Marula Oil: The Secret to Perfect Hair

Updated on January 13th, 2020
Perfect hair

Marula oil for hair is an ancient remedy. It contains beneficial nutrients in it. The fatty acids and antioxidants in it help in reversing the UV damage on the hair (1). Marula oil, also, prevents the hair against environmental damage. The minerals in the marula oil for hair prevent them from UV damage. Marula oil for benefits for hair also includes its cellular regeneration property. It keeps the scalp healthy (2).

The anti-microbial properties of marula oil promote healthy hair growth. Regular use of marula oil will make the hair look lustrous and strong. Utilizing marula oil on bunched up hair prompts smoother hair with a glossy silk-like feel. Marula oil is light, which is effectively absorbed into the hair shaft, making it appropriate for use as a fixing oil.


  • At a given point, 90 % of the hair is growing while 10 % are just resting?
  • Did you know that marula oil provides the perfect combination for skin hydration?

Marula oil secures hair against ecological components and destructive UV rays from the sun.  It also contains anti-inflammatory elements that keep the hair healthy for natural growth. Marula oil seals, coats, and smoothens the hair. It makes a silk finish that won’t straighten out your style or leave your hair looking oily.

It is lightweight, offers quick absorption, and gives your hair a sleek, sparkly feel. Marula oil for hair growth is effective due to the rich moisture it provides to hair.

Marula Oil Home Remedy

You may use the following procedure to extract marula oil.

  • Similarly, as with different organic products, nuts, and seeds from African trees are used.
  • Town ladies gather the fallen natural product around February and June.
  • The nuts are spread out in the sun to dry.
  • When dried each shell is squashed utilizing a stone, ground and cooked to discharge the oil.

Buying Fair Trade marula oil, separated from wild-reaped and handpicked marula nuts, will guarantee a top-notch oil. Some bulk delivering marula oil is prepared by pulverizing the whole nut, with portions and fragile living creatures. This is followed by separating the oil utilizing warmth, and synthetic compounds, which idealists believe demolishes the oils’ cancer prevention agent properties.

This oil may be used for hair in various ways. Marula oil can be scoured onto your hair to treat dry strands, and split ends. Also, you can massage it into the scalp to diminish dandruff and nurture solid hair. Apply it from roots to the tips. Try these application methods.

marula oil for hair
  • Apply 1 drop for healthy hair
  • For rough hair, apply 3-4 drops
  • For extremely coarse hair, use 5-6 drops of marula oil
  • It is advised to be used before shampoo
  • A daily night massage should be done for better results
  • Before styling or blow-drying, marula oil could be used.

This light yellow oil has a sweet and nutty fragrance. One reason marula oil works for hair is because of its profound infiltrating capacities. Not all oils sink profoundly into the scalp. In any case, marula does. What’s more, in addition to the fact that it penetrates and hydrates profound into the roots, it’s likewise wealthy in minerals. These minerals, including iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper, help promote healthy hair. Furthermore, that is not all.

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Marula oil is additionally wealthy in amino acids, and vitamin E. Amino acids and vitamin E cooperate to help recover hair follicle cells. Vitamin C is a cancer prevention agent. It prevents hair follicles from getting more slender. Another advantage of this oil is that it’s high in omega-9 unsaturated fat, oleic acid. Omega-9s are additionally valuable for your wellbeing. Oleic corrosive invigorates hair development and makes hair thicker, longer, and more grounded.

However, the oil may not be suitable for people suffering from certain illnesses. It is advised to use the oil regularly, once approved by your doctor.

The above discussion shows that marula oil is the best solution to all hair problems. It is a natural remedy. It contains nutrients for the betterment of hair. It naturally nourishes the hair. Thus, marula oil for hair is the best choice if your doctor approves it.

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1. Is Marula Oil for Hair Growth?

Yes, marula oil contains fatty acids that help in lustrous hair growth.

2. How Is Marula Oil Good for Hair?

Marula oil is good for hair as it contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote healthy and strong hair.

3. Which Omega Does Marula Oil Contain?

Marula oil contains omega-9. These omega-9 promotes thicker hair growth.

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