Fundamentals to Heal Your Leaky Gut

Updated on April 18th, 2020
leaky gut health

Are you suffering from leaky gut syndrome? Good news! The leaky gut syndrome is not really chronic. Recently, leaky gut syndrome has been gaining immense popularity in the medicinal research field, social media, and blogs.

Researchers claim that leaky gut is not typically diagnosed, but it is actually the root cause of several chronic diseases.

The gut is considered to be the most straightforward system with one long pipe which intakes, digests, and excretes food. Sometimes ignorance towards the simplest things leads to disasters.

Modern lifestyle is immensely harsh. The amount of stress, food habits, and the ambiance people live in today’s generation runs hard on gut health.

The human intestine is naturally built with cracks or holes. We all inherit some percentage of leaky gut which is ordinary and necessary. In some cases, these pores get elongated due to which undigested food, toxicants, and bacteria are released into the bloodstream.

This eventually results in the dysfunctional gastrointestinal system. Once the immune system is knocked down, the body naturally attracts chronic diseases.

  • Feelings such as anxiety, depression, stress, and sadness trigger chemical reactions, which lead to inflammation or weaker gut health.
  • Nail biting improves your gut health. It triggers the immune system to create antibodies.
  • Lack of sleep is more likely to weaken your gut health.
  • 70% of your gut health is associated with the immune system.
  • Sometimes, the immune system ends up attaching itself. Itself destroys all the healthy cells. This can cause 80 different autoimmune diseases.
  • Everyday your immune system kills a cell that can turn into a cancer cell in the future.
  • Physical touch such as hugs, massages, or holding hands boosts your gut health.
  • Laughing your heart out is a stress buster. It releases dopamine hormones. Laughing often improves your gut health.
  • Healthy food habits and exposure to UV rays stimulate your gut health.
  • Being in a happy relationship improves your gut health.
  • Suffering from inflammation and fever is a good sign. This actually means your body is actively doing its work.
  • The timely vaccine is compulsory because they educate the immune system of the gut.
  • According to researchers, women are more likely to suffer from bad gut health.
  • Well, too much of anything always turns out to be too bad. Being too clean makes your gut more sensitive and weaker. People obsessed with hygiene are more prone to allergies, infections and chronic diseases.

What Is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut, technically known as intestinal permeability, is caused due to the damaged intestinal lining. Bacteria, waste products, and undigested food floods into the bloodstream in such condition. This eventually stimulates the autoimmune response, and in turn, causes hormonal imbalance and a weaker immune system.

What causes leaky gut syndrome? Leaky gut is mostly caused due to your eating habits. Each body is different from the other. And you might be allergic to most of the things you consume on a daily basis. Be it gluten or dairy products.

Consumption of such food leads to an immune response which results in fatigue, headache, and joint pain. Besides, there are also chances of being affected by leaky gut due to medications that include antibiotics or steroids.

How Do You Know If You Are Affected By Leaky Gut?

  • Skin infections: acne, eczema, and dermatitis.
  • Diarrhea or constipation.
  • Severe headache, migraines or memory loss.
  • Weaker immune system.
  • Autoimmune diseases.
  • Chronic fatigue.
  • Joint pain or arthritis.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Diabetes.
  • Nutritional deficiencies and allergies.
  • Digestion problems.
  • Hormonal imbalance.

Most of the immune system and neurotransmitter production takes place in your gut. It is obvious that a little disturbance in your gut can trigger several health issues in your body. Tough gut health is not chronic it is utmost important that you take adequate care of your gut health.

How to Heal a Leaky Gut?

What if you found out that your garden pipe is leaking? You would just do the patchwork; in the worst case, you would replace it! It certainly doesn’t work that way when it comes to your leaky gut. There is no quick remedy or instant solution. But there are definite measures for healing leaky gut.

Leaky Gut Diet

Gut Health Diet

Any automobile is mainly dependent on fuel. Imagine your car fuel is actually mixed with crude oil such as kerosene. What do you think would happen in such an instance? Different parts of your car would get damaged just because of the fuel that the car is consuming.

