Here’s What to Eat and Avoid on Your Period

Updated on April 18th, 2020
what to eat on your period

There’s no rule to how irritating you will feel during your periods. While some women go through this phase of the cycle with hardly any symptoms, others struggle to get out of bed due to cramping, pains, feeling nauseous, and headache.

Use Diet to Minimize Painful Menstrual Period Symptoms

You can use diet to minimize some of the most painful menstrual period symptoms. Believe it or not, the kind of foods you are eating can help reduce period cramps, help you feel less bloated and swollen, and help ease mood swings.

What to Eat on Your Period ?

Here’s the list of foods to consume while on period:

1. Salmon

Apart from being one of the healthiest foods in general, salmon(1) helps ease period cramping. The omega-3 fatty acids of this fish are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which can help comfort the uterus, alleviating the cramping pains.

Gain more vigor

You can choose between grilled salmon, salmon sushi, rolls, or to receive the most energy. Besides, salmon is rich in fine-quality protein in B vitamins, which makes you gain more vigor from the food you eat.

2. Bananas

If you’re suffering from a period induced diarrhea or an irregular bowel movement, bananas will make all your issues go away. The vast amounts of potassium, magnesium, and fiber that banana contains will ease bowel movements and will also have a calming effect on your mood.

Muscle relaxing abilities

Magnesium is reputed for its muscle relaxing abilities, and it will also help reduce the cramping pain.

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3. Dark chocolate

Are you looking for excuses to eat more chocolates? If you are, then, periods are the best time of the month to gift yourself with some healthy organic dark chocolate! Chocolate is the most exceptional period comfort food!

4. Broccoli

Are you suffering from fatigue during periods? If so, broccoli is the food for you. There are several ways to cook broccoli(2) if you don’t prefer it in your diet. You can grill it, boil it, saute it, and you can also use it to make a green smoothie!

Large amounts of Iron and Fibers: in broccoli will help compensate for some of the Iron you will be losing due to bleeding (period).

Ease PMS symptoms

Broccoli is also high in fiber and will fastly nourish your body, which will reduce irregular bowel movement as well as the bloating. Potassium and Magnesium, both are found in large quantities in broccoli, ease all of the annoying PMS symptoms.

Don’t include too much salt

However, don’t include too much salt as it will lead to more water retention in your body.

5. Oranges

Oranges are a great food to eat to reduce the period symptoms. They contain calcium and vitamin D, which helps relieve depression, anxiety.

How is it possible?

When consumed along, calcium and vitamin D alleviate aches and cramps and help reduce depression.

Rich in fiber

Oranges are also super-rich in fiber, which will assist your digestive problems. They are also rich in sugar and are a great fruit to resort to when you are craving candy and snacks.

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6. Watermelons, figs, and plums

Natural sugars found in these foods will quickly compensate for the losses that occur inside your body during the period. These fruits are rich in vitamins and will undoubtedly help with bloating.

Keeps your body hydrated

Watermelon is also primarily made out of the water and will help to keep your body hydrated, further reducing cramps and improving your mood.

foods to eat on period - infographic

7. Lemons

All of the citruses, including lemons, oranges, and limes, help alleviate bloating and mood swings. They are rich in vitamins and fiber. Moreover, citruses are rich in water, and the nutrients will quickly absorb into your bloodstream.

Makes you feel good, fresh, and energized

If you find yourself feeling nauseous or fatigued during your menstrual cycle, a smoothie with citrus fruits or a glass of lemon water will soon alleviate the symptoms and help you feel good, fresh, and energized. But don’t take it in large quantities as it can cause stomach irritation.

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8. Eggs

Eggs are among the healthiest foods. The egg yolk contains plenty of Iron, fat-soluble vitamins, proteins, essential fatty acids, which are overall beneficial to have during your periods. And, hard-boiled eggs are reputed to cause heartburn as well as bloating to those with delicate stomachs.

Helps to ease your period symptoms

Have eggs on a daily basis to ease your period symptoms, but avoid consuming hard-boiled eggs so as not to experience bloating and gas.

9. Chamomile

Chamomile tea doesn’t only relax your uterus, but your nerves as well. Chamomile tea will help to reduce the intensity of distress, period cramps, anxiety related to it, and it will help you fall asleep and be more relaxed.

10. Spices

Spices like coriander, fennel, cardamom, and saffron are known to aid digestion and help alleviate the common symptoms of PMS.

Foods to Avoid During Period

During the period, your body experiences a hormonal imbalance, and you bleed on the other side. Include foods that are rich in healthy nutrients like water fiber, protein, vitamins. Here are the foods to avoid during your period:

Processed foods

Foods containing a lot of chemicals, like meat, canned foods, processed and dairy, will only worsen the bloating and cause your body to retain more water. These foods contain huge amounts of salt, which is otherwise unhealthy to consume, let alone during your periods.

Stay away from processed candy and sweets

However, stay away from processed candy and sweets and, because the chocolate that contains refined sugars isn’t all helpful to your health. Go to your local organic food store or any other natural food supplier and get some organic,  dark chocolate.

1. Candy and snacks

Get all of the organic sugar you are craving by consuming fruits. You don’t have to resort to junk snacks. Not only do these snacks not contain many healthy nutrients, but they also contribute to gas and bloating.

Short-term benefits

You might benefit from a short-term increase in your sugar levels in terms of a better mood, but you will eventually drain and feel worse then you did before.

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2. Alcohol

You should avoid drinking during your period. The five to seven days of your period isn’t the time to consume alcohol.  Avoid having alcohol while on your period, even if you are not partying and enjoying get-togethers.

Makes matters worse

The blood loss during your period will cause low blood pressure as well, which makes you susceptible to side-effects of alcohol drinking. If you are already a bit tired during the period and drinking alcohol while on your period, it will only make matters worse.

Cause you to lose more blood

Drinking alcohol can also spike up the period flow and cause you to lose more blood.

3. Spicy foods

Avoid spicy food during your menstrual cycle if your periods are severe, and you are undergoing intense bleeding, intense fatigue, and cramping. Spicy foods could lead to more bloating and gas.

foods to avoidon period


If you enjoy spicy foods, you don’t have to remove them from your diet during your period. Natural organic spices like fresh chili contain compounds that are antihypertensive and inflammatory anti-cancer. You gain from these foods, as long as they don’t upset your stomach.


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