Does Magnesium for Constipation Works-Uses and Benefits

Updated on October 24th, 2019
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Are you a party animal or a traveler and love to go to beautiful places and outdoors? Which thing is stopping you to live your life? Wait! Is that constipation? If yes, then you might be fed up of spending your days in washrooms more than bedrooms.

But have you also spent hundreds of dollars on constipation treatment but nothing worked? Then don’t you worry any further. There is a solution to everything, and you can live your good normal life yet again.

The wonderfully magical magnesium for constipation is up for your rescue. Make the full use of the elements of nature and say bye to the washroom days trying to poop instead squeeze up with your buddies and rock the dance floor.

All about Magnesium for Constipation

Magnesium is an essential mineral which is common in day to day lives. You can find this magical mineralin various food substances and fruits. It is responsible for health development and physical strength of an individual. Magnesium is also responsible for the stronger human bones and mostly gets found inside the bones with the mixture of calcium.

It is an essential part of all our bodies, and without magnesium, it is difficult to survive. It provides the strength to the muscle structure and aids to do your daily chores of work. Even a small amount of magnesium helpsin the cellular functioning all over the body. According to studies, magnesium is the significant need of the body for specific operations by assisting in more than 300 biochemical reactions.

Magnesium serves the normal muscles and nerve functions for our survival. A healthy immune system is the one which has the mixture of all the essential minerals. It is the significant need of the body, and it is difficult to survive with the minority of this mineral. It has many other substantial functions and responsibilities which must be unknown to you. Don’t worry; many people are slow in accessing the requirements of magnesium. As you will read you will surely get to know how vital magnesium is and how it can treat you for your major constipation issues.

Don’t be surprised as you are not alone who is having this issue. It can happen to anybody who has some lack of certain minerals. Many conditions and eating habits can lead to this painful and uncomfortable condition known as constipation. There are hundreds of products, medicines,and tablets that are available in the market which claims to solve this issue. Do they explain it? Well, the answer must be no because if it could be true, then you may not have made up to this.

The natural remedies are the best remedies which help in the best way possible that too with no side effects. The medicines and many procedures may have several side effects, but thankfully, in this case, everything done by you would be safe and sound. Magnesium is harmless, and the intake of the element will majorly solve its issue.

Why should you take magnesium for constipation treatment?


You must be wondering that why should you choose magnesium only when there aremany other ways. Are you that person who takes up the medicines which your doctors recommended without reading the ingredients of the medication? Just take a look at the remedy for constipation and read out the contents thoroughly. You will notice that the content of magnesium is the highest.

Magnesium is a valuable tool to solve this major issue. It draws water into your intestine which works as an osmotic laxative. You must be thinking that how the water in intestines will solve your problems. The increased water quantity in your organs will increase the water simulation in your abdomen area.

It will result in the bowel motility in your body to your path towards the anus. The water also softens the stool which will help you in the ease of the process. The comfortably expelling and soft stools are all you need, and magnesium will provide you with that. That is why magnesium for constipation gets highly recommended.

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Six Great Facts about Magnesium

You must have known about magnesium till now, but do not forget to read a few facts about it as it may help you in many ways. Few points are listed below:

  1. Magnesium is critically responsible for making you poop every time. It helps to relax the significant muscles present in the digestive tract which even includes the intestinal wall. The muscles relaxed by magnesium are those muscles which bless you with the ability to visit the bathroom.
  2. Magnesium also helps in the neutralization of stomach acids. It further results in the movement of the stool in the intestinal tract.
  3. A deficiency in magnesium can be the reason behind you suffering from constipation. For that, you must take around 400-1200mg of magnesium hydroxide for about three to four times a day. These dosages will give you a sufficient amount of magnesium for your revival of body muscles and proper functioning of movements.
  4. According to studies, magnesium is recommended for daily intake to treat constipation as soon as possible. The amount and the forms of consumption may vary as per age and sex.
  5. You can take magnesium in the form of a pill, medicine, capsule, tablet, and the best way is always a natural way.
  6. Magnesium is widely present in the common fruits and green leafy vegetables. The best source of magnesium is Banana. You must take at least one to two bananas a day to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Hence, magnesium is the primary remedy for constipation. The mineral will treat your constipation, and along with it, you will get many necessary minerals that are essential for your body.

How can you use magnesium for constipation?

There are multiple ways for the intake of magnesium. As discussed, you can intake magnesium in pill, supplements and natural form. You can serve yourself with the best magnesium-rich food with several methods at the ease of your place. The DIYs of Magnesium-rich foods are simple to imply and easily available.

Top 2 beneficial DIY’s to replenish magnesium in your body

Few methods of magnesium intake are as discussed below:

1. Banana Shake

Image: ShutterStock

For this delicious shake, you will need


  • Two Banana
  • Two tablespoons sugar (as per requirement)
  • One glass milk
  • One cardamom (as per flavor)


  • Take one cup milk and mash two bananas inside
  • Add some sugar to the mixture as per your requirement
  • You can also add cardamom seeds or one cardamom as it gives out a good flavor
  • Blend the mix with the blender to mix and the ingredients thoroughly
  • Watch out for the foam and pour your shake

This magnesium for constipation treatment is widely popular in the summer season. As bananas are the rich source of magnesium, so it is a great drink to have. It will treat your constipation along with the numerous benefits such as weight gain, muscle strength, and many more useful things.

2. Avocado Paste

Image: ShutterStock

For this delicious paste, you will need


  • One Avocado
  • One Small Jalapeno
  • One-third cup of lime juice
  • 2 Tablespoons water ( more if needed)
  • Half teaspoon fine sea salt


  • Scrape the inside of avocado with a spoon.
  • Scoop the flesh inside thoroughly into a food processor
  • Add Lime juice, jalapeno, water and salt to it
  • Process the mixture until the mixture is creamy and smooth
  • Transfer the dough into a bowl and keep in a refrigerator

Avocado possesses theright amount of magnesium. The avocado paste is not just a benefit for constipation, but it is delicious in its way. You can also use it in several ways along with the regular bread. You will love the tangy taste of avocado paste and solve your constipation problems.


  • It is a well-said thing that the excess of everything is terrible. Similarly, an excess of magnesium may result in bad results. Now that you are struggling to poop, but the surplus of magnesium may land you in the conditions where you will think of stopping the long-awaited poop.
  • There are different guidelines offered for several women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. The amounts of magnesium may affect your future offspring. So it is recommended to take care of the amounts minutely to secure your upcoming generation.
  • If you are planning to take up certain artificial supplements, then make sure that you don’t overdose more than what is required. Follow your doctor strictly and read the instructions carefully.
  • The natural way is the best way. You can find magnesium from many sources. Try the natural way than the artificial way on the first hand. Keep the artificial ways on the second priority list.
  • The most common side effects of the magnesium overdose are dehydration, weight loss, electrolyte imbalance, and nutritional deficits. It may even have severe impacts on your heart muscles and can also cause few breathing problems.
  • Before taking any magnesium supplements prescribed by your doctor, make sure to tell him about your drugs and supplements you are using earlier such as laxatives, diuretics, chemotherapy drugs, and others.

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Magnesium for constipation is the best way possible to solve the issue with the ease. It takes a little step by step effort to organize your eating habits. Take magnesium-rich foods and keep yourself hydrated to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Never let your body stay deprived of this essential element.Every element has its desired function in the body. It is advised to keep everything in balance to remain healthy throughout. Magnesium exhibits some unusual benefits which are essential for proper functioning and constipation. Stay healthy and stay magnesium rich to say goodbye to constipation.

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