How Is Acupuncture for Wrist Pain the Ultimate Pain Reliever?

Updated on December 16th, 2019
Acupuncture for Wrist Pain

Do you feel constant pain in your wrist whenever you put a little pressure over it? Is this pain unbearable when you are trying to lift something? Well, many of us might take the wrist pain casually and opt for just a wrist band but wait. It might be a temporary solution to a recurring problem if not treated effectively. But the question is how to handle it? Well, the answer is through acupuncture for wrist pain.

Now that’s a sign of relief as around 14 million US citizens have tried the old and extremely beneficial therapy of acupuncture. Read ahead as we are going to cover all the crucial aspects of acupuncture that you must know if you are suffering from wrist pain.

Why Does Wrist Pain Occur and How Acupuncture Can Treat It?

acupuncture curing wrist pain

Wrist pain can occur due to many reasons starting from old injury to the sudden occurrence of pain. But if the pain is somewhat consistent, then the cause can be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(1).

Carpal tunnel is an inch wide passage in the wrist closely related to the connecting nerves. It is a syndrome in which the median nerve function gets disrupted that causes numbness and pain.

Acupuncture is an age-old and time tested therapy for relieving pain. As per this ancient therapy, there are specific acupuncture points for wrist pain that is also beneficial for Carpal tunnel syndrome. Using these pressure points and applying the right technique can ease and cure wrist pain.

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How Does Acupuncture Work to Relieve Wrist Pain?

In most of the cases, the reason behind chronic or old wrist pain is related to a nerve. Generally, the nerve becomes compressed or twisted due to injury or repetitive strain or internal inflammation.

In such cases, the right remedy is Acupuncture. Acupuncture for wrist pain is one of the oldest treatments for such a situation. Generally, experienced acupuncture physicians treat this condition through hot needles on Ashi Point(2) on the wrist.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique which can ease chronic pains. The insertion of the needles in certain points stimulates that part and sends a message to the brain. It actually affects the nervous system and brain to work in synch to relieve the pain.

Therapist and researchers who conducted an MRI Scan of the patients after the acupuncture sessions have notice brain remapping and significant changes and functionality. Though the real reason for acupuncture’s effectiveness is largely debated and hypothetical, no one has any doubt regarding its result and ability to heal people.

The number of treatments depends on the type and severity of the pain. Sometimes sterile needles are enough to ease the muscles and improve the situation. Acupuncture stimulates the function of the nerve and removes the pain from its very source.

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What are the Various Acupuncture Points for Treating Wrist Pain?

Acupuncture Points for Treating Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain can occur at any age any time. People initially ignore the pain at the beginning, and the condition gets worse with time. They tend to take high doses of painkillers which ease the pain temporarily but affect the overall health. Be it carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis, acupuncture for wrist pain relief has a proven record from all aspects.

Acupuncture therapy for wrist pain is fast, permanent, comparatively safe and tested remedy. And patients do not need to deal with the side effects of painkillers as well. Let’s explore the acupuncture points for wrist pain:

  • TW5

This point is also known as Triple Warmer 5. It is a local pressure point generally used in acupuncture treatment for wrist pain. It is on the outer side of the forearm between the two bones. Stimulating this point helps to relieve pain and rheumatism.

  • SJ 4

SJ 4 or Yang Chi is another pain-relieving point and is on the outer side of the wrist crease. It is an essential pressure zone for wrist pain caused due to carpal tunnel syndrome. It helps to clear the meridian and reduce the accumulated heat that occurs due to inflammation in the muscles.

  • P6

Pericardium6 or Nei Guan is another acupuncture point for wrist pain. It is on the inner side of the forearm. Apart from curing carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist pain, P6 also cures nausea.

  • TW4

Triple Warmer 4 is the magic acupuncture point which can cure wrist pain, neck, and shoulder pain as well. This particular acupuncture point is the perfect remedial point from treating pains caused by carpal tunnel syndrome mainly.

  • P7

The Great Mound or Pericardium 7 is one of the most important acupuncture points for wrist pain. It is in the middle of the inner side of the hand. Acupuncture in this point can cure any wrist related issues be it pain, inflammation or swelling.

  • SP 6

This point is known as San Yin Jiao in mandarin and located in the interior part of the legs. Specifically speaking its location is near the tip of the medial malleolus. Stimulation on this point triggers the brain nerves for subsiding the pain around the wrist muscles.

  • LI10

Large Intstine10 or the Arm Three LI is a most used point in acupuncture for tendonitis in wrist pain. Stimulating this point can cure wrist, elbow and any arm-related pain.

When you go for an acupuncture session, the therapist chooses the points depending on the particular injured or affected zone and the type of pain. Sometimes the multiple acupuncture points can be targeted if required. Acupuncture points play the most crucial part of this entire therapy. Hence, selecting the right spots is the foundation of this therapy.

There are many acupuncture points for wrist pain relief. But, it depends on the root cause and the origin of pain. Practitioner chooses the type of needle, the temperature of the needle, number of it and which pressure points to use after diagnosing on the kind and reason of the pain.

Why Choose Acupuncture for Carpel Tunnel (Wrist Pain)?

Acupuncture for Carpel Tunnel

The concept of acupuncture is getting popular with the advent of time. It is being adopted by mainstream physicians and medical practitioners day by day with numerous research and studies taking place for understanding the effectiveness of acupuncture for wrist pain.

According to a study, acupuncture remaps the brain and stimulates the pain trigger points. The best thing about acupuncture for wrist pain is its low-risk profile.

Acupuncture not only reduces the pain but benefit the overall health of the patient as well. Pain Killers can alleviate pain but cannot heal the affected area. But in case of acupuncture, it treats the wrist from the very first slot of the treatment.

According to the experts, as soon as the acupuncture needle punctures the skin, the brain gets a signal and increases the blood flow of that area which leads to the stimulation of the nerves. This extra blood flow may actually heal the affected nerves.

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Acupuncture is an external process and ideal for those who want to avoid drugs, particularly pain killers. People are adopting and getting cured of wrist pain with acupuncture and recommending it as well.

What are the Risk Factors Associated with Acupuncture for Wrist Pain?

Acupuncture may not have any side effect, but necessary precautions should be taken to avoid any future risk. Here are some of the basic things to consider while taking acupuncture for hand pain:

  • Take guidance and consultation from a certified Acupuncture specialist. Acupuncture is related to certain specific points of the body. So puncturing at wrong pints with the wrong process can be fatal.
  • If someone has any bleeding disorder or diabetes, then acupuncture is not at all recommended.
  • Be conscious and keep your eyes open. Check the hygiene level of the clinic and watch for their sterilizing process of the needles. Remember, the most dangerous diseases spread through needles.
  • Chronic patients of diabetes, cardiac issues, and pregnant women should consult their doctors before opting for acupuncture therapy for curing wrist pain.

Acupuncture is getting used as a mode of treatment from time memorial. Science has studied, researched and approved its effectiveness. This ancient Chinese therapy is beyond something solely philosophical and being practiced by physicians over a millennium. Acupuncture for treating wrist pain is proven remedy and recommended by many benefited individuals. There are a lot of practical instances where patients go cured of wrist pain through acupuncture.

Acupuncture is also beneficial to cure many diseases like anxiety, joint pains, and other chronic diseases. The effectiveness, benefits and all the crucial aspects of acupuncture for wrist pain are incomparable to other available treatment options. The right pressure points, the right kind of stimulation and a skilled practitioner- that’s all someone needs to cure the wrist pain once and for all.

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