All You Need to Know About Breathing Exercises for Stress

Updated on April 9th, 2020
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To lower down the stress level of your body, start deep breathing. Whenever you are quite relaxed, have you ever noticed the way you breathe?1. What Are the Effects of Cbd Oil? If not, then you must do that the next time.

It makes your body feel very relaxed and light. Breathing normally isn’t a task, it is a normal occurring. But deep breathing and following other breathing exercises have to be done by you.

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On mentioning the varied breathing exercises for stress these might include belly breathing, roll breathing, morning breathing, and many others. According to studies, it has been notified that anxiety and insomnia can be healed by breathing techniques.

Did You Know?

The two lungs in humans are not the same in size. The right one is larger than the left one to accommodate the heart.

Your lungs eliminate about seventy percent of the waste by breathing.

Importance of Breathing Exercises for Stress

It’s too obvious that we can’t avoid the different sources of stress that are present in our lives. However, we can take out the different ways to deal as well as respond to them(1).

If our body is not fit and is continually being a victim of issues in one way or the other, then surely, it’s going to lead to stress or even vice versa. Evoking the relaxation response is truly a must and breath focus stands out as a technique to do the same.

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Here are some of the most important benefits of breathing techniques for stress that you must have a look upon:

  1. When you are engaged in the activity of deep breathing, your body starts producing endorphins. These are referred to as a natural pain killer released by our body.
  2. During breathing, our diaphragm starts moving upwards and downwards. This leads to the removal of toxins concluding to better blood flow.
  3. Incorrect breathing results in a bad posture. Thus, relaxation breathing exercises will be straightening up your body.
  4. With the help of breathing exercises, your body parts are going to gain a good amount of oxygen. Also, the digestive system is going to get improved and so it will start working more efficiently than before.
  5. You are going to feel more energetic than ever. Breathing exercises will elevate your energy level due to increased blood flow and involvement of more oxygen into it.

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Different Types of Breathing Exercises for Stress

Breathing Exercises
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There are many breathing techniques that a person can undertake to stay away from stress(2) and other relatable shortcomings. Even if you don’t have time, ten minutes would be more than enough. You need to take out 10-15 minutes out of your day and dedicate them to the below-mentioned relaxation breathing exercises:

1. Equal Breathing Technique

equal breathing
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Many consider it as Sama Vritti. This is done by inhaling at the count of four and then exhaling at the same count. You have to breathe all through the nose since this is going to act as a natural resistant to your breath.

This is used to increase your focus, calm down your nervous system and most importantly reduce stress. Do it anytime and anywhere, however doing it before going to bed is also recommended.

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2. Abdominal Breathing Technique

abdominal breathing

Take a deep breath through your nose as you keep one hand on your chest and the other on your belly. You’ll have to take 6-10 deep as well as slow breaths per minute and continue it for the next ten minutes.

You are going to notice the improvement within six to eight weeks of this breathing exercise. Do it before attending any kind of stressful events such as an interview or an exam. This is going to give you a reduced heart and blood pressure.

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3. Relaxing Breath Technique

relaxing breath
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It is also considered as the 4-7-8 exercise. This is the easiest of all and you don’t need any specific time, place or equipment to do it.

Keep your back straight and sit. Place your tongue’s tip behind your upper front teeth and exhale continually through your mouth. Hold your breath until the count of 7. Mark the difference that you are going to witness with a reduction in your stress and increase in your happiness.


1. What Can I Do to Calm down Anxiety?

There are a good number of ways in which you can calm down your anxiety. The first one is trying out the relaxation breathing exercises and the others might include questioning your thoughts, focusing on the present, being an observer, avoiding judgments, having a calm vision and trying to distract yourself from the negativities.

2. Why Is There a Need for Me to Re-Learn Breathing?

You need to re-learn breathing because your current breathing might be a dysfunctional one. It is not properly oxygenating your blood that is leading to the formulation of stress and anxiety. You need to participate in the varied breathing exercises for stress for improving your health and stress.

There would be a need for you to try out the different deep breathing exercises for stress and then opt the one that’s comfortable for you.

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These can help much. You don’t have to consume the medication prescribed by the doctor since practicing these deep breathing exercises for stress will save your time and are also very easy.

Whenever you are angry, sad or frustrated just stay for a while, breathe and let it go! Such exercises will make you calm and help you in dealing with the situations easily.

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