Yoga To Reduce Belly Fat and Get Ultimate Flat Abs

Updated on December 16th, 2019
yoga for belly fat

No matter how many glasses of warm water you drink or how many times you ditch the lift and take the stairs, those stubborn belly rolls refuse to go. Have you also experienced a similar situation? If yes, then it’s not just you but another 33% males and 35% females in the US who suffer from the same problem. This added weight not only adds numbers to your scale but also rolls to your belly region as well. Practicing yoga for belly fat can be the ultimate solution that you can gift your body.

It might not sound so lucrative to you, but the point is, do not judge it with what people say. The popularity of yoga is itself an answer to all your questions. Read ahead as what we are about to tell you will change the way you view yoga.

    1. Does Yoga Burn Fat
    2. 10 Best Yoga Poses
    3. Pranayama for Flat Stomach
    4. Precautions

Does Practicing Yoga for Belly Fat Reduction Actually Work?

Yoga is an effective method for belly fat burning. The best thing about yoga is that a specific yoga posture concentrates, effects, and stimulates a specific or a particular part of the body. Like, the cobra pose is beneficial for chest, lower back, and neck area.

Similarly, there are specific yoga poses for belly fat reduction as well. So let’s talk about yoga for belly fats. Yoga poses like the plank, boat pose and chaturanga can tone the muscles around the abdominal area and gradually reduce belly fat too.

Yoga needs bending and twisting your body in a certain way which helps to reduce bloating, extra fat, toxins, etc. Due to lifestyle issues, excess consumption of fast food, being immobile for a long time and lack of physical activity, people accumulate belly fat.

Yoga poses, especially cardiovascular ones with right intervals and repetition burns belly fat. Intensive yoga, like Astanga or Vinyasa, is similar to vigorous cardio.

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Does Yoga Effectively Burn Fat?

yoga for decrease belly fat

Yoga not only reduces belly fat but decreases the chance of further accumulation of belly fats. A long-held hatha yoga pose with deep breathing can burn 189 calories. On the other hand, Astanga Yoga poses can burn up to 350 calories.

Yoga strengthens the core and gradually reduces the belly fat. The twisting, and bending the abdominal muscles helps to cut the belly fat. Yoga boosts the metabolism and increases the fat burning hormones in the body which accelerate the belly fat burning process.

Regular practice of yoga for belly fat decreases visceral fat(1) and waist size as a whole. Yoga increase digestive system stimulates fast metabolism. Slow metabolism is the main reason behind excess fat and obesity. Proper digestion solves many issues like weight gain, bowel issues, and visceral fat.

Specific poses which create pressure in the abdominal area are very effective in reducing belly fat. Yoga is also effective for proper bowel system. how many yoga poses are there?, If this is the next question running on your mind, read on the below Best Poses of Yoga and how to use them too.

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10 Best Yoga Poses For Belly Fat Reduction and to Strengthen Your Belly

With the increase in belly size, the risk of life-threatening disease also increases. And If you think, you can get rid of belly fat just by wishing to have a flat tummy or reading some blog and eating French fries- then you are wrong.

Here are the yoga poses for belly fat:

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose): Lay down on your stomach. Keep both of your palms close to your chest and gently start raising your head just like a snake while pressing the floor with palms. Gradually you will stand on your lower abdominal area. Hold that position for 20-30 seconds.

Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation): Sun Salutation includes some yoga poses. Start with standing straight. Relax. Then gradually do backward bending, forward bending, cobra posture etc. Relax in between each pose changes. Complete a whole circle and finish it with the first pose.

Sun Salutation for belly fat

Tadasana (Mountain Pose): Stand straight and move both your hands above your hand. Lock the fingers of both the hands and stretch your palms. Face the locked palms towards ceiling or sky. Gently lift the ankle and stand on the heels. Hold the position for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat it for at least 10 times.

Ustrasana (Camel Pose): Stand on your knees and stretch your hands in front of you. Slowly move your hands backward and try to hold your ankles. Hold right ankle with the right hand and left ankle with the left hand. To do this, you will need to bend your spine backward. Now gently hang your head back and hold the position.

