How to Curb Appetite With Natural Appetite Suppressants

Updated on November 21st, 2019
natural appetite suppressant

Obesity is a global concern. Every one out of three adults is considered to suffer from obesity and 1 in 13 adults suffers from extreme obesity levels. And if you also one of them, and have tried almost everything to reduce weight from the weight loss pills to going for a hardcore diet, yoga, gym, and more, then, you should try the natural appetite suppressants. It will surely provide you some fantastic results. All the elements are purely natural and qualify as the natural appetite suppressant foods, and also help in making you eat less (reducing your cravings), and loss more.

As per the expert study, it was found that people utilizing natural suppressants have experienced a significant reduction in their body weight.

How Do the Natural Appetite Suppressants Work?

Appetite suppressants are the kind of natural supplements, trick your brain by believing it that your stomach is full. One way that they do this is by expanding the degrees of the ‘feel-good’ hormone serotonin, which is responsible for controlling your mind-set, cravings, and sleep patterns in addition to other things. In the case, if your mind thinks you are full, you won’t feel hungry, and this way, you are probably going to eat less.

Benefits of Having Natural Appetite Suppressants

Natural appetite suppressants help in keeping you active always. Being a natural element, it hardly has any side effects on your body. Thus, anyone can try the same to get the results. There are several benefits associated with natural appetite suppressants, such as:

  • It helps in making you lose those extra kilos; thus, it fights against the obesity issue.
  • It also helps in making you eat a limited as well as nutritional foods(1), which may help in improving your body metabolism.
  • It allows your body to rejuvenate itself and not to stuff the same with unhealthy food.
  • It offers you have a healthy lifestyle that makes you fit and healthy and also protects you from different diseases.
  • It also offers you a good and healthy heart, as avoiding unhealthy foods helps in providing you with the proper cholesterol levels.
  • It helps in providing you a balanced diet, helps in improving your overall health and fights against the common issues like blood pressure and more.

Also, know more about how to reduce your appetite with the below-listed techniques.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Natural appetite suppressant supplements allow you to eat a balanced as well as a nutritious diet, helps in making you fit and healthy. There are several best natural appetite suppressants, such as:

1. Fenugreek

Fenugreek Seeds

Why It Is Helpful?

Fenugreek is one of the useful natural appetite suppressant herbs readily available in most of our kitchens. It belongs to the legume family and rich in galactomannan, which is a water-soluble fiber, which is also known as the natural suppressant. This water-soluble fiber delays the absorptions of fats and carbohydrates in the body and increases your satiety levels.

How Much Should You Have?

Ideally, one should only take around 2-5 grams as per your body requirement.

How to Use It?

Ways to suppress appetite with fenugreek-

  • Take it around 2-5 grams (as suits your body) as a whole seed with water
  • Take a capsule of 0.5gram dose; it can gradually be increased to 1 gram.

2. Glucomannan

Why It Is Helpful?

Fiber intake is the most convenient way, helps in controlling your appetite, and results in significant weight loss. Glucomannan is also another form of fiber that helps in reducing your weight. It allows your body water to absorb and converts the same to viscous gel, can easily bypass your digestion. The viscous gel is the elements that delay the absorption of fat and carbohydrate.

How Much You Should Have?

1-3 grams as your body reacts, ideally start with only 1 gram.

How to Use It?

Take 1 gram before your meal around 15- 1 hour before taking your meal three times a day to get effective results.

3. Green Tea

Green Tea helps to cure UTI

Why It Is Helpful?

Green tea is quite a known thing now, is widely used as appetite suppressant tea for losing weight. Well, the green tea extract has elements like caffeine and catechins, helps in boosting your body metabolism, results in burning your fat, and results in significant weight loss. You can combine the extract with other ingredients that may works as natural appetite suppressants decreasing your appetite and reducing the food intake. Green coffee also works as an appetite suppressant.

How Much You Should Have?

An ideal dose is recommended around 250-800 mg (the safer level), only not more than that. A higher dose may cause nausea.

How to Use It?

Replace your energy, tea, or coffee with the Green tea to find results.

4. Water

Why It Is Helpful?

Water is the natural detoxifying agent for our bodies. Drinking an adequate amount of water daily helps in keeping you fit and healthy and also reduces your appetite too. As whenever you starve drink a glass of water, it will reduce your urge to eat. It is an effective home remedy appetite suppressant.

How Much You Should Have?

1-2 glass before every meal.

How to Use It?

Before taking a meal, drink two glass of water, as it will help to make you eat less as you may feel full and likewise eats less.

5. High Fiber Food

high-fiber food

Why It Is Helpful?

Fiber foods are different than other foods as it does not break down in the body and stays in your body for a long time which results in making us feel full. Thus, eating high fiber food can be an effective natural appetite suppressant, it slows down the digestion system, and make us feel full all the time.

How Much Should You Have?

The high fiber foods that suppress appetite are chia seeds, whole-grain, apples, avocados, and more. Thus, eat as much as you like as they will offer the result you want.

How to Use It?

Replace or add the high fiber foods in your daily diet to eat less and feel full.

In case you opt for dieting for losing those extra kilos, then it may have its drawbacks. Restricting yourself from consuming too much leads to a relapse of overeating. Instead of this, think about how to suppress appetite and lose weight?

Thus, you can stifle the cravings by including more protein, fat, and fiber in their eating regime(2). Loading up on vegetables and pulses can make you feel full for a long time.

It is better to eat the right nutrition in an appropriate amount to reduce your food cravings with natural appetite suppressant foods known for weight loss. It is because these suppressants help in making you feel full, which automatically makes you eat a limited portion of food.


1. Is Apple Cider Vinegar an Appetite Suppressant?

Apple Cider Vinegar helps decrease the calorie intake. It also is known to slow down the rate at which the food leaves the body or stomach emptying, thus keeping you satiated for a longer period.

2. Is Ginger an Appetite Suppressant?

Ginger is undoubtedly considered a natural appetite suppressant since it activates norepinephrine and dopamine hormones. These hormones eventually activate your nervous system and leads to a reduction in your hunger pangs.

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