Is Pickle Juice A Right Cure for a Hangover ?

Updated on February 28th, 2020

Did you know that darker liquor can cause worse hangovers when compared to drinks like Vodka? Well, darker or lighter liquor, it is common to experience a heavy, and dry mouth is dry as cotton after a night of excessive drinking. Generally, people tend to feel uneasy due to it. While some people get away from feeling the dehydrating effect due to the adaptability of their body to excess alcohol, others have a hard time dealing with it.

Pickle juice for hangover has been touted to be one of the easiest or the most straightforward solutions to the problem. To set the record straight one thing which a majority of people wish to know is the effectiveness of pickle juice in providing relief from this condition. So, how effective is pickle juice for hangover?

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Pickle Juice for Hangover

A bad hangover may sound like a funny thing. But in terms of the health of an individual, it can be a matter of life and death for them. Generally, a hangover involves partying and drinking alcohol throughout the night.

No matter what amount of alcohol you consume, or regardless of how many bottles of alcohol you take,  you are still not rehydrating your body. Why? Simply because alcohol is diuretic by nature.

In other words, drinking even a slight amount of alcohol makes you feel the urge to pee. This explains why drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can lead to dehydration. When your body feels dehydrated, it is not only due to the shortage of water but also due to the loss of salt, and mainly calcium.

Taking a healthy amount of pickle juice can help you in restoring the balance between salt and water in the body. Apart from the salt content, the presence of vinegar in the body also helps negate the effect of nausea. Together with salt, the vinegar content in alcohol also helps restore the electrolytes in the body.

What Happens When You Take Pickle Juice?

Pickle Juice

As soon as you take pickle juice, the nerve muscles calm down. As a result, you get relief from the severe headache.

Also, the presence of acid in pickle juice relaxes reflux in the stomach, which is caused due to the loss of acid balance. Owing to the restoration of the acid balance with pickle juice, you do not feel nauseated anymore.

The combined effect eliminates hangover. The loss of water and salt is one of the primary reasons why people should drink alcohol moderately. Taking excess alcohol can have a damaging impact on the body in different ways apart from the hangover effect.

Taking pickle juice for hangover and nausea to get rid of severe headache and dehydration is based on practical experience.

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Amount of Pickle Juice That You Must Take to Relieve Hangover Nausea

In most studies conducted by researchers, the amount was two to three ounces per kg of the bodyweight of an individual. This is the recommended dosage as it is not known to produce any side effect.

That being said, the response of the body from pickle juice may not be the same in the case of all individuals. It may vary from one individual to the other.

It is essential to make sure that you take pickle juice in the right amount. Though it is harmless in general cases, people with conditions such as high blood pressure should be careful while taking pickle juice. The addition of more salt to the body of those who have hypertension can further worsen the condition.

Also, excessive consumption of pickle juice can cause a stomach upset. Because pickle juice consists of acids in excess amount, it can worsen the acid reflux or stomach ache. Thus it is essential to consult a certified medical practitioner before taking pickle juice.

Pickle juice, due to its rich content of salt and vinegar, is one of the ideal means of getting rid of hangover nausea. Though more research is required to understand how pickle juice works to stave off the effect of vomiting, reported instances indicate that it helps eliminate nauseatic feeling after a night of excessive drinking.

However, to be safe from the downsides or side-effects of pickle juice, it is recommended that you should consider taking it only after consulting a certified health care professional.

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1. How much pickle juice should I drink for a hangover?

The amount of pickle juice for a hangover may vary from one individual to the other. However, the recommended dosage is 2 to 3 ounces per 100 lbs of body weight.

2. Which component in pickle juice helps relieve nausea?

Along with salt, pickle juice also consists of acids. Also, vinegar in pickle juice helps restore electrolyte in the body, which relieves nausea.

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