3 Amazing Ways of Using Apple Cider Vinegar to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Updated on December 18th, 2019
Blood pressure

The modern era is an era of competition, name, and fame. Everyone is running a mad race against time to get ahead of others. Very often the hustle and bustle of life make you a victim of unwanted health conditions which hamper your progress. High blood pressure is one such condition which has evolved as a common concern among individuals irrespective of their age or sex. Nearly one out of three American adults are suffering from hypertension.

The main issue with high blood pressure is that sufferers often fail to understand that they are suffering from a problem. So glue your eyes to the article, and recognize the symptoms of high blood pressure. You will also learn about a magical remedy for high blood pressure, the apple cider vinegar, its importance, and uses. You will get to learn some fantastic DIYs as well concerning apple cider vinegar for blood pressure.

    1. How Effective Is ACV?
    2. How To Use ACV?
    3. Apple Cider Vinegar – A Recipe
    4. DIY recipes
    5. Precautions

High Blood Pressure and Apple Cider Vinegar -The connection

High blood pressure is also known as hypertension. It is indeed a scary and critical condition. You have high blood pressure if your blood pressure(1) readings consistently fluctuate between 140 over 90 or even higher for several weeks. The issue hardly has any noticeable symptoms. But if left unconcerned for a long time, it can lead to severe problems such as heart attack, stroke, kidney issues, and metabolic problems.

Wild and sudden fluctuations in blood pressure are very dangerous and need immediate medication. Now this gives rise to another issue. High blood pressure medications are sturdy and are complicated too. Moreover, these medications are costly and time-consuming too. Often they leave a harmful impact on your body and organs.

Owing to this, many people with hypertension switch to home remedies. There are innumerable different types of foods and herbal supplements which turn out to be effective in case of hypertension. One such popular remedy for high blood pressure is apple cider vinegar. This magical vinegar works tremendously well in curing high blood pressure. Rely on the given solutions and uses of apple cider vinegar for blood pressure fluctuations and get rid of them naturally.

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How effective is apple cider vinegar for blood pressure?

ACV for sunburn
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Apple cider vinegar has proved to be a reliable solution to high blood pressure, and researches concerning the same too have just begun. However, researchers feel that more studies and analyses are crucial for a better understanding of the effects of apple cider vinegar for blood pressure control. However, some of the sure benefits of apple cider vinegar for blood pressure are:

  • Apple cider vinegar works magically in lowering harmful cholesterol levels in your body. When your body gets rid of bad cholesterol, your blood pressure levels tend to remain at normal levels.
  • The excellent remedy is also a terrific detoxifier. Apple cider vinegar helps your body to fight off diseases. It also releases free radicals which help to reduce blood pressure.
  • One of the chief reasons for high blood pressure is obesity.You can substitute apple cider vinegar in place of high-sodium dressings and oils. It will help you towards waist care as well as your blood pressure effectively.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps to lower blood glucose levels which in turn keep a check on your high blood pressure levels.
  • Including apple cider vinegar in your diet will help you feel full with less food intake which forces you to eat less. It manages your weight effectively. Maintaining a healthy weight is an excellent way to control high blood pressure levels.

How to use apple cider vinegar for blood pressure?

Apple cider vinegar is high in acidic content, so it is not advisable to consume apple cider vinegar in its raw form. If you drink apple cider vinegar straight up, it produces a burning sensation as it goes down your throat.

This article explains several options following which you can take apple cider vinegar for blood pressure.

1. Apple cider vinegar with water

Apple Cider Vinegar With Water

The easiest way to take apple cider vinegar is to dilute it in water. Be cautious while buying apple cider vinegar. Always prefer to buy raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar as it has all the nutrition in the right proportions.

How to dilute?

  • Take a tbsp of apple cider vinegar. It is advisable to keep the quantity slightly less than a full tbsp
  • Mix this with eight ounces of water
  • Stir well with the help of a spoon and drink

Apple cider vinegar – a recipe

Diluting apple cider vinegar in water and drinking it might not be suitable for some people owing to its strong taste and smell. Try the given alternatives concerning apple cider vinegar for blood pressure and get rid of it in no time. Try different flavors as this would help you to experience different versions of mixed apple cider vinegar. Some easy and convenient alterations include:

  • Add a bit of honey to add sweetness to your drink. Also, this will evade the burning sensation in your throat
  • Instead of using water, go for juice
  • Include apple cider vinegar as a significant ingredient in your regular recipes. You can easily use apple cider vinegar as a salad dressing

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2. Apple cider vinegar pills

Apple cider vinegar pills

If drinking diluted apple cider vinegar or in the form a salad dressing is not okay for you, then there is one more way to take apple cider vinegar. You can take apple cider vinegar pills as a substitute for its raw intake. Grab an apple cider vinegar capsule from the market and include taking it in your daily routine life. But be cautious about the dosage.

Always consult a doctor regarding the side effects and quantity of apple cider vinegar capsules. Also, it is crucial for the sufferers of high blood pressure to take apple cider vinegar(2) capsules with their meal. It will help to deal with the burning sensation of the vinegar.

Fantastic DIYs for using apple cider vinegar for blood pressure

Apple cider vinegar is a crucial ingredient which caters to several health benefits. High blood pressure is one such issue which you can readily deal with the help of apple cider vinegar. You can purchase apple cider vinegar from the market readily. But just in case you want to indulge in some extra work and toil for a terrific homemade apple cider vinegar, then below is an easy way to make one for yourself.

DIY for homemade

Apple cider vinegar for blood pressure

Below is the process of making ACV at home which is pure, natural, and full of nutrients.

  • Take around ten apples which are grown organically to get best results
  • With the help of a knife slice the apples into quarters
  • Now allow the apples to rest at room temperature. Wait till they turn brown
  • Once they become brown, pour them into a wide-mouthed glass jar
  • Now add water to this jar. Make sure to add enough water to cover the apples
  • Now cover the jar with a cloth. Don’t wrap it tightly
  • Keep it in a warm and dark place
  • Leave this jar for about six months. Stir once a week
  • After six months, take the jar out
  • Pour the solution to another glass jar after filtering the liquid through a cloth
  • Use the same material to cover the new jar
  • Keep this jar to rest for another five to six weeks at the same place
  • Transfer this vinegar to smaller containers and store them in the refrigerator

DIY for apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper

Apple Cider Vinegar And Cayenne Pepper

Drinking this helps to regulate blood pressure levels(3) readily.



  • Mix the above ingredients in a cup of water
  • Stir well with the help of a spoon
  • Drink this tonic

Precautions to follow while using apple cider vinegar for blood pressure

  • Always consume apple cider vinegar in its diluted form
  • Be very cautious about the dosage of apple cider vinegar as excess can harm your body
  • Consult a doctor before using apple cider vinegar for blood pressure fluctuations

High blood pressure is becoming common with every passing day. People are getting into the trap of stress and bad eating habits which are the primary sources of high blood pressure. This article enriches you with an outstanding solution for hypertension in the form of apple cider vinegar. This vinegar turns out to be your best friend when used with necessary precautions.

After reading the article, you are now well aware of what actually hypertension or high blood pressure is and what role apple cider vinegar has to play in decreasing this condition. The article is an effort of in-depth research and study on hypertension and the effectiveness of apple cider vinegar for blood pressure. So pull up your socks and rage war against high blood pressure and kick it off your life.

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