Discover the Extraordinary Benefits of Tai Chi for Arthritis

Updated on December 18th, 2019
Tai chi for Arthritis

Are you facing a problem in moving your joints? Does taking the stairs pose a situation of discomfort for you? Does even the slightest transition of sitting on a chair make you search for support? If you comprehend to all of this, then you might have undoubtedly heard about arthritis, if not suffering from the same.

Arthritis is the new age pandemic that has affected more than 91 million people in the US by 2015, and the numbers are on a steep rise. For an alarming issue like arthritis, the slow and graceful movements of tai chi for arthritis can stand out as a practical solution. If we sound hard for you to believe, then this read is the perfect pick for you.

The miraculous effects of arthritis have garnered followership of around five million people since the year of its inception, i.e., 1997 till 2014. Such inclined popularity is possible only when the benefits are authentic and life-transforming at the same time. Read ahead as this article covers all about practicing tai chi and its incredible benefits.

Tai Chi for Arthritis

    1. How Does it Works
    2. Research Sayings
    3. Benefits
    4. How to Learn Tai Chi
    5. How Often You Should Practice
    6. Precautions

What is Tai Chi and Can it Benefit Arthritis Patients?

What is tai chi

A native of China, tai chi is amongst the best remedial solutions to embrace the health of mind and body. Tai chi is an art which requires proper training and dedication for someone to implement in their daily routine.

Although it has a proper procedure, tai chi exercises are quite easy to learn and practice. A few sessions of tai chi will show visible effects on the body. When it comes to arthritis, tai chi can be your sure shot solution as it is easy, convenient, and instrumental.

Exercising is an inevitable part of our lives. However, very often owing to the joint pain like arthritis we skip exercise schedules readily. This negligence worsens the condition even more.

Tai chi exercises for arthritis pain work wonderfully in increasing the flexibility, strengthening muscles, and improving proper circulation of blood and body fluids. This, in turn, helps to get away with the throbbing pain in a better way.

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How does Tai Chi work for Treating Arthritis?

It was crucial for the readers to understand the meaning of tai chi before learning about the potential health benefits of tai chi art. Let’s peek into the various ways in which tai chi to cure arthritis pain works well:

  • Increases Flexibility

Tai chi for arthritis includes all the principles which foster flexibility in the body. It allows proper movement of the joints, muscles, and tendons which reduces stiffness and pain.

  • Supports Muscular Strength

When you opt for tai chi as a medium to cure arthritis pain, you will witness an increased level of muscular strength. This helps to keep joints stable and reduces the occurrence of injuries and pain.

  • Overall Fitness

Fitness with Tai Chi

The arthritic joints of the body require an ample supply of blood and oxygen. Tai chi for arthritis pain relief helps to strengthen the heart and the lungs which ensure a proper amount of blood and oxygen into the joints and muscles. Thus, resulting in the increased fitness of the human body.

  • Mindfulness

A perfect balance of mind and body is one of the best outputs of tai chi exercises. The dynamic exercises heal the body and the soul physically as well as emotionally. The process helps in uplifting and relaxing the mood of the person.

What do Researches Say about Tai Chi for Arthritis?

Tai Chi is a common form of exercise in China which aims to foster an overall development of the body. There are several studies which depict relief from arthritis through tai chi exercises. A few of them are listed below-

  • The George Institute(1) conducted a study to check the efficacy of tai chi in treating the musculoskeletal pain. The study gave positive results and proved that tai chi is effective in getting away with arthritis pain and alleviating disability of movement in sufferers.
  • A study conducted by Tufts Medical Center(2) in Boston also proved that tai chi helps in reducing pain and reluctance of movement in people suffering from severe knee osteoarthritis.
  • Dr. Paul Lam(3) is amongst the most famous proponents of tai chi for an arthritis cure. He is a family physician in Sydney, Australia who started practicing tai chi to get rid of his arthritis pain. He was so surprised with the results of the exercise that he modified the famous Sun-style tai chi for people with arthritis.

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What are the Health Benefits of Tai Chi for Arthritis?

Some practical advantages and benefits of employing tai chi for arthritis pain relief include:

  • Tai chi is an economical remedy for arthritis pain cure as people can afford it easily.
  • The exercises for arthritis do not involve any extra investment in expensive equipment, clothing, or vicinity.
  • No matter at what age you opt for tai chi, you can quickly master the skill
  • Tai chi helps to develop balance and restrict old age people from falling by strengthening their muscles

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How can you Learn Tai Chi for Arthritis?

‘The more you practice, the better you understand’- The famous saying fits aptly when it comes to exercises. If you want to learn how to do tai chi, it is advisable to practice it religiously to get the most out of the process.

There are multiple ways in which you can enhance your knowledge of getting rid of arthritis pain through tai chi.

  • You can reach out to a trained tai chi professional.
  • Reading books or watching videos online is also an effective way to learn tai chi poses
  • There are special DVDs available in the market which will give you step by step knowledge on how to perform tai chi exercises for arthritis pain.

No matter which manner you learn tai chi, make sure you have a thorough discussion with your doctor before getting immersed in the magic of tai chi exercises.

How Often Should you Practice Tai Chi for Curing Arthritis?

tai chi for curing arthritis

The primary factor which determines the duration of your tai chi practice for arthritis cure is the physical condition and objective.

The length of your tai chi session is directly proportional to the time you take to walk comfortably while maintaining a steady pace.

A half an hour to an hour long session is suitable for older adults and people who suffer from chronic pain. However, for advanced or trained practitioners, one or two hours of dedicated tai chi practice will be quite helpful.

Apart from the general sessions, you can also incorporate tai chi in your daily life. Try to indulge yourself in the world of tai chi by adopting walking, standing, thinking, and moving as per the tai chi forms and postures.

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What Precautions Should People with Rheumatoid Arthritis Follow while Practicing Tai Chi?

While adopting tai chi for arthritis treatment, make sure you follow specific preventive measures. If you have rheumatoid arthritis, then these precautions are a must for you, have a look:

  • It is always advisable to consult your doctor or physician before taking up tai chi as a remedy for arthritis pain. Your doctor knows your condition well, and he can guide you in the best possible way.
  • Make sure you are taking tai chi lessons from an experienced trainer or teacher. Your trainer should be able to answer all your queries so that you don’t face any problem.
  • A little warm up before starting tai chi is always preferable for tai chi students.
  • You can modify a particular tai chi move as per your condition so consult your trainer about the same.
  • Never strain your body while doing tai chi. Don’t push yourself to the core where your body gets more harm than good.

Everybody in this world wants to live a healthy lifestyle which is away from illness and pain. Throbbing arthritis pain makes life difficult for the sufferer. However, now you can sit back and relax because this article on tai chi for arthritis pain treatment has given you an insight into the best remedial solution.

Tai chi is simple, affordable, convenient, enjoyable, and above all very useful. It is an established procedure which requires a whole lot of dedication and will of the person to give positive results. It improves the overall fitness of your body and makes you resume your daily life chores naturally. So, don’t waste your time and money, start your tai chi sessions to give the clingy arthritis pain a run for its life.

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