Effective Supplements to Treat Your Hot Flashes

Updated on February 28th, 2020
supplements for hot flashes

A sudden feeling of warmth mainly on the face, neck and chest area is what is marked as hot flashes. They might cause reddening of the skin, like when you blush and sweating as well.

However, if too much body heat is lost in the process, you may feel chilled soon after it. The most common cause of hot flashes in menopause. It is, in fact, one of the most common symptoms of the menopausal transition.

80% of women face the issue of hot flashes for 2 years or less. Only a small percentage of females suffer from it for more than 2 years. As the levels of estrogen in a female body decline, her thermostat resets, leading to cooling measures getting kicked in.

But in men, during their middle age, when their testosterone levels tend to drop, particularly after prostate cancer, they may experience hot flashes as well.

Herbs for hot flashes and mood swings serve as the best supplements for hot flashes. They are the best remedies for treating these sudden waves of heat as they do not lead to any side effects or adverse effects on your health, unlike other prescribed medications.

 Herbal Supplements for Hot Flashes

1. Black Cohosh

Black Cohosh

Why does it work?

The herb, Black Cohosh(1), has been proven to reduce the imbalance of the estrogen hormone. The root of the plant is used as capsules and tea. The black cohosh for hot flashes is commonly found in both forms in health food stores or online.

It helps to stimulate serotonin and bind to estrogen receptors. This helps to control and curb hot flashes considerably. However, these herbal remedies need to be taken regularly and stringently to show effects in the long run.

How to use and how much to use?

The root of this plant is used to make supplements from it. This should be consumed as capsules or in the form of a tea. Having black cohosh in tea also helps.

20 to 40 milligrams of tablets should be taken twice a day. However, these should not be taken for more than six months at a stretch.

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2. Red Clover

Why does it work?

Red Clover, scientifically called Trifolium Pratense, is a natural herb that positively helps alleviate hot flashes in menopausal women. Red clover consumption leads to a significant change in the hormone estrogen levels which in turn helps in reducing the frequency of hot flashes significantly.

How to use and how much to use?

Red clover can be taken in supplement form or in teas. Up to 40 milligrams of the supplement every day for at least six months can show a considerable effect on the frequency of hot flashes in patients. The supplement can be taken either in the morning or evening after meals.

Women may continue to have hot flashes anywhere between 4 to 10 years after having had their menopause.

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3. Ginseng


Why does it work?

Ginseng(2) has been known to reduce hot flashes in postmenopausal women if taken on a regular basis. It also helps in reducing cardiovascular diseases in menopausal women and increasing sexual drive in them. Ginseng helps in controlling the hormonal imbalance in women during and after menopause.

How to use and how much to use?

Having Ginseng tea on a regular basis, or even every day helps control hot flashes to a great extent. It can be taken anytime in the morning or evening. Ginseng supplements are also available which can be taken every day after meals, preferably in the morning, for best results.

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4. Kava

Why does it work?

Kawa, scientifically known as Piper methysticum, helps reduce anxiety and hot flashes in postmenopausal women. Kawa works very well as an herb for hot flashes after hysterectomy. It helps in managing the estrogen level hormones which in turn keeps a check on the occurrence of hot flashes.

How to use and how much to use?

Kawa supplements are available which can be consumed with water every day in the morning after breakfast. Having Kawa in tea is also a wonderful way of keeping hot flashes in control.

Hormones are to be blamed for causing hot flashes in both men as well as women.

Apart from the prime causes of hot flashes, there are certain things that trigger it. These include too much intake of caffeine, alcohol or spicy foods, exercising in warm temperatures, wearing tight clothes and even high-stress levels. Other than the above mentioned herbal supplements for hot flashes, certain lifestyle tips can also render relief from these.

Taking a cool shower before going to bed and during the day, wearing light clothes to stay cool, keeping a healthy weight, running cool water over the wrists and even relaxing and reducing stress can stop hot flashes and curb their occurrence to quite an extent.

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1. What triggers hot flashes?

Exercising in hot weather, fever, allergic reactions, certain neurological disorders, migraine and headaches, certain heart and blood pressure medicines, extra spicy meals, a skin condition called Rosacea, alcohol and even smoking can trigger hot flashes.

2. Can hot flashes go away?

Menopause related hot flashes go away in 6 to 24 months. But for some women, it may even last for 7 years and even go up to 11 years and more. Hot flashes can go away in the long run by following certain lifestyle tips and by taking natural herbs for hot flashes, as mentioned above.

3. How long does a hot flash last for?

On an average, a hot flash lasts from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. However, its intensity and frequency may vary from individual to individual. In totality, menopause-related hot flashes in women can last from six months to 2 years and in some cases up to eleven years or even more.

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