15 Amazing Lemongrass Tea Benefits for Health and Well Being

Updated on March 17th, 2020
lemongrass teaHealth benefits

Lemongrass is highly beneficial for health and beauty and is incredibly good for detoxification and nourishment. Lemongrass medicinal uses can be benefited from in the form of a tea or added to food as well.

What is Lemongrass?

Lemongrass is a medicinal herb that is indigenous to India. Its leaves are used in the preparation of natural medicines for their excellent healing nature. The oil of lemongrass is highly beneficial for health as well. Lemongrass is known for its tangy flavor and sweet aroma. The chief exporters of lemongrass include nations such as Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, and India.

Lemongrass Nutrition Facts

The nutritional profile of lemongrass constitutes a rich array of essential nutrients. It is loaded with vitamins like B1, A, B2, B3, B6 and folate and C. Its mineral content includes zinc, manganese, selenium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium.

What is Lemongrass Tea Good for?

Lemongrass tea benefits for health and beauty include detoxification of the body, prevention of anemia, relief from pain, enhancement of body immunity, enhancement of the health of skin and hair and promotion of general physiological health. It aids in the natural treatment of mental and physical ailments such as arthritis, fever, indigestion, constipation, anxiety, depression and more.

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How to prepare Lemongrass Tea?

A simple lemongrass tea recipe is given below-


  • ½ cup of lemon grass
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 teaspoon of honey


  • Fill a pan with water and bring it to boil
  • Add the lemongrass to the boiling water
  • Turn off the heat and keep the tea aside for about 15 minutes
  • Strain out the liquid and remove the residual lemongrass
  • Add the honey to the tea
  • Stir the tea and serve it hot or chilled with a couple of ice cubes floating in it

Top 15 Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea

The rich content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants present in lemongrass tea makes it incredibly beneficial for health. Elucidated below are 15 surprising uses for lemongrass.

1. Lemongrass Tea for Weight Loss

lemongrass tea for weight loss

The low-calorie content of lemongrass tea makes it incredibly beneficial for the loss of excess body weight. This helps to feel full and suppresses appetite. The polyphenolic compounds contained in the tea increases the expenditure of energy and enhance oxidation of fats which contributes to the shedding of excessive weight.

It accelerates the body metabolic rate and its diuretic nature makes it greatly effective for the weight loss diet.

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2. Benefits of Lemongrass Tea for the Cure of Diabetes

Lemongrass tea is highly beneficial for the decreasing of blood glucose levels. It improves the fasting blood sugar levels and works as an excellent detoxifier to cleanse the pancreas and enhance its functionality of insulin secretion.

It optimizes the secretion of insulin in the islets of Langerhans cells of the pancreas and controls the level of blood glucose quite effectively. Regular consumption of lemongrass tea is highly beneficial for people suffering from diabetes(1) as it can control either surge or drop in the level of blood glucose and calm any such abnormalities thus keeping the diabetic patient safe and in good health.

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3. Lemongrass Tea Health Benefits for Regulation of Blood Pressure

Lemongrass tea is highly beneficial for the control of high blood pressure. Regular consumption of the tea ensures healthy blood circulation and aids in the control of blood pressure by preventing any sudden spike or drop in pressure and thereby protecting the cardiovascular system.

Its rich content of vitamins and minerals maintains the health of the cardiovascular system and aids in the elimination of high cholesterol.

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4. Lemon Tea Benefits for Dental Health

lemon tea for dental health

Lemon tea is antimicrobial in nature and is excellent in the natural cure of dental problems and infections. Consumption of the tea helps to prevent the mouth from becoming a moist and warm incubator of bacteria.

The tea can be used as an excellent mouthwash to fight against germs and preserve the health of enamel, roots, and gums and keep the breath fresh and cool. You can also add a teaspoon of lemon juice or lemongrass essential oil to your toothpaste and brush your teeth with it before retiring for the day.

The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of lemon tea alleviate the pain and inflammation caused by the dental diseases. It is highly effective in keeping dental disorders like pyorrhea, cavities, gum boils, gingivitis and plaque at bay

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5. Lemongrass Health Benefits for Digestion

Lemongrass tea enhances digestion and keeps digestive disorders at bay. It protects the inner lining of the intestines from the corrosive effects of chemical drugs and helps in curing indigestion.

The essence of lemongrass tea cures the feeling of nausea and vomiting. Consumption of the tea helps in the regulation of bowel movement, and aids in the cleaning out of the intestines. The anti-inflammatory properties of the tea cure intestinal lesions and ulcers and eliminate stomach cramps, flatulence and bloating.

6. Benefits of Lemongrass and Ginger Tea for Respiratory Health

Lemongrass and ginger tea is an excellent home remedy for any kind of respiratory troubles from a sore throat and nasal congestion to asthma and bronchitis.

If you are suffering from a severe coughing fit or you are feeling quit feverish with a broken throat and sore, congested chest then nothing else will make you feel better than a cup of warm ginger and lemongrass infusion sweetened with a dash of raw honey.

The tea is known for its antitussive property that helps in controlling the coughing fit and curing nasal congestion. The expectorant nature of ginger lemon tea helps in the expulsion of phlegm thus relieving chest congestion and headache.

Ginger and lemon tea contain gingerol which is a compound that is greatly beneficial for the cure of respiratory troubles.

7. Health Benefits of Lemongrass Tea for the Cure of Yeast Infection

Yeast infection affects the vagina and is caused by the germ Candida albicans. The infection is characterized by itching and burning sensation in the vagina, painful urination and uncomfortable sensation during intercourse.

The essential oil of lemongrass possesses limonene and citral which are crucial for the prevention of growth and spread of fungi and bacteria.

