get conducted with the primary approach of bringing a transition from an aluminum-based antiperspirant to the natural deodorants. It is because natural deodorants help in working in a better manner afterward.

These deodorants help in bringing a change in the number of bacteria found in the armpits. The natural deodorants will work slowly, but gradually their positive effects can be identified in the armpit area.

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2. Removes the buildup that is created by the deodorants

The deodorants have substantial adverse effects on the armpits. In a way, they attribute to temporarily clogging the sweat glands and hence, increasing the level of sweat in the body.

The deodorants create a gel over the skin which doesn’t get absorbed by the surface of the skin. But many ingredients have a trait of being irritants. The armpit detox will help in removing the buildup that is created by the deodorants on the skin.

3. It helps in detoxing the body

The armpit detox has the trait of being very effective in removing the various toxins from the body, especially the ones that can cause cancer. It is the entry and exit point of the body so, its prominence in the process of removing the unwanted toxins from the body is very high.

The clogging of the sweat gland stops the excretion of many of the toxins from the body. But with the armpit detox therapy, all these toxins are easily removed from the body. Also, the sweat glands get unclogged effortlessly.

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4. It reduces the level of irritation due to natural deodorants

Due to the extensive use of deodorants on your sensitive armpits, the level of bacteria in the body gets immensely increased. In the process of natural detox, the natural deodorants may contain many ingredients that will help in reducing the redness and the itchiness in the armpit area. Also, the armpit detox helps in reducing the irritation that you may face after the use of natural deodorants as the body also take some time to adjust to it.

5. It helps in reducing the problem of bad odor

problem of bad odor

Do you want to hold your hand over your head with immense confidence, then the armpit detox is perfect for you. The facility for reducing the problems associated with lousy odor may help in making many people’s life happy. Thus, the armpit detox also helps in reducing the bad smell that surrounds the armpit more often, and it is one of the most significant moments of embarrassment.

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The Best Armpit Detox

These are simple armpit detox approaches that can get efficiently administered at home or any other place. They are –

Detox with Bentonite Clay.

Bentonite Clay

Ingredients Required

  • 1 Tablespoon of Bentonite Clay
  • A teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1-2 teaspoons of water to get the correct consistency

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  • Mix all the different ingredients stated above in a glass bowl. Make sure that you do not use a metal bowl. Also, the spoon to be used should be wooden and not of metal. Now, mix the various ingredients till you get the consistency of sour cream or greek yogurt.
  • Spread it on your armpit in an even layer. Now, allow this mixture to sit on your armpits for 5 to 20 minutes. It is a better approach to try this practice for lesser time initially and then extending the period will be more effective. Also, it will facilitate you with the chance to adjust to the different changes.
  • There will be a redness that might arise in the armpit area. But do not get worried, it will go away in no time.
  • Now, it’s time for you to wash your armpits. Please ensure that you conduct this process with warm water and gently clean the armpits.
  • This practice should be conducted for a few days until you identify a change in your armpits. The odor will reduce in a few days.

To enhance the effect of this armpit detox, you can add coconut oil to this mixture. Also, for those who want some quick results including lavender oils and orange oil can also be very useful. It should get noted that both these strong smelling oils will help in removing the putrid odor.

The natural deodorant will help in bringing a quick change with these strong smelling ingredients. People who are applying to implicate this detox approach should not use any artificial deodorant during this treatment.

Also, people should ensure that before applying the wet mixture, they should brush the armpits with a fiber brush. This treatment should be conducted only once a day.

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Precautions to take While Conducting an Armpit Detox

  • Some of the precautions that you should take care
  • This technique is not for children, so do not try on them.
  • Due to the excessive use of vinegar, the person may suffer from immense irritation or may experience burning.
  • If there is any irritation that you are facing, stop the detox approach right away.
  • People who have allergic skin might get an allergy from some of the ingredients, hence be careful.

After reading this informative article, you must have realized that with the changing times where we all are advancing to a more technological era, some things are still old school and are very useful. The armpit detox approaches that are utilized by the people include methods that are simple, old school methods, and easy to implicate.

People who have struggled in their life with dark, sweaty and even itchy armpits, the armpit detox can be your best friend in providing you with the perfect armpits that you have always dreamt of. Also, it is the best way to remove the toxins, especially the ones that accumulate in the body and have a high risk to cause cancer. This detox also helps to collect various toxins from the liver, kidney, and many other parts and assists in effectively removing them from the body.

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