12 Keys to a Healthy Gut and to Healing a Leaky Gut

Updated on November 25th, 2019
Keys to Healing a Leaky Gut

The most important thing that you can do for your body to eliminate chronic pain is to heal a leaky gut and then keep your gut healthy.

  • Toxins=inflammation
  • Inflammation=disease
  • Disease=pain

Heal your gut, reduce your inflammation which will begin to reduce your chronic pain. It is something you can do yourself, and is the first step in healing.

Steps for Healing a Leaky Gut

1. Food

Eat organic, especially if it is on the dirty dozen plus list. You don’t need pesticides and herbicides in your body. They are poisons developed to kill bugs and funguses. Don’t eat them Avoid GMO’s – they have either been bred with BT toxin in them or they have been developed to tolerate heavy concentrations of pesticides and herbicides

2. Toxins

Purge the toxins in your life.You can research the toxins to avoid by looking up the products that you use either by brand and item in the EWG data bases, or by the ingredients if your products aren’t there(1).

You could follow my lead and buy It Feels Good to Feel Good on Amazon or on my website(2).

I eliminated hundreds of toxins in my food, my water, my cosmetics, my over the counter drugs, my kitchen, my cleaning supplies, and in my mind- stress, toxic lack of sleep, toxic anxiety, toxic relationships, and toxic lack of movement.

I not only identify the toxins that I found, but I share what I replaced them with. If you buy the book and email me at cherylmhealthmuse@gmail.com, I send you a workbook to keep organized as to what you find to be toxic and what you will replace it with as you run out of the old toxic item.

3. Eliminate sugar

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It is toxic to your body, it interrupts your healthy digestion, it masks your ability to feel full, it is as addictive as cocaine and heroin. This includes eliminating fake sugars. The pink and blue
packet are neurotoxins. The yellow packet destroys your healthy gut bacteria. Agave is very hard on
your liver.

4. Good and Bad Bacteria

TEST for the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. A functional practitioner will run this test
for you.

5. Parasites

TEST for parasites. A functional practitioner will run this test for you.

6. Candida

TEST for Candida; Mold; Toxic Metals; Pesticides and Herbicides. A functional Practitioner will order
these tests for you.

7. Probiotic

Best Probiotics

Take a good probiotic. I take Prescript- Assist by DR. Amy Myers. I also take Klare at times. Eat
prebiotics. Prebiotics feed the good bacteria in your gut.

8. Stress

Find ways to reduce your stress. I have 32 suggestions in my book, It Feels Good to Feel Good. My
favorite is Dr. Andrew Weil 4-7-8 breathing exercise which you can find online(3). I also use the Belly
Button Wand regularly.

The theory is that the belly button is the beginning of all life for us. By using the belly button with the wand, you can reset your parasympathetic nervous system. It has been tested and endorsed by Dr. Emeran Mayer Co-director of the Digestive Diseases Research Center at the University of California at Los Angeles(4).

9. Sleep

Sleep, seven hours of sleep is critical. It’s not only when your gut orchestrates your body functions
and does its tune-up, it’s also when you mind regenerates. The most important hour is 6-7 hours into
the cycle. Both are important to your long term health.

10. Rebuild your gut wall

Take Glutathione for 60 days, and create the ability for your liver to produce adequate
glutathione on its own. Use bone broth in your cooking. You can make your own bone broth, and find recipes to do that on the internet, or you can buy clean bone broth, without caramel coloring or chemicals.

I buy 3 kinds of bone broth. OsoGood makes an amazing bone broth that arrives frozen. All the bones
used in their broths are from pastured animals, and the animals generally eat or their natural diet. This
is good enough to drink, and I use it as the base of many soups which I make several times a month.
Mostly I make my chicken bone broth and turkey bone broth.

Thrive Market carries two bone broths that I love, which come in cartons and don’t need to be frozen or
refrigerated. One is their own beef broth under their own brand, the other is Kettle and Fire, and it
comes in 3 flavors, all are excellent quality.

I use bone broth when making veggies, when making sauces, any place that I can incorporate the bone
broth into my diet. The collagen in the bone broth is outstanding to heal your gut.

11. Healthy Liver

Rebuild a healthy liver, detox. Use milk thistle to heal your liver


Check for MTHFR by taking the 23 and Me ancestry test, finding your genetic information and getting it translated into information you can understand. You can find a company online to translate the data.

MTHFR is an anomaly to your DNA that inhibits your ability to detox. You can improve your body’s ability to eliminate toxins if you suffer from this. Follow Dr. Ben Lynch for more information.

About the Author:

Cheryl M

Cheryl Meyer, MD

Cheryl wrote the manual she wishes she’d had when she got sick.  In her award winning book It Feels Good to Feel Good: Learn to Eliminate Toxins, Reverse Inflammation and Feel Great Again, Meyer explains how she discovered she was suffering from inflammation and autoimmune disease, how she actively searched out, purged, and replaced toxins in her life, how she found the right doctor (a Functional MD), and how she finally returned to wellness and a life without pain.

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