It is the same in the case of a human body. It is the same in the case of a human body. Practice healthy food habits. Unhealthy food habits are one of the main reasons for leaky gut syndrome.

Consume omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation

Organic Meats Walnuts Egg yolk
Fish oil Chia seeds Coconut meat
Bone Broth Hemp Organic butter
Wild fish Flaxseeds Avocado

Consume non-starchy vegetables or less steamed vegetables for easy digestion.

Leafy green vegetables Broccoli Cabbage
Radish Brussels Sprouts Cucumber
Cauliflower Asparagus Mushrooms

Consume spices and herbs to soothe GI tract

Ginger Turmeric Peppermint
Marshmallow Licorice root tea Dandelion root tea

Sugar Detox

You do know that processed sugar causes diabetes, skin problems, and hyperactivity. But that doesn’t end there. Excess consumption of processed food alters the gut bacteria. This stimulates yeast growth and you better be knowing about yeast infection.

These bacteria alone can destroy all the healthy cells in your body. Eliminating sugar from your diet is nerve-wracking. But try to cut down on processed food. Eliminate additive sugar products such as honey or added sugar. Take it slow, don’t hasten and make it worse.

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar benefits

Apple cider vinegar is a cure-all remedy. Raw ACV contains enzymes that improve digestion. It balances the pH level in the body, especially in the stomach. This magical potent helps your immune system absorb all the vitamins and minerals. It contains acetic acid with boosts the immune system. Dilute ACV in water with ½ squeezed lemons and consume adequate amounts regularly.


The consumption of probiotics is more like replacing harmful bacteria with good bacteria. It stimulates the immune system and fights against the inflammatory response. Enrich your diet with probiotic-rich food such as yogurt, dark chocolate, tempeh, pickled vegetables, and kombucha.

You can also consume probiotic supplements such as lactobacillus helveticus, lactobacillus acidophilus, Saccharomyces boulardii and Bifidobacterium longum.

L – Glutamine

L – Glutamine is known as the building block of proteins. It is an amino acid produced in the muscles and distributed in other organs through the bloodstream. Leaky gut is due to the damage of intestinal lining thus L – Glutamine plays an important role in repairing the damage caused. It is also said that L- Glutamine helps preserve the mucous lining of the intestines. It is ideal to consume 2 – 5 grams to L – Glutamine at least twice daily.


Zinc is necessary for various body functions. It is very natural to have a deficiency of zinc element in the body. It is mandatory to consume zinc rich food such as beef, lamb, chicken, spinach, and pumpkin seeds. Zinc is capable of curing permeability damage in the intestines.

Resistant Starch

Resistant Starch

The consumption of probiotics needs to be supported by the use of prEbiotics. It is essential that we allow the good bacteria to grow. Resistant starches are more like natural prEbiotics. One of the best resistant starch food you can opt to consume is potato starch.

Resistant starch cannot be broken down by intestinal cells. They are fed on by functional bacteria cells only. Resistant starch forms a chain of fatty acids which eventually lower the pH level in the body. They help probiotics rebuild the damages caused in the intestinal lining stimulating good gut health.

It’s crazy how simple damage in the intestinal lining can cause malfunctioning of most of the organs in the body. In today’s fast-paced world, people are unconscious about what they are feeding to their brain and stomach.

It’s mostly filled with trash anyways. Look at your surroundings, today the world is thoroughly polluted, it basically garbage. In this case, it’s imperative that we at least take extra care of what’s inside our body.

No one realizes until the time comes, and everything’s out of control. They suffer! People become ignorant once they know it’s not a chronic disease. But least do they realize how these little things impact on the entire system of the body.

Would you build a house without taking precautions? Prevention is always better than cure. Leaky gut is not a thing you can just get away with. A complete change in lifestyle can pave the path for a comfortable yet simple life. Health is wealth!

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