Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth – The Super Remedy

Updated on March 23rd, 2020
Rosemary Oil in bottle

Hair loss is a common issue, both in men and women. Studies state that adults after the age of 50, experience some kind of hair loss problem. Male pattern baldness is one of the common reasons for hair loss in men. However, there may be other causes for the trouble too such as genetics, medications, etc.

Lack of proper hair care routine, improper diet, pollution and use of chemicals and heat also damage your hair causing thinning of the strands and excessive hair fall. Thus, many people start experiencing baldness and other hair troubles at an early stage. There are numerous conventional treatments available to fight the damage to hair and prevent the early onset of baldness.

However, if you wish to strengthen the hair follicles from within, then it is best to try natural remedies like Rosemary Oil for hair growth that have a more profound effect on your hair and pose no side-effect.

Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

The commercial products can be effective to some extent in treating your hair loss, but the results are short-term, and the products are quite expensive. Moreover, these contain ingredients that might not be good for your hair in the long term. Natural products, on the other hand, are safe for your hair and can be quite cheap with long-term benefits. Thus, these are a better option to fight hair loss and baldness. Of these, one such natural remedy that can inhibit baldness and hair loss is Rosemary oil. This article shares how you can reverse baldness or hair thinning by using Rosemary Oil(1) for hair growth.

What is Rosemary Essential Oil for hair?

Rosemary is a herb, a native of the Mediterranean region which is being used since ages in food and medicine. It has recently become quite popular worldwide for its healing properties. Tapping the wondrous benefits of the plant; rosemary oil, an essential oil that is extracted from the leaves of the herb is as useful as the herb itself.

Rosemary Essential oil is readily available in the market, and you can use it to treat a variety of ailments and health conditions including hair loss. It is widely used in personal care products; hence you can use it too for reversing hair damage.

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Why should you use Rosemary Oil for Hair growth?

Hair Growth using rosemary oil
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Several studies have found Rosemary to be quite effective in treating hair loss issues. People in the Mediterranean region have been using this herb for ages to boost the growth of hair and prevent its early graying. Below mentioned are some of the reasons that state how rosemary oil can stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair follicles.

  • Rosemary oil promotes blood circulation: Rosemary oil is known to stimulate blood circulation. Hence, when you massage it on your scalp, it encourages the blood flow in the scalp region, ensuring an adequate supply of blood to the follicles which in turn boosts hair growth.
  • Rosemary oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties: Pollutants, allergens, and accumulation of other toxins in the hair irritate your scalp causing inflammation. Being anti-inflammatory and analgesic, Rosemary Oil soothes the irritated scalp and eases the inflammation. It aids in strengthening the hair follicles, thus promoting hair growth.
  • Rosemary oil stimulates nerve growth: A study stated that carnosic acid found in the herb could heal tissue and nerve damage. Thus, when applied to the scalp, rosemary oil can effectively rejuvenate the nerves of the scalp and inhibit the hair damage, boosting its growth.
  • Rosemary Oil can unclog hair follicles: Clogged hair follicles can lead to dandruff which is one of the prominent causes of hair fall. Rosemary oil benefits hair growth by keeping the hair follicles clear of dirt and dead skin cells. Open pores on the scalp regulate the production of natural oils that are essential for healthy and beautiful hair.

How to use Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth?

Rosemary oil can be incorporated in your hair care routine for its numerous benefits that include hair growth, strengthening hair follicles, inhibiting premature graying, etc. Hence, if you are recently experiencing hair loss or thinning of hair, then you must use the oil that can restore the growth of healthy strands. Here are some of the ways in which you can use Rosemary Oil for hair growth.

1. Massage Rosemary oil on your scalp

Scalp Massage using rosemary oil
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One of the most effective ways to use Rosemary oil for hair growth is to apply the oil directly on to the scalp. However, the essential oil is quite potent hence should not be used in concentrated form as it may irritate your scalp. You must dilute it with a carrier oil to prevent any side-effect.

How to use it?

  • Add two to four drops of rosemary essential oil in two tablespoons of carrier oil like coconut or olive oil.
  • Heat the oil blend on a gas stove until it is warm enough
  • After that massage the oil on your scalp for about ten minutes working through the roots to the tips. Make sure that the oil is not too hot.
  • After massaging the oil, cover the hair with a shower cap or a warm towel
  • Leave it for thirty minutes
  • After that, remove the shower cap and wash your hair with regular shampoo. Follow it up with conditioning.
  • Repeat this two times a week for hair growth(2)

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2. Use Rosemary Shampoo to boost hair growth

Rosemary Shampoo

You can harness the benefits of rosemary oil by mixing it with your regular shampoo. Mix around five drops of the oil in an ounce of the shampoo. And use it for shampooing your hair like usual. Another way is to use a homemade rosemary shampoo to boost hair growth. Below mentioned is the recipe for preparing the shampoo at home for beautifying your hair.