The oil is known for its remarkable antibacterial and antibiotic properties which help in the natural cure of yeast infection. It inhibits the action of Candida and cures the infection. You can also rinse your vagina with cool lemongrass infusion to soothe the irritation and keep it cleansed.

8. Lemongrass Tea for Healthy Skin

lemongrass tea for healthy skin

Lemongrass tea is an excellent source of antioxidants which make it remarkably effectual for a healthy and glowing skin. It keeps dermatological disorders at bay and nourishes the deepest layers of skin. The tea is a natural cleanser and is rich in antioxidants. It can be topically applied for a quick and efficient cure of cuts, bruises, and scrapes.

The tea can be used as an excellent natural bleaching agent for skin. It removes oil and dirt from the face, unclogs the clogged pores and bleaches the skin to its glowing natural complexion.

Lemongrass tea is a natural moisturizer for skin. It can be used to make homemade lotions to keep the skin naturally hydrated and supple. It is an effective home remedy for eczema, dry skin disease, and psoriasis.

9. Lemongrass Benefits for the Functioning of Kidneys

Lemongrass tea is an excellent detoxifier and its powerful diuretic properties make it highly essential for smooth renal functioning. Regular consumption of lemongrass tea has a significant impact on the kidneys and their functioning(2).

It aids in the prevention of excessive secretion of body poisons like urea, creatinine, uric acid etc. It helps with the process of elimination of kidney stones by making it less painful.

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10. Lemongrass Tea Benefits for the Cure of Staph Infection

lemongrass tea for the cure of staph infection

Research has proven that the essential oil extracted from lemongrass possesses anti-biofilm capacity which makes it highly beneficial for the natural treatment of Staph infection caused by the Staphylococcus aureus.

The polyphenolic compounds contained in lemongrass tea spread rapidly through the tissues and treat the biofilms located anywhere in the body.

Consumption of lemongrass tea inhibits the growth and spread of the germs thereby checking the formation of toxic biofilm in the body. The lemongrass essential oil can be ingested and topically applied to the cure of diseases that are characterized by biofilms such as Staph infection, Lyme’s disease and more.

11. Lemongrass Tea Benefits for the Cure of Sleeplessness

Regular consumption of lemongrass tea before retiring for the day is beneficial for inducing drowsiness and deep sleep.

he tea is sedative in nature which helps to regulate the body clock of sleeping. It cures insomnia, parasomnia, stress, and anxiety and controls the pattern of sleeping and its natural cycle. It also cures dizziness and headaches associated with sleeplessness.

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12. Lemongrass Tea Benefits for Detoxification and pH Balance

Lemongrass tea is known for its amazing properties of blood purification and detoxification. It helps in the filtering out of antigens, foreign bodies, and toxins from the blood.

The potent antioxidant properties of the tea demolish the poisonous free radicals and convert them into harmless components that can be easily flushed out of the body through excretion.

The tea creates a barrier against oxidative damage inflicted by free radicals and detoxifies the blood with utmost effectiveness.

Normally, the pH value of blood is between 7.35 and 7.45 that is blood is slightly alkaline by nature. Despite being of an acidic nature, lemongrass tea helps in the promotion of alkalinity and balances the pH of blood throughout the body.

A balanced pH indicates that the body is detoxified and the blood is pure and uncontaminated. Drink lemongrass tea daily to maintain the alkalinity level at normal value and keep diseases at bay.

13. Lemongrass Tea Pregnancy Benefits

lemongrass tea for pregnancy benefits

The rich nutritional profile of lemongrass tea makes it highly beneficial for the health of pregnant women. However, consult your physician first before opting for lemongrass tea.

14. Lemongrass Tea for the Cure of Infections

Regular consumption of lemongrass tea helps in the prevention and quick cure for infections caused by bacteria like Salmonella and more. The active component present in lemongrass tea boosts the immunity action of limonene and pectin and does away with fever and infections.

The essential oil of lemongrass can even kill the Salmonella typhi bacterium that causes typhoid. The diaphoretic nature of the tea helps to cure fevers through inducing sweat. The perspiration generates dermcidin which is a body antibiotic that aids in the strengthening of body immunity and fights against a virus, bacteria, and infections.

15. Lemongrass Tea for the Cure of Rheumatism

Application of the lemongrass essential oil or keeping the affected joint wrapped in cloth soaked in hot lemongrass tea is highly beneficial in the cure of sprains, lumbago, neuralgia, and rheumatism. Its analgesic nature helps to cure the pain and discomfort quite effectively.

Lemongrass Tea Side Effects

A few side effects of lemongrass tea(3) include increased cholesterol level, oral thrush, and oral infection, stomach troubles, abdominal cramps, high pressure, convulsions, nausea, and vomiting. Some of the primary side effects of lemongrass tea are as follows.

  • Lung disorders: The scent of lemongrass tea might trigger lung disorders.
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy issues: Lemongrass tea increases menstrual flow which is not beneficial for pregnant women as it might cause a miscarriage.
  • Even though there has not been enough research done on the effects of lemongrass tea in lactating women, yet it is recommended to be on the safe side and avoid ingestion of lemongrass tea and inhalation of lemongrass oil.


1. Can you drink too much lemongrass tea?

Response: Overconsumption of lemongrass tea is not good for health.

2. Is Lemongrass good for sleeping?

Response:  Yes, lemongrass tea is known for its mildly sedative nature.

3. Can you freeze lemongrass?

Response:  Yes, lemongrass can be frozen.

4. Can you eat lemongrass?

Response:  Raw lemongrass is edible but not conveniently chewable.

5. Is lemongrass safe during pregnancy?

Response:  Lemongrass tea might not be safe during pregnancy.

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