Acupressure for Nausea: Effective Way to Subside the Symptoms

Updated on December 13th, 2019
nausea cure

Nausea generally occurs as a symptom of any other sickness. The urge of puking makes everything uncomfortable around you. Nausea along with vomiting is one of the most common symptoms leading to some other disorder or disease. Acupressure for nausea can be a very fruitful measure to treat the condition effectively with no side effects.

The sessions of acupuncture can lead you towards them relaxation for the disease, and it will keep you out of the stress zone. Nausea is a phenomenon that occurs to everyone at least once in their lifetime, but if extreme, one must consult a doctor first.

Acupressure is a form of ancient Chinese therapy which is like acupuncture with the exception needles. In Japan, it is also known by the name Shiatsu.

Acupressure has been in practice as a healing art for at least 5,000 years. It is the third most popular method for treating pain and illness in the world. This complete health system has documented for use in treating over 3000 conditions(1).

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Can Acupressure Control Nausea?

Well, acupuncture is an ancient method for treating various diseases, and it is valid even today. But can acupressure control the problem of nausea? Definitely Yes! The therapy of acupressure has its efficacy to treat nausea and various studies with researches prove it too. The most major benefit of acupuncture for nausea is – it provides relaxation from the troubling ache and reduces the discomfort.

Nausea might be very problematic to various individuals; many stressors in our surroundings generate the feeling of nausea within the body. The symptoms of nausea are hard to express by some people, but basically, they deal with – headaches, vomiting, dizziness, gas, abdominal pain and lightheadedness. These symptoms reflect the status of the brain and the upper part of our body.

Pressing and stimulating the pressure points for nausea can give you a fantastic pathway inside your body to channel the energy properly. Proper transfer of power will remove the blockages within the channels and will help in establishing a problem free pathway for energy and blood flow.

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Incredible Benefits of Using Acupressure for Nausea?

nausea cure

There are some of the benefits that acupressure brings to the body while treating nausea. It not only deals with the urge of vomiting and headaches but apart from these it helps in providing relaxation to the mind, as well as the body.

There are numerous ways through which nausea acupressure can work out efficiently. There are specific acupressure points for nausea, on whom, a little orchestration through the finger can help a lot.

The therapy is slow at first, but it intensifies as the session goes on. It enables the muscles to contract and relax well. Proper contraction regulates continuous blood flow through the streams inside the body, as well as activates a proper channeling of nutrients and oxygen to the other body parts.

Everyone today has taken up acupressure for the treatment of nausea. The reason behind its popularity is that, in this busy routine life, everyone wants to have a state of well-being, and acupuncture can help in boosting your immune system and enhancing good mental and physical well-being.

Beneficial Acupressure Points for Nausea Cure

The most useful pressure point for nausea is the P6 point, and it covers many benefits. The P6 acupressure point for nausea is the point at the 6th place present on the Pericardium cavity. It is inside the wrist on the internal side, and it is known for its protective nature of tissue surrounding or wrapping around the heart.  

Hence, the P6 or the wrist pressure point for nausea serve great benefits issues related to the heart, such as heart palpitations and heartaches. It is present at the palm side and is beneficial as a life-saving point if you’re suffering from Carpal tunnel pain. Since, the Pericardium pathway passes from the chest cavity, up to the abdomen, it also helps with the stomach related issues.

During pregnancy, stimulation of this point can help you in dealing with morning sickness. It is also successful in showing useful results for the treatment of Flu. It helps in fighting through the motion sickness too, and it is the reason why wrist bands have gained prominence as they deal with the seasickness. They have a bead-like structure that presses the exact P6 point and stimulates it to avoid seasickness.

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How to Practice Acupressure for Nausea?

There are two different ways of undertaking acupressure for nausea, i.e., with the help of fingers and with the support of the wrist band. Both the ways help in stimulating the acupuncture point and provide relaxation from the discomforting situation.

After practicing the procedure, the patient gets relief from the uncontrollable feeling of nausea and with the increase in regular sessions of acupressure, the condition gets better and better. To practice acupressure for nausea, you need to follow these steps –

Using your fingers

With the help of your fingers, you can quickly tackle the problem of nausea; these are the steps to rely on –

Step 1: Place your arms straight in front of you in a calm position. The fingers should point upwards, and the palms should be facing towards you. Make yourself as comfortable as possible, by taking deep breaths, until you are relaxed.

Step 2: Try to find out the acupoint with the help of your other hand. The position of the point is three finger length below your wrist. Now, place the thumb on end and apply a little pressure. The point is the same as SJ5 acupoint present on the other hand.

Step 3: Place the thumb on the point at the index and the middle finger at the back side of your hand. Press the portion firmly and hold the grip. Press the point from both hands and add a circular firm motion to your grip for several minutes. You will be immediately relaxed. d. Repeat it on the other wrist.

Step 4: Tap on your wrists for some time. No matter which arms you select, it should have alternate turns. Do this step several times until you get a feeling of relief.

Step 5: Try to find out the acupoint present below the kneecap or pressure points for nausea on feet. It is known as ST36, and its location is four inches below the kneecap.

Step 6: Apply a little pressure on that point for some time.

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Using a Wrist Band

Follow the steps below to know how to use a wrist band –

Step 1: Firstly, buy a wrist band with a button or a stone. You can also make your wrist band.

Step 2: Find the P6 point on your wrist with the use of your fingers.

Step 3: Fit this above the acupoint.

Step 4: Place the band and the button over the point. If you feel some ache, then loosen the grip of your wrist band. You’ll soon feel a sense of relief.


Even though acupuncture has a minimal amount of side effects, there are some risks for some conditions with the use of acupressure and people with those should avoid it. The possible risks can be –

  • A significant discomfort from the pressure.
  • If the pressure is on an open wound, then it might cause an infection there. The practitioner should take care of the procedures he is using.
  • Some people develop a low platelet count, due to which there can be a risk of bleeding. The procedure of chemotherapy can also increase the chances of bleeding and getting bruises.
  • People who have got the removal of lymph nodes from the armpit area should not practice it.

Acupressure for nausea is a treatment method for nausea and is getting more popular due to its effectiveness. Its effectiveness after the treatment session is undoubtedly the best. If you have certain risks or health conditions that may be a risk for the procedure, then you must consult a doctor before proceeding with the treatment.

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