Do Vitamins Lower Blood Pressure?

Updated on March 3rd, 2020
vitamins for blood pressure

Hypertension is a common problem that’s being faced by almost every individual around the world. Another name for hypertension is ‘silent killer’ because often you are not aware of the fact that you are actually suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension.  Medication, changes in lifestyle and food habits are recommended to treat high blood pressure, but along with all these, vitamins for blood pressure are also recommended.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure it is recommended that you go for the heart-healthy diet recommended by your physician and a DASH diet that is often recommended by the physicians to those who are suffering from hypertension.

Did You Know?

  1. In the United States, 1 out of 3 adults suffer from high blood pressure or hypertension.
  2. The average intake of around 500mg of Vitamin C daily lowers blood pressure among the adults by 3.84 millimeters among the mercury, and this is a short-term procedure(1).

A DASH Diet Packed with Vitamins

DASH Diet for healthy eat

Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH diet is often recommended to those who suffer from hypertension. Physicians recommend this diet to many patients as it reduces the sodium content in the diet and allows you intake nutrients rich food on a daily basis that often turns out quite good for health. Among all the other nutrients those are found in the daily diet of an individual one most important is Vitamin. Vitamins lower blood pressure hence; even in your DASH diet menu, you have the vitamins. A DASH diet comprises of:

  • Milk, yogurt and cheese, which along with being rich sources of protein are also rich in Vitamin D and hence, are often recommend to those who are suffering from hypertension.
  • In a DASH diet, you will find lean poultry, fish, and meat which along with being rich in iron and zinc content are also rich in B Vitamins and are recommended to those who are suffering from high blood pressure.
  • Vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli, which are also rich sources of a variety of Vitamins.

Hence, if you are suffering from hypertension and your diet requires a perfect balance of all the Vitamins along with other nutrients, then you should actually go for this particular diet.

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Vitamin C for those Suffering from High Blood Pressure

Scientists of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine are of the opinion that Vitamin C helps in reducing high blood pressure. Hence, Vitamin C for blood pressure is recommended by the physicians because it has been proved that Vitamin C removes the excess fluid that are present in the body, thus reducing the pressure in the blood vessels and helping you to control high blood pressure.

  • Foods that We Recommend:

Well, there are many Vitamin C rich foods and vegetables that can be easily found in the market around you but if you are suffering from hypertension and have a very hectic and busy life then we recommend kiwis as you can easily add it to your menu or in your smoothies and have it and at the same time, this particular fruit has very high Vitamin C content as well.

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Other Vitamins for Blood Pressure

Well, doctors recommend Vitamin C for high blood pressure, but apart from Vitamin C there are several other Vitamins as well that recommended for blood pressure(2) This includes the following important Vitamins, which you should have in your diet:

  • Vitamin D: Research has proved that Vitamin D intake may not suffer from hypertension. Hence, Vitamin D is often recommended to those suffering from hypertension.
vitamin D benefits

Well, it is true that sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin D but is not always possible for you to have enough sunlight, moreover, sunlight also contains many harmful rays as well. Hence, we recommend you to go for oysters because it contains almost 320 IU of Vitamin, which is almost half of the suggested Reference Daily Intake or RDI.

  • Vitamin B12: A major reason behind high blood pressure is amino acid homocysteine. Scientists are of the opinion that Vitamin B12 helps in breaking down these amino acids and lowers the pressure in the blood vessels thus giving you relief from the problem of hypertension or high blood pressure. Recently scientists have come up with oral sprays those that are rich in Vitamin B12 supplements and can be used by patients of hypertension.

Vitamin B12 is found in those foods that you love to eat because it is mostly found in meat, poultry eggs, and fish. You will also find it in milk, yogurt, and cheese in some cases. Hence, 3 ounces of cooked clams could be the best option for you as it contains 84.1% Vitamin B12 per serving, which is quite high compared to the other foods.

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Bottom Line

If you are suffering from hypertension then try to calm and be less stressful, which is, in the present day scenario is almost impossible. Hence, the best thing that you can do is have nutrient-rich foods daily along with medications. Proper diet could actually help you to live a better life and if your dietary chart has Vitamin-rich foods then you can very easily control blood pressure without any hassle.

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