Shed Those Extra Pounds by Practicing Acupressure for Weight Loss

Updated on December 13th, 2019
Acupressure for weight loss

Obesity is a very dominant issue nowadays affecting many people of all ages across the world. Nowadays the weight loss industry is becoming very rampant. Many suggest the use of capsules and surgeries to combat weight loss. Some also suggest harmful diet plans that starve you the whole day. These methods have a lot of side effects, and the lost weight gets regained eventually.

One of the ancient traditional Chinese technique, Acupressure, can help people in losing weight naturally. The best thing about this technique is, there are no side effects at all. Do you want to shed those extra kilos and fit back into your old jeans?

We tell you how you can go back to the ideal weight by practicing acupressure, the ideal pressure points, and the pressure points. Read along to learn more about this technique and  the benefits of acupressure for weight loss

People believe that about one-fourth of Americans are overweight. And every year, Americans spend over 33 million dollars to lose weight and it is said that for 95% of these people fail in their mission to lose weight. Acupressure is very effective when it comes to losing weight. The cost involved in this procedure is also comparatively less.

Generally, the cost of an Acupressure massage per session is approx $30–70 per hour. This method is recognized by The American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association (AOBTA) along with 13 other bodywork types including Shiatsu.

The AOBTA certifies acupressure practitioners and has over 1,400 members. Also, you can practice acupressure at home by yourself, provided you are well acquainted with the technique.

Can Acupressure Make You Lose Weight?

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Acupressure(1) is an ancient technique that stimulates the self-curing abilities of the body. It is done by stimulating specific points.  These points when pressed, release muscular tension. They also promote the circulation of blood and force healing.

In traditional Chinese medicine, people believe that the malfunction of the liver and spleen leads to excessive weight gain. Acupressure helps in strengthening the digestive system by controlling the appetite, thereby resulting in weight loss.

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Why Acupressure For Weight Loss?

Acupressure utilizes the various points situated along the 12 meridians of the body. This technique expels excessive heat and moisture from the body. In other words, an imbalance in energy across the meridian gets expelled.

Acupressure also stimulates other organs that aid digestion. All these together help in losing weight. Acupressure also rejuvenates the mind and body. Reducing stress levels helps in staying away from eating disorders and even in maintaining a healthy eating pattern.

Steps to Practice:

Here are some steps to practice acupressure to achieve the desired weight

  • Consult a doctor to find out whether acupressure will suit your body.
  • Ask him/her about the risks involved in practicing acupressure.
  • Practice acupressure for half an hour each day.
  • Make a balance in the body while massaging.
  • Apply pressure till the stipulated time.
  • While ending it, massage lightly on the same area.
  • Before starting the procedure, practice some breathing exercises. This will make the blood flow all through the body.

Acupressure Points for Weight Loss

These are 10 pressure points in our body which help in losing weight.

Talking in detail about the points, here is how Acupressure works –

1. Abdomen Point

The abdomen point helps in losing weight. It is set 3 cm below the belly button. It strengthens the body and enhances the digestive system. You can move fingers up and down gently to massage this area. Press this point for 2 minutes and practice this twice a day. This point also reduces constipation which in turn helps in weight loss.

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2. Abdominal Sorrow Point

Abdominal Sorrow Point

This point is present in front of the body, along with the line of ear lobe under the last rib. Curve your fingers while applying pressure on the point for 5 minutes. After applying pressure, massage the area gently. This point when stimulated balances appetite(2), relieves ulcers and reduces rib pain.

4. Ear Pressure Points

The ear pressure point is also known as an auricular pressure point. You can find this point in a place where the jaw has maximum movement. Once you locate this point, apply pressure for 1 minute to 3 minutes. A study found that auricular acupressure reduces a hormone called leptin that stimulates food intake level. This study is published in the journal another study published in the journal Acupuncture in Medicine: BMJ.

5. Knee Point

This point is located 5 cm on the outer side of the leg, below the knee point. Apply pressure with forefinger for a minute, to stimulate this point for weight loss. When you bend your foot up and down, this muscle is felt by the index finger. This point provides nourishment to the blood and improves digestion.

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6. Elbow point

This point stimulates the functioning of the large intestine. Move to the inside crease of an elbow from the elbow joint. The distance moved should be of a thumb’s width. Keep hands close to the chest and apply pressure for a minute. This point removes excess water and waste from the body.

7. Ankle Point

This point is found, two inches above the ankle, on the inner side of the leg. Press this point with your thumb. To lose weight, press this point with your thumb, for 2 minutes daily. This point helps by strengthening the digestive system. It also helps in elimination of waste.

8. A Dip Between Your Eyebrows

This point boosts metabolism. This point is located just between the eyes and right above the nose. Hold this pressure point for a minute. Have you noticed, when we are tired we usually press this point?

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9. Breastbone

They are above celiac plexus, located on the breastbone. It is a pressure point that helps you lose weight and restore energy. Press this point for a minute daily.

10. Top of the Trapezius Muscle

The point is located in the middle of the back, where the shoulder meets your neck. Gently move your hand over shoulders to your ears  Repeat this on the other side. Apply pressure on that point for one minute.

13. Acupressure points in feet

There are many acupressure points in feet that help in boosting metabolism. They are scattered all over the foot. One effective point is on the big toe.

How to Apply?

The success of acupressure depends on applying the right pressure on the pressure points.

Here are some tips for applying the right pressure

  • Apply constant and medium pressure for 3 minutes to control hunger and appetite.
  • Do not apply more pressure to the pressure point.
  • Always be aware of how the body is treating the pressure applied. If you feel different, gradually slow down and stop.
  • Pressure points can give an identifiable effect in less than half a second. Press briefly, if you are trying to find a particular pressure point.
  • Do not use the same points daily.
  • Always repeat the points on both sides of the body.

Acupressure is the “zero side effect” way of boosting your metabolism. When combined with proper diet and physical activity, acupressure works magic. Vibrant health can be achieved with this simple technique. Acupressure for weight loss, in a nutshell, is a traditional technique where the body regains its stable weight by stimulating pressure points. Your ideal weight is just a FINGER PRESS AWAY!

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