Need Quick Solutions for Shoulder Pain? Try These Exercises for Instant Relief

Updated on April 10th, 2020
exercises for shoulder pain

The shoulder is one of the vital parts of our body. Shoulder pain can disrupt our lifestyle, and y regular schedule, be it sleeping, picking up weight, working on your laptop, and many other things. You can reverse the ache by doing the right exercises for shoulder pain.

The cause of shoulder pain must be identified, and depending on the severity, the exercises for neck and shoulder pain can be decided. One key factor in such situations is to start these exercises early so as to avoid uncomfortable and unavoidable circumstances.

How Does Exercising for Shoulder Pain Help?

Every doctor recommends a minimum of half an hour of exercising or daily work out. Exercising increases the oxygen flow in your body, accelerates the blood circulation and keeps the joints and muscles flexible.

Exercises for neck and shoulder pain(1) focuses on the ligaments and tendons around the area and strengthens them so that there’s no pain. An increase in flexibility cuts down on symptoms of the stiff shoulder, thus allowing you to restore your normal activities. The type of exercise and length of the workouts depends on the severity of the pain and the stamina of the person. A trained physiotherapist can make a tailored workout plan for shoulder pain.

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Types of Exercises for Shoulder Pain

1. Extension of the Thorax

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Roll up a towel and place it on the floor. Lie down on the floor with your back on the rolled towel. Support your head with your hand keeping your elbows apart and the feet on the floor. Take deep breaths and exhale slowly trying to move your back only as long as you can to feel the stretch of the back and chest. Repeat for a few times.

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2. Roll your Neck

roll your neck
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This exercise is an excellent exercise for neck pain. To practice this, sit up straight and place your hands on your knees. Take deep breaths and slowly exhale while tilting your head to the left. Tilt your head with your chin touching your chest and then lean towards your right side with your right ear touching your shoulder. Do the neck rotations slowly maintain the stretch around the neck. This exercise strengthens the neck muscles and prevents pain.

3. Circling Arm Exercises

circling arm exercise
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Sit down in a kneeling position on the ground. Keep your back straight and take a deep breath. Inhale and bring one arm upwards where your fingers are pointing towards the ceiling. Hold it for 5 seconds, exhale and then rotate it back to its original position. Reverse the cycle and repeat it ten times. Repeat from the other side. This exercise helps in increasing the flexibility of shoulder joints and improves blood circulation.

4. Neck Exercises

Neck exercise

In a supine position, bend your knees, keep your arms straight by your side with the palm on the ground. Take a deep breath and pull your chin upwards. Feel the stretch around your neck. Don’t overdo it as this is a very gentle movement and could hurt the neck muscles.

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5. Door Leaning Exercises

Find a doorway in your house where your hands can touch the wall above your head. Stand straight in front of your door and touch the wall above. Slowly bend forward to feel the stretch in front of the shoulders. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat five times.

6. Side Bent Exercises

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Start by lying on one side with the knees bent. Knees must be placed in front of your hips and hands over the ears. Elbows must point forwards. Take one elbow and stretch it so that it aims at the ceiling. Move your head and feel the neck stretch. Turn around the elbow so that it touches the floor on the backside. Inhale and exhale slowly while doing this and repeat ten times.

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Do’s and Don’ts.


  1. Always practice exercises under a trained physiotherapist.
  2. The supervision of exercise techniques is mandatory.
  3. Always consult a doctor if the pain doesn’t go away even after exercising.
  4. Do listen to your body. If your body indicates signs of discomfort and pain after exercising, pause it.


  1. Wait for more than two weeks if the pain doesn’t subside and immediately see a doctor.
  2. Exercise if you are experiencing unbearable pain as it will make the situation worse.
  3. Exercise right after taking a bath or having food.
  4. Start exercising after surgery unless advised.

Bottom Line

A physical therapist will check the cause of the shoulder pain or injury and decide on a routine for your exercises. A correct diagnosis and, choosing the right form of exercise for shoulder pain plays a crucial role than just exercising to relieve yourself of the pain. So, this is advised to consult a physiotherapist or take guidance from a medical practitioner.


1. Can Exercising Prevent Recurrence of My Shoulder Pain?

Exercising can, to a certain extent, cure your shoulder pain and if continued regularly, can prevent a recurrence. The kind of exercises has to be decided based upon the diagnosis of your shoulder pain and in reference to a medical practitioner.

2. What Is the Best Exercise for Shoulder Pain?

Shoulder rotation exercises are the best form of exercises for shoulder pain. It keeps the muscles flexible.

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