Top 5 Amazing Yucca Root Benefits

Updated on February 17th, 2020
yucca root benefits

Loaded with calories, Vitamin C and carbohydrates, and full of flavor, yucca root is an essential source of nutrition for many all over the world. It can be baked, boiled, boiled or mashed to include in any recipe. Yucca root benefits the body as it is rich in antioxidants and micronutrients and has many potential health benefits.

What is Yucca Root?

Yucca root is also called Cassava or Brazilian arrowroot and is a native shrub of South America. It gets cultivated in the tropical regions, its root is starchy and is a dietary staple for a vast mass of people around the globe.

Nutrition Facts

1 cup serving of Yucca root contains

  • Calories- 330
  • Fats -½ gram
  • Protein-3 grams
  • Carbohydrates-78 grams
  • Dietary fiber- 4 grams
  • Sugar- 3.5 grams
  • Sodium- 29 milligrams

Yucca Root Benefits

Let us take a look at the impressive benefits that edible Yucca Roots have on health.

1. Protects Against Oxidative Stress

yucca root for oxidative stress

Yucca is rich in antioxidants that neutralize free radicals which prevents cell damage and oxidative stress(1). Studies have revealed that antioxidants play a vital role in boosting the overall health and safeguard the body against several chronic diseases like cancer, heart problems, and diabetes. Yucca root is rich in Vitamin C and manganese as well, and these two components are excellent for reducing oxidative stress.

2. Supports the Functioning of the Immune System

It is well known that a sound immune system is a key behind a fit body. The immune system is responsible for keeping away any foreign entity, viruses, harmful bacteria, and fungi from the body and protecting the body from infections and illness. Yucca root is loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidants and adding it to your diet gives a boost to your immune system. If the body gets a regular supply of Vitamin C, it can combat respiratory infection and flu in a better manner. It can also recuperate from conditions like malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea efficiently and effectively.

3. Benefits Skin Health

yucca root benefits skin health

In many natural skin care products, Yucca root is a common component. Its peel can remove dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin whereas its root can be combined with olive oil and honey and applied to the surface of the skin as a mask. It brightens the complexion and improves the overall texture of the skin.

If consumed in a recipe, yucca root benefits the skin by providing it a glow that no other externally applied product can provide. It gets loaded with Vitamin C, a component that synthesizes collagen and has anti-aging properties.

Vitamin C present in the root also protects the skin against the damage done by the harmful UV rays of the sun by scavenging free radicals and reducing the production of melanin, thus preventing hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

4. Relieves Symptoms of Arthritis

yucca for relieves arthritis

The main symptom of arthritis is stiffness of joints and painful swelling. Since Yucca edible root is rich in manganese and antioxidants, if included in the diet, it provides relief from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Manganese is believed to be a natural cure for arthritis and manganese supplements reduced the risk of rheumatoid arthritis in senior women. In the same way, the antioxidants present in the yucca root benefit inflammation and reduce the symptoms of arthritis.

5. Has a low Glycemic Index

Glycemic index measures how much sugar level a particular food can raise. Foods that have a high glycemic index can rapidly shoot the glycemic index up and lead to diabetes symptoms such as weight loss and fatigue. In comparison to most other starches, Yucca has a shallow glycemic index of 46 whereas that of boiled potato is 78 and of rice 73. It is the reason why Yucca is an excellent form of carb and Yucca root benefits in controlling blood sugar.

Although you must understand that Yucca is still rich in carbs and if you have diabetes and are on a low carb diet, it is better to consume the vegetable in moderation and to pair it with proteins and a lot of healthy fats to maintain the sugar level in the blood.

Benefits of Yucca Root Powder

Organic Yucca root powder is a herbal powder that is used to treat dandruff, psoriasis, hair loss, skin diseases, and inflammation. The powder has soap-like traits, and when it gets wet, it gets transformed into a mild soap. Due to its healing properties, yucca root powder gets added in soaps and shampoos.

What is Yucca Root used for?

The root of this non-flowering plant gets employed in making medicine. These medicines are used to treat osteoarthritis, stomach disorder, high blood pressure, migraines, high cholesterol, diabetes, liver and gallbladder diseases, and poor circulation. Yucca root supplement is also available in the market in the form of powder and capsules. Yucca root tea is a concoction made from Yucca root that can be taken to relieve swelling and pain in patients of rheumatoid as well as osteoarthritis.

Yucca Root Recipe

You can incorporate yucca root in your diet effortlessly and deliciously. Many healthy and tasty recipes use it differently to reap yucca root benefits.

Crispy Baked Yucca Fries

crispy baked yucca fries


  • Twoyuccas
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • One teaspoon sea salt
  • One tablespoon olive oil
  • black pepper- to taste


  • Peel and slice the yucca root into the shape of fries
  • Boil it in water for 8-10 minutes
  • Strain and rinse yucca with cold water
  • Place it in a bowl and add salt, chili powder and drizzle olive oil
  • Toss it well and place it on a baking sheet
  • Put it in a pre-heated oven at 450° F
  • Cook for 8-10 minutes and flip it in the middle
  • Serve it warm

Side Effects

Yucca root benefits overshadow its side effects as it is usually safe, except for people who are allergic to it. Since it is high in calorie, it is not fit to consume for those who are interested in losing weight. Some people might experience the following side effects:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Digestive upset
  • Vomiting

Important Precaution: Children and pregnant woman must not take yucca root supplement without consulting their doctors.

Bottom Line

Nature provides us with so many gems and it up to us to utilize them in the best possible way. With knowledge comes power and now that we are aware of Yucca root benefits must incorporate it into our diet and lead a healthier life. Just remember, moderation is the key and enjoy the goodness of Yucca.

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