Padahastasana (Forward Bend – Standing): Stand straight and keep your spine straight. The distance between your feet should be aligned with your shoulders. Raise both your hands above your hand and stretch. Then slowly bend forward and try to touch your feet. You should always try to decrease the gap between your body and legs.

Forward Bend - Standing for belly fat

Paschimottasana (Forward Bend- Seating): This one is almost similar to the yoga pose mentioned above. But you need to do this in a seated position. Your legs should be stretched in front of you, and you need to try to touch your feet by bending forward.

Naukasana (Boat Pose): Lay down on your back. Stretch your legs and keep your hands above your head. Now you need to raise both your legs and hands together at a time, creating a boat like a pose. Hold that pose for 20 to 30 seconds.

Marjariasana ( Cat Cow Pose): Sit in vajrasana. Slowly stand on the knees and touch the floor with hands keeping your body parallel to the level. Now bend your spine towards the floor while exhaling and try to see the ceiling. Bend the spine towards the ceiling while inhaling and try to see the floor. Repeat the process 10 times.

Cat Cow Pose for belly fat

Dhanurasana ( Bow Pose ): Lie down in the prone position. Slowly raise your head and chest off the floor and try to gaze at the ceiling. Now try to hold both the ankles with both hands, creating a bow pose. Breathe gently and hold the position.

Pavanmuktasana ( Wind Relieving Pose): Lie down on your back. Slowly bring both your knees close to your chest. And hold the knees with both your hands, pressing the knees close to your abdomen.

NOTE: If you are wondering how long to hold yoga poses? know that is an alternative therapy- the more you do, the more benefits it yields.

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Can Pranayama Help in Getting a Flat Stomach?

The discussion about yoga for belly fats can never be completed without talking about pranayama. Pranayama is an age-old practice for a better and healthy life. According to the surveys, most of the US people suffer from middle-age obesity issues which are the initial stage of diabetes, cardiac issues, blood pressure, and other middle-age health problems.

Pranayama is a part of yoga practice and an effective way to reduce belly fat. There are many pranayamas, but here we will talk about that pranayama which can reduce belly fat. Kapalbhati pranayama(2) is the most popular pose to reduce belly fat.

The method of doing Kapalbhati Pranayama:

  1. Sit on the floor. Relax and breathe. Keep your spine straight.
  2. Gently sit in the lotus pose. And keep breathing.
  3. Place the right palm on the right knee and left palm on the left knee.
  4. Now inhale gently and let your belly swell with the oxygen. Then exhale with full force with the instant squeezing of your abdomen.
  5. Gradually increase the speed of doing this process.
  6. If you are a beginner, then repeat the method for 15 times.

Remember, you need to inhale and exhale with your nose only. Inhaling should be gentle, but exhaling should be with force. Try to keep the inhaling process as natural as possible. Gradually increase the repetition step by step. Do not forget to take rest.

According to studies, kapalbhati removes carbon dioxide, stimulates abdominal muscles and increase metabolism which helps to lose belly fat.

People with severe respiratory issues should avoid doing kapalbhati pranayama. Kapalbhati is not at all recommended for pregnant women. One should practice kapalbhati in an empty stomach.

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Given below are some of the things that you should keep in mind before practicing yoga.

  1. To practice yoga properly, one should take proper guidance.
  2. Few yoga poses are not recommended for certain kind of issues. People with bone-related problems, arthritis, hormonal issues, and respiratory troubles should talk to their doctor before practicing yoga for belly fat.
  3. Even people with a significant cardiac problem should be cautious before starting a yoga practice.
  4. If you feel any breathing troubles, dizziness, discomfort, pain, and uneasiness while doing yoga, then you should consult to doctor.
  5. If you had surgery recently or have any old injury then discuss the matter with the yoga trainer. Tell him or her your medical history and take his advice.

In this era, we are always running out of time and always taking the stress, eating unhealthy foods and storing excess fat in the belly. Yes, proper diet is necessary, but you need to combine that diet with yoga. Regular practice of yoga not only reduce belly fat but promotes overall health and holistically benefit your life.

So say no to laziness. Get up and do some yoga for belly fat.

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