Benefits of Okra for Diabetes

Updated on December 12th, 2019
Okra for Diabetes

Okra is primarily found in temperate climates. The plant is characterized by green seed pods and flowers. Okra plays a prominent part in traditional medicine in the past. The entire seed pod can be consumed and lots of people prefer the mild flavor as well.

Myriad treatments are necessary for people diagnosed with diabetes to regulate the levels of insulin. Research reveals that with changes in the daily diet and exercise, people can prevent this ailment from progressing further.

A study in the recent past that was published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences shows the usefulness of okra for diabetes.

Did You Know!

  1. Authors of an animal study published in the recent past found a correlation between okra and reduced blood sugar spikes.
  2. A recent review which appeared in the Iranian Journal of Medical Science showed that okra is beneficial for people diagnosed with diabetes.

How Is Okra Beneficial for Diabetes?

Okra Benefits

Research reveals that diabetes is significantly augmented due to oxidative stress(1). Antioxidants play a crucial role in reducing oxidative stress which is a process in which the body undergoes cell damage. Okra is a rich source of antioxidants and manganese, vitamin K, calcium and copper.

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Recipes to Get the Benefits of Okra for Diabetes.

1. Powdered Seeds and Okra

  1. Ingest okra in the form of the powdered peel as it is very beneficial for the body. Okra peel can be prepared at home with a grater. Your body will benefit from the effect of this peel if you consume around half a teaspoon of okra peel.
  2. Alternately, you can dry then grind the okra seeds to obtain the powdered form of okra for diabetes treatment. However, this process is time-consuming and exhaustive. Hence, you could go for powdered okra seeds that can be easily procured from online suppliers and stores.

2. Tomatoes and Okra

  1. Okra tastes delicious if it is roasted in a spicy peanut sauce mix with tomatoes. Gumbo is another popular preparation made with okra.
    Okra can be consumed in various forms such as roasted or grilled, fried, as an accompaniment to the main dish, pickled or in salads.


  1. Always ensure that you are not allergic to okra prior to consuming it. Avoid eating it if you are allergic to cotton or hibiscus as they are allied plants.
  2. Never eat okra if it is rotten or has crossed its expiration date. Avoid eating it if it is not properly washed as the plant might contain residual pesticides and other hazardous substances.
  3. If you have a bleeding disorder, consult your doctor prior to eating okra. As it contains vitamin K, this vegetable might affect the ability of the blood to clot.

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How Effective Is Okra for Diabetes?

cure diabetes

Center for Disease Control and Prevention have affirmed that okra can significantly assist in the treatment of diabetes. The plant has lots of proven health benefits. These are the ways in which you can use okra(2) for diabetes treatment.

How to Use Okra Water for Diabetes Treatment?

A relatively new yet popular method to consume okra is in the form of “okra water”. Some people suggest that drinking this concoction significantly lessens the symptoms of diabetes.

This Is How You Can Prepare This Drink.

  1. Wash and soak okra pods in water overnight.
  2. The useful nutrients contained in the seed pods and skin of this vegetable will be transferred to the water.
  3. This is a fast and simple way to acquire the benefits of okra for diabetes without consuming it.
  4. Alternately you can slice the okra into thin pieces and then soak it in water. The okra water brew, in this case, will be slightly bitter to taste.

Ways to Lessen the Stickiness of Okra:

Okra can add a lot of consistency to dishes like soup however some people do not prefer its viscosity.

Here are some ways in which you can lessen the stickiness of okra:

  1. Marinate okra by soaking in vinegar or lemon for some time.
  2. Cook the vegetable at extremely high heat.
  3. Let the okra dry overnight after cutting it.

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1: Is Okra Good for Diabetes?

There is no conclusive evidence to prove the effectiveness of okra for diabetes. Research is still ongoing into the effects of okra on blood sugar however the results show that this vegetable has a lot of potential in this regard.

2: What Is the Effect of Okra on Lowering Blood Sugar Levels?

Studies conducted in the recent past prove that okra significantly assists in lowering blood sugar levels. This is done by lowering the pace at which glucose is absorbed by the intestines.

3: Is It Harmful to Consume Okra?

Okra contains a considerable quantity of oxalates which might be detrimental for your health. Side effects include gastrointestinal problems, gas, diarrhea, and bloating.

Q4: Is Okra Water Effective for Diabetes Treatment?

Okra can be cut and then soaked in water overnight. Lots of people diagnosed with diabetes had reduced blood sugar levels after drinking this concoction in the morning.

For optimum blood sugar control, try to combine other natural remedies with lifestyle changes such as a proper diet and daily exercise.

Okra can obstruct the absorption of metformin and lessen the effectiveness of the drug. If you take metformin it is better to consult a medical professional prior to consuming okra for diabetes treatment.

Okra assists in digestion and reduces hunger cravings for a long time. Fiber-rich foods must be included in the dietary treatment options for diabetes.

Try the above-mentioned recipes of okra along with your traditional diabetes treatment to reap its long-term benefits.

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