Incredible Ways to Induce Periods

Updated on March 12th, 2020
how to induce periods

Wishing to induce periods is a normal desire which many women have. And it’s completely fair to feel so.

You could have various reasons for inducing periods- an upcoming vacation, seeking a sense of predictability with your period dates or stabilizing irregular periods, etc. The reasons could be many and unique too. With several age-old remedies and options been augmented so far, which remedy is safe for you?

Here are the simple remedies on how to induce periods.

Did You Know

You can induce your periods using simple, easy, and safe home remedies.

CURE 1: Methods of Inducing Periods

1. Hormonal Birth Control

Hormonal contraceptives are considered the most reliable way to control the menstruation cycle(1) is by the use of hormonal contraceptives. Birth control pills are commonly used among women to control their cycle. The pills contain contains combined artificial hormones, estrogen, and progestin. The pills are ingested for 21 days in a cycle. Once you stop using them, you might experience your periods within seven days from stopping the consumption of the pills.

  • If you want your periods to come earlier than the expected due date, you can stop taking the pills prior so that the periods can occur earlier.
  • You can also opt to use the pills that help skip periods. These pills are prescribed by the doctor and are considered safe.
  • You can follow the directions mentioned on the leaflet to control the periods as you wish.

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2. How to induce Periods using Exercises

Women Exercise

Exercises are known to loosen the muscles. If you practice gentle exercises, the muscles may relax, thus making the periods to come earlier. Although researchers have not confirmed this remedy, some people have said that regular exercising has induced their periods. Vigorous exercises may result in irregular periods.

  • You should exercise gently to loosen your muscles. Vigorous exercises(2) can, in fact, make the periods irregular, thus delaying the cycle.
  • You should exercise vigorously for a week before your periods.

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3. Relaxation

Researchers have proven that life events can make menstruation periods irregular or cause a delay. People with stress are likely to experience longer and heavy bleeding.

  • If you want your periods to arrive earlier, you should try to relax.
  • Relaxation maintains normalcy in hormonal activity, and they might even come earlier than the expected due date.
  • You should avoid stress at all costs to ensure that your hormones become more predictable and regular.

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4. Diet and Weight

Diet and Weight

Changing your body weight and making sure it fits your BMI(3) can help achieve a regular period cycle. Research has proven that the bodyweight of a person can influence their periods. For example, people with low body weight can experience irregular periods or no periods altogether. If the body does not have enough fats to produce hormones, periods do delay. Similarly