Benefits of Sleeping Naked: Think No More!

Updated on April 9th, 2020
benefits of sleeping naked-

Sleeping naked may not be the first factor when it comes to improving health. But it should not be the last. The benefits of sleeping without your clothes are too clear to ignore. It may be time to strip down to your bare essentials and try to snooze it off.

The benefits of sleeping naked for good, restful sleep cannot be denied. There are many benefits to resting naked. You may have already acquired knowledge about some of these benefits already. Let’s delve deeper into why sleeping naked could make all the difference to restful night sleep.

Why Sleep Naked?

1. Fall Asleep Faster

As per the National Sleep Foundation, the bodily temperature is the key to how one falls asleep. It is an essential part of the circadian rhythm and sleep-wakefulness cycles that act as the body’s clock for sleep. By sleeping naked, you can bring the temperature of your body down faster and fall asleep more quickly. Cooling the body temperature helps you to sleep faster, and closes the gap between wakefulness and rest.

2. Improve Sleep Quality

Cooling down can also enhance the quality of sleep, besides reducing sleep latency or the time taken to fall asleep. It improves sleep quality, as the ideal temperature for your bedroom should be anywhere between 15 and 19 degrees C or 60 and 67 degrees F.

If the temperature is too hot or cold, you risk a lack of REM(1) sleep. The REM or rapid-eye-movement sleep is the dream stage of sleep that refreshes the body and the brain. Sleeping naked is the only way to stay cool beneath the covers.

3. Avert Health Conditions

According to the CDC, chronic deprivation or lack of sleep is linked to health conditions such as heart and blood vessel disease, type 2 diabetes, depression, and obesity. As sleeping naked improves overall sleep quality, it also boosts the capacity of the skin to heal injuries.

Poor sleep is linked to a lack of the skin’s ability to recover from small wounds, even if extra nutrients are given. So, getting enough sleep could be the key to skin recovery and staying healthy. If sleeping naked helps in this, it boosts the health outcomes even better.

4. Reduce Overall Stress and Anxiety

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Yet another reason sleeping naked is a good idea is because it reduces overall anxiety and stress. Poor sleep can elevate stress levels and throw you into a state of heightened anxiety. Studies indicate poor sleep is linked to depression and suicidal tendencies or actions, too. Stress and anxiety can cause insomnia, and it is essential to work on improving sleep quality as this can help.

5. Stave off Weight Gain

If problems in falling asleep are present, it can wreak havoc in different ways. One such issue is weight gain. A study following 21K people for three years found a link between lack of sleep and excessive weight gain. Individuals reportedly slept equal to or less than 5 hours in a single night were likely to gain more weight. Another way sleeping naked can keep you trim keeping the body colder at night, and boosting your calorie-burning capabilities.

Another study found five men discovered exposure to colder temperatures around 19 degrees. C helped bodies increase brown fat activity. If one is not getting enough sleep at night, there is a risk for heart disease or diabetes. Another 2010 study looked at data from 1455 individuals over six years, finding a link between lower sleep duration and increased diabetes risk. This can raise the risk of heart disease.

By sleeping naked, you can increase the ability to fall asleep faster and remain restful, as this could make all the difference when it concerns health.

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Avoid Vaginal Health Issues

Sleeping naked is another right way to increase vaginal health and avoid yeast-linked infections. Sweaty underwear or tight-fitting innerwear increases the chance of vaginal yeast infection(2), as yeast grows in moist, warm places. Irrespective of what is worn during the day, sleeping naked in the night airs out the vagina and maintains good health.

Benefits for Men

Women alone do not benefit from sleeping without clothes. A study of 656 males suggested that tight-fitting innerwear could be associated with low sperm count. Men wearing boxer shorts had a higher sperm concentration and total sperm count as against those who wore tight innerwear. Sleeping naked keeps the testicles at a cooler temperature and optimal levels of balance for the health of the sperm.

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Boost Your Self Esteem

Sleeping naked remains a great way to get in touch with bodily functions and boost your self-esteem. One study found sleeping naked can boost self-esteem and holistic body image, which is a big win when it comes to all-embracing self-love.

Sex is a beautiful part of a relationship, but sleeping naked with the partner can be just as high. One study found skin-to-skin contact between adults stimulates oxytocin release, playing an essential role in attachment between partners. Touching your partner is great for health, and sleeping naked is an excellent way to boost benefits.

If you are not comfortable sleeping without clothes, reduce the number of layers you put on. Even try to get rid of your bra or innerwear, if the idea of going Naturelle is too much for you to take. When it comes to a good night’s rest, it is essential to take steps to get adequate rest. Sleep is an integral part of the health quotient. Sleeping restfully can impact your weight, your mental and physiological health, and your emotional states. So, get into the habit of shedding those layers, because it is essential to ward off all the problems that come with not sleeping naked.

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