Is Vitamin C Effective for Treating Cancer?

Updated on March 18th, 2020

In 2018, cancer was responsible for the death of more than 8.5 million people globally. 1 out of every 6 deaths is because of different kinds of cancer. Till date, the cure for cancer is not yet discovered. We know that cancer usually spreads in four different stages.

There is a higher chance of curing cancer if the disease is identified in its initial stages. When the cancer is in stage 1 and 2, the chance of survival is still higher than stage 3 and 4. But not everyone is that lucky and eventually cancer can lead to death. There are several medications which help to prevent cancer or reduce the symptoms. Vitamin C is one of them.

Recent studies demonstrated that a high dose of vitamin C can suppress the effect of cancer(1). It can even be effective in killing cancerous cells. But is it really that effective? There is no solid evidence that proved Vitamin C alone can cure cancer. If you want to know more about how vitamin C for cancer is effective, then have a look at this article.

Did You Know!

  • Vitamin C acts efficiently to prevent cellular damage in the cells of a human body. It also helps to form collagen which repairs and builds bones.
  • Humans cannot make vitamin C in their body by themselves. We need to consume food which has a high dose of vitamin C in order to inhale its benefits.
  • Smoking regularly results in the loss of Vitamin C at a rapid rate. So, smokers have less Vitamin C content in their body than others.

Foods enriched with Vitamin C

vitamin c benefits

You will find lots of food items which are rich in Vitamin C. Most of these items are available in the market. Have a look at all these foods enriched with Vitamin C.

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1. Kakadu Plum –

The Kakadu plum which is also known as Terminalia ferdinandiana is recognized as the biggest source of natural Vitamin C. It contains 100 times more Vitamin C(2) than citrus fruit like orange and lemon. This plum has 5300 mg of Vitamin C per 100 gms. It also has potassium and Vitamin E.

2. Acerola Cherries –

Another excellent source of Vitamin C is the Acerola Cherries. Half a cup of these cherries consists of 822 mg of Vitamin C per 49 gms. These cherries also have the necessary vitamin C for cancer-fighting abilities and can prevent UV skin damage also.

3. Chilli Peppers –

Chilli peppers are common household ingredients and they have a significant amount of Vitamin C. Red chilli peppers have 69 mg of Vitamin C; whereas, green chili pepper consists of 109 mg of Vitamin C. It also helps to facilitate the process of fat burning in the human body.

4. Guava –

Guava is not only a delicious fruit but it is also rich in Vitamin C. A single guava can contain 126 mg of vitamin C. The fruit is also enriched with lycopene which is a very useful antioxidant that lowers blood pressure and diabetes as well.

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5. Mustard Spinach –

One full cup of this spinach will deliver your body with 195 mg of vitamin C. But the content will decrease when you cook the spinach. Even then it is able to deliver at least 132 mg of vitamin C and helps the body in many ways.

6. Lemons –

Lemon is the most common source of Vitamin C available in the market. One whole lemon can provide you with 83 mg of Vitamin C. The vitamin present in lemon also acts as an antioxidant.

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How vitamin C works to prevent cancer?

vitamin C works to prevent cancer

In recent years, Vitamin C has grabbed the headlines. Many researchers found that a high dose of Vitamin C can suppress the effect of cancer cells. In some cases, the vitamin can also kill the carcinogenic cells as well. Most of the therapies that use vitamin c for cancer require you to consume the substance orally. However, when a high dose of vitamin C is injected, it creates massive blood levels which are 100-500 times higher. This super high volume of blood is the crucial factor which allows Vitamin C to attack carcinogenic cells.

According to the study, Vitamin C efficiently breaks down and generates hydrogen peroxide. This element can cause significant damage to human tissue and DNA. As a result, there is also a negative risk to the patient. However, this is the basic mechanism by which Vitamin C works to prevent cancer cells from growing.

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Precautions of taking Vitamin C for cancer

Vitamin C for cancer can be a true alternative in the future. For now, there is no strong evidence that it can prevent cancer from growing in the body. Recently, it was observed that vitamin C, when it was injected through a vein, produced different results. It affected the cancer cells but at the same time negatively affected the healthy cells as well. There is a lack of evidence to support if vitamin c can cure cancer completely.

Researchers are trying to cumulate it with other substances to provide a boost in chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Make sure that you consult your doctor before using any Vitamin C tablet or injection. Very high dose of Vitamin C can damage human tissue and DNA. It is not safe until clinical trials are approved.

Vitamin C for cancer can be an effective alternative to curing cancer in the coming years. But for now, there is no strong evidence to prove its ability. So you must take special care while using the substance and always consult a doctor before deciding what to do.

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1. What is the best vitamin for cancer patients?

Ans. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Selenium are some of the best vitamins that are available for cancer patients.

2. Does vitamin C feed cancer cells?

Ans. High dose of Vitamin C can damage healthy human tissue and affect the DNA. Therefore, it allows the carcinogenic cells to affect the body even more.

3. Is vitamin C injection safe?

Ans. Vitamin C injections are safe if your doctor has prescribed them. The injection must be FDA-approved.

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