How to Stop Thumb Sucking with Five Most Natural Remedies?

thumb sucking

Imagine, you have a house party, and all your important friends and relatives are coming. Everything is perfect at the party except for your child or your family member who still sucks their thumb. This situation can be embarrassing if not taken care of at the right time.

So let us know what thumb sucking is. When children between the ages of two and four are in the habit of sucking their thumb, it is called Infant’s thumb sucking. Kids find comfort in it. It keeps them calm, and they can fall asleep quickly.

In contrast, adult thumb sucking is embarrassing, and it comes with perks of being bullied or worse lead to the development of ill-shaped jaw and buck teeth. But not to worry as there are many cures on how to stop thumb sucking.

Natural Remedies to Stop Thumb Sucking

  1. Foods
  2. Herbs
  3. Essential Oils
  4. Home Remedies
  5. Natural Measures

What symptoms may develop due to thumb sucking?

If the habit of thumb sucking does not drop by the age of four, your child may develop some severe medical conditions such as:

  • Irregular jaw shape
  • Front teeth jutting and buck teeth
  • Improper development of tongue muscles
  • Change in biting habits
  • Speech related issues
  • Spread of Germs
  • Thumb sucking blisters

If you want to know how to break this dirty habit of your child, you must make use of some natural remedies. The five best natural remedies on how to stop thumb sucking are listed here.

Best five natural remedies on how to stop thumb sucking habit

Below are listed a few remedies and cures on how to stop thumb sucking.

1. How to stop thumb sucking with the aid of Foods?

Tomato or Chili Sauce

Cooking spicy food and tasting them would provide you tips on how to stop thumb sucking.

How to use?

  • First, you would need to crush some tomatoes or chili
  • Add less water and make a paste
  • Apply on the thumb and let your kid have a taste


Once your child tastes it, he or she will keep their thumb away from their mouth for quite some time. It will serve your purpose of how to stop thumb sucking completely.


If you use it very frequently, it may cause diarrhea or stomach related problems and put you into more trouble.

Lime Juice

How to use?

  • Make a juice of lime or orange in a mixer grinder
  • Fill in as prayer and spray on your child’s thumb


Lemon juice has a high content of Vitamin C which is useful in membrane protection and preventing lesion formation. The bitter taste would make the child keep away from the thumb and help you on how to stop thumb sucking.

2. How to treat thumb sucking habits using Herbs?

Neem or Castor

Ayurveda has known the beneficial effects of Neem for ages now. It is known to provide relief from various diseases. It is rich in secondary metabolites belonging to the class of triterpenes which accounts for its bitter taste. Castor is known for its herbal component ricin and its bitter taste due to the presence of such secondary metabolites. You must know how to use herbs to understand how you can stop thumb sucking.

How to use?

  • Crush few leaves in the presence of two spoons of milk
  • The paste formed should be applied on the thumb of your child


Herbs have many natural ingredients which protect and nourish the skin. The paste of neem or castor would help fight germs and dry the thumbsucking blisters that may have formed. The bitter taste of the paste would also help in getting rid of the thumb sucking habit.


Its frequent use can cause throat irritation and irritation of the digestive system due to the high quantity ofter penes.

3. How to stop thumb sucking with Essential Oils?

Cedar Oil

Essential oils extracted from herbs are useful in many ways. You should know how to prevent thumb sucking with the use of clove oil or cedar oil.

How to Use?

  • The oil can be extracted from twigs and leaves and diluted with olive oil
  • You can apply under the cuticle or nails of the thumb


Such essential oils can be used for thumb sucking prevention due to their bitter taste imparted by terpenes and eugenol. They help in the healing of the skin and prevent the formation of blisters and infection.


A concentrated form of such essential oils may sting if they come in contact with the eye and cause pain and agitation in kids.

4. How to stop thumb sucking with Home Remedies?


A straight forward remedy to stop thumb sucking is to daba cloth in the salt solution and tie it to your child’s thumb. You may also apply a concentrated salt solution to the thumb directly, and this will help in keeping the thumb away from the mouth.


If the child consumes too much salt, it may again lead to indigestion and cause more harm. It may also lead to choking in infants or get into the eyes and cause irritation.

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5. How to stop Thumb sucking with natural measures?

Before using herbs, food, supplements, creams, you must try some elementary natural measures on how to stop thumb sucking.

Create indulgence

Keep your kid busy with games, consoles, books which requires the use of both hands. While putting them to sleep, you could give them a toy to play with and cuddle,so that it could comfort them and get them out of the routine of thumb sucking.

Tie band aids or rubber tapes to the thumb

Band aids and rubber bands provide friction to the smooth and calm thumb sucking habit and act to prohibit your child from putting his thumb in the mouth again.

Make conversation with kids

Increasing awareness of your kids to his or her surroundings and how things grow and age will make them more conscious, and they will feel mature. It will make them lose their childish habits and develop gentle habits to grow up into beautiful human beings.

Implement a reward system for your child giving up on thumb sucking

Make a routine and let your child cut out the days when they do not indulge in thumb sucking. For a certain number of days, they get rewarded with chocolates. It will surely keep them off from their nasty habit.

Make use of thumb sucking nail polish

There is chemical thumbsucking nail polish which can be applied on the nails and kept painted. The pungent taste of acetone will keep your kid’s fingers away from the mouth.

Use of Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic appliances fit in the interior of the teeth. They are placed with the gums so that thumb sucking does not touch the upper areas of the gum, but it is not so comfortable and peaceful. Eventually, the kids lose interest and get rid of their thumb sucking habit.


Thumb sucking habit can become a serious concern if left untreated and therefore, should be attended immediately. It may lead to poor facial features, misalignment of jaw and thumb sucking teeth placement which will make kids look ugly as they grow up. Itis essential for their healthy life to know how to stop thumb sucking. Follow all the remedies as mentioned,and you will get rid of this irritating and humiliating habit eventually. Badegoodbye to thumb sucking habit and embarrassment in a few days.

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