5 Best Reasons That Will Make You opt for A Sugar Detox

Updated on March 28th, 2020
sugar detox

A “no sugar diet” is the easiest way to lose weight and start a healthy lifestyle. The National Institutes of Health states that most adults get 15 % of their calories from consuming added sugars only. Sugar detox diet plan is effective in restoring good health as it cuts down obesity, improves cardiac health, reduces inflammation, reduces the risk of cavities, and much more.

In the initial days of the 30-day sugar detox plan, you may experience the “not-so-sweet truth”. Feelings of cravings, sadness, irritation, and anger, which is the hormonal response to your body’s decrease in sugar levels are quite common. However, post following this regime, you will experience better health and vitality.


  • Excessive sugar intake is one of the root causes of weight gain.
  • Sugar detox doesn’t just mean no white sugar; it means “no packaged juice”, carbonated drinks, juice, soda, whatever contains added sugar.
  • Start slow with a 10-day sugar detox and gradually catch-up with the pace.

Benefits of Sugar Detox

1. Boosts Energy

Boosts Energy

The first thing you will notice on a sugar detox diet is that you will feel energetic. White sugar is pure carbohydrates that get digested easily and run in your bloodstream, giving you the sugar rush.

While being on a sugar detox plan, the sugar detox results much better in helping you strip off this energy, and following a protein-rich diet with nuts and almonds provide instead.

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 2. Reduces Abdominal Fat

Sugar spikes the blood sugar levels in the body, which in due course of time, accumulates fat in the abdomen. This is known as visceral fat(1). These fat cells are located in the abdomen and are risky as they generate adipokines and adipose hormones exacerbate endometrial cancer risk through several other mechanisms, including insulin resistance.

A sugar detox plan will help you get rid of the abdominal fat the easy way.

3. Reduces Risks of Cancer


Sugar feeds every cell in our body, including cancer cells. Excessive sugar consumption could lead to health hazards, which also includes potential risks of cancer.

If you are diagnosed with cancer or are undergoing chemotherapy, opting for a sugar detox plan will prove beneficial.

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4. Improves Digestion

Indigestion, gas, bloating are prevalent problems. Ninety percent of Americans suffer from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and sugar is one of the primary causes. Lipogenesis is caused by excess sugar intake, and detox from sugar reduces the chances of the liver associated with chronic diseases.

When you are on a sugar detox meal plan, you will see a healing gut and experience fewer symptoms of gas and bloating.

5. Prevents Cavity


The bacteria in the mouth feed on sugar in the diet and attacks the teeth causing cavities(2). Sugar detox helps teeth and saves you from visiting your dentist.

It also erodes the minerals off the teeth and causes tooth loss. Thus, a sugar detox plan will help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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Sugar Withdrawal Symptoms in the Body

Sugar withdrawal may have consequences on your mental and physical health.

  • It may make you feel more tired and weak. A part of it is due to the low dopamine levels in the blood caused by a no-sugar intake during a sugar detox plan.
  • Headaches: Binging on sugar helps release dopamine. However, this could cause an addiction. When you cut off from sugar during a sugar detox, the nervous system experiences sudden change, resulting in headaches and lingering pain in the body.
  • You may also experience mood swings.

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How Can You Overcome these Symptoms?

Don’t Do Cold Turkey

When you plan to cut down on sugar, don’t do it overnight. Do it gradually over a while, allowing your body to wean off the sugar cravings.

Increase your Protein Levels

Increasing your protein intake will help reduce the tiredness and provide the same amount of energy your body received from sugar.

Don’t Overestimate and Set Impossible Goals

Understand how frequent your sugar intake is and then set realistic goals.


Exercising and following a healthy diet must go hand in hand with the sugar detox diet plan.

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This is a safe diet plan and has no such side effects. However, you might feel lethargic and drained out once you begin with this plan but you will adapt to it soon.


Our body needs sugar, but the sugar amount we consume is much more than the required amount. Many popular foods and beverages are loaded with sugar, so watch what you eat. These foods expose you to the risk of heart diseases and cancer.

Cutting down on sugar eventually reduces the chances of dangerous diseases and related health conditions.

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1. How long does it take to detox from sugar?

It varies from person to person, but if followed diligently, it can be done in 21 days.

2. Can you flush out sugar by drinking water?

When blood sugar levels are high, the body flushes it out through urine. So yes! Drinking water might help with flushing out the excess glucose from the blood.

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