How to make?

  • Boil half a cup of distilled water and turn off the heat
  • Next add to it, two tablespoons of dried rosemary and leave it for twenty minutes
  • After that, strain the mixture and pour it into a bottle once it completely cools
  • Next, add one-fourth cup of liquid castile soap and one tablespoon of vegetable glycerin in the bottle
  • Follow it up by adding seven drops of rosemary essential oil, five drops of peppermint essential oil and half a teaspoon of jojoba oil
  • After that close the bottle and shake the ingredients so that they mix in properly
  • Your rosemary shampoo is ready. You can store it in a cool, dry place and use it in place of your regular shampoo.
  • Use the shampoo two to three times a week for a couple of weeks to promote hair growth

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3.  Condition your hair with a rosemary oil blend

If you are facing dandruff issues and have an itchy scalp, then conditioning your hair with rosemary oil can be quite beneficial. It will promote blood circulation, thus regulating hair growth. Here is how you can make a rosemary leave-in conditioner that aids in hair growth and know how many drops of rosemary oil for hair are needed for promoting excellent hair growth

How to make?

  • Boil a cup of water
  • Add to it around 15 drops of rosemary essential oil
  • Let the mixture cool and after that pour it in a spray bottle
  • Wash your hair and spray the rosemary mixture when your hair is damp
  • Leave it on your hair and let it air-dry
  • You can use this remedy whenever you wash your hair. It will effectively reduce the hair fall(3) and promote hair growth.

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Word of Caution

Rosemary essential oil is a potent plant extract hence should be used carefully. It does not pose any severe health risks or troubles if used appropriately. Here are some precautions that you must take while using rosemary oil for hair growth.

  • Keep your eyes safe from the oil. In case the oil gets in your eyes, then immediately wash them.
  • Do not use rosemary oil directly on your scalp as it is quite potent and may cause an allergic reaction. You must dilute it with a carrier oil before using it.
  • Do not use the oil in excessive amounts. It may cause skin irritation or discomfort.
  • Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding should also avoid using rosemary oil as there has not been sufficient research done on the safety of the oil on infants.

Other uses of Rosemary Oil

rosemary essential oil for hair
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Besides being good for your hair, Rosemary essential oil has numerous other health benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Rosemary oil is known to enhance memory: Rosemary oil has a calming effect on your brain that improves its functioning and boosts memory. The oil’s memory strengthening abilities make it quite useful in preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s.
  • Rosemary oil boosts your immunity: Massaging rosemary oil or inhaling it can improve your immunity. It is because the oil stimulates the activity of antioxidants that fight the free radicals present in your body which hamper the optimal functioning of your body system and make it vulnerable to fatal diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc.
  • The oil can effectively treat throat congestion: The strong aroma of rosemary essential oil can clear your nasal passage and throat congestion. It can cure a sore throat, cold, flu, and other allergies.
  • Rosemary oil prevents anxiety troubles: If you suffer from anxiety, then inhaling rosemary essential oil can be quite beneficial for you. The pleasant aroma of the oil promotes the feeling of contentment and aids in reducing anxiety levels.
  • Rosemary Oil can treat arthritis: The anti-inflammatory properties of rosemary essential oil make it quite effective in treating conditions like arthritis and rheumatism. Massaging the oil on the affected area can relieve you of the pain by promoting blood circulation. It can also alleviate muscle pain, spasms, and headaches.

Rosemary is known to have effective hair strengthening properties that can promote the growth of hair. Similarly, the oil extracted from the plant is also quite beneficial for your hair. Studies show that it can prevent pattern baldness in both males and females, and can restore the thickness and shine of your hair.

Thus, if you are witnessing hair thinning problems or excessive hair loss, then try using rosemary oil. It is one of the best ways to reverse the damage to your hair, naturally. Use Rosemary oil for hair growth and get your long, beautiful locks back in no time.


1. Is rosemary oil as effective as minoxidil?

Studies have revealed that rosemary oil is just as effective as minoxidil. Adding to the former, research also has revealed that rosemary leaf extracts act as stimulants for hair growth.

2. How long does hair take to grow?

Generally, in 2-3 weeks a small amount of hair growth is seen. However, only after a month, one can witness a normal growth rate. And, at 2 months you can see an inch of hair growth.

3. Does honey help thinning hair?

Yes, honey for hair thinning is an effective remedy. Take 1/4th cup of raw honey and mix it with water. Now, spread this mixture all your scalp and hair. Leave it on for an hour and rinse it with cold water. Mixing honey with cinnamon oil can give you desired results too.


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