Role of Vitamins in Preventing Gout Attack

Updated on March 28th, 2020
vitamins for gout

With growing age, uric acid deposition is a common problem, and it happens more to men than women. Too much uric acid deposition results in gout arthritis, and you suffer from swelling joint or feet and excruciating pain. There are different types of vitamins for Gout that you should take through food source or from vitamin supplements. The best vitamin that you must take to get relief from Gout is Vitamin C.

According to many types of research, it has been proved that vitamin C has a remarkable effect on Gout and people, who take it, are less prone to the disease than those who don’t. To get the natural source of vitamin C, you should include lemons in your diet.

Did You Know?

  • As per a study in 2009, vitamin C is known as the primary remedy of Gout. You can take foods, rich with vitamin C or also the supplements.
  • There are herbs, like dandelion, ermiao wan, etc. that can control the swelling and inflammation of Gout.

The Best Vitamins for Gout

apple cider vinegar for gout

The main reason for Gout is the deposition of uric acid(1) in your joints and feet. Usually, uric acid is the by-product of the food you have where your body breaks the food elements, produce uric acid. That’s why; you need to limit taking certain foods which are rich in purine. Red meats, oily fish, lentils, etc. are the rich source of purine, so you need to avoid this kind of foods.

Though less than men, women also suffer from Gout. According to researches, postmenopausal women are at high risk of Gout as they suffer from the deficiency of vitamin D, which increases the uric deposition in their body. Researchers conducted a study on Chinese women who were above 30.

The research proved women, who had healthy levels of vitamin D, are less prone to have uric acid, even when they have other health issues, like diabetes. Such a study determined that vitamin D is effective in lowering the uric acid level in your body and thus relieves the pain of Gout. In addition to Vitamin D,  vitamin C helps control uric acid in your body.

The December issue of the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism brought another fantastic point about Gout in front of all. It said consuming cherries regularly can lower the risk of Gout around 35 percent. The study also said whoever takes cherries with allopurinol, medicine of Gout, got relief from the ailment around 75 percent.

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Vitamin C For Gout

vitamin c benefits

There are certain types of foods that can help to control the level of uric acid in your body. Once you are of it, you can get relief from the pain of Gout(2)

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Foods with Vitamin C

Have fruits with vitamin C more. According to scientific studies, consuming 500mg of vitamin C regularly can reduce the level of uric acid faster. Include lemons and oranges in your daily diet and notice it will relieve your pain of Gout too.

Green Tea

Green tea is a rich source of a potent antioxidant, catechin. People believe catechin can lower the buildup of several enzymes in the human body which are responsible for uric acid deposition.

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Whether it is strawberry or blueberry, you can have them all to control the levels of uric acid and get relief from gout pain. Berries are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, like anthocyanins. It also prevents the crystallization of uric acid in the joints.

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Do’s and Don’ts

Along with following the medicinal routine and a proper diet including vitamin Gout, you should also follow certain things to stay fit and healthy. Follow the following list of do’s and don’ts.

Do’s Don’ts
1. Beans 1. Seafood
2. Legumes 2. Red meat
3. Water 3. Mackerel and tuna
4. Quinoa 4. Soda
5. Fruits and vegetables 5. Mussels and scallops
6. Sweet potato 6. Yeast
7. Avoid alcohol, like wine, beer, etc. Never consume alcohol while having a gout attack.

Avoid Sugary Beverages and Carbohydrates, Like

  1. Cakes
  2. White bread
  3. Pasta
  4. Candies
  5. Milk chocolates

You can have a low-fat dairy product as many people have reported getting relief while consuming this.

Exercise regularly, and lose weight.

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1. Is Vitamin C Good for Gout?

Studies show that Vitamin C lowers uric acid levels in people who have Gout. Also,  Vitamin C intake reduces the chances of contracting Gout.

2. What Foods Help Lower Uric Acid?

You can have berries, cherries, apples, French bean, water, fresh fruits, and low-fat dairy products to lower the level of uric acid.

3. What Are the Best Drinks You Can Have in Gout?

Researches say cherry juice, asparagus juice or spinach juice can help you a lot here.

4. Is Lemon Good for Uric Acid?

As lemon is rich in vitamin C, it can control uric acid in your body.

Gout depends on certain things, like your genetic history, medical history, age, etc. So, you need to take care if it is in your family. Check out your diet well and also avoid the high-purine foods to stay fit and fine. The vitamins C for Gout can help to get temporary relief, but you need medical supervision and a change in your lifestyle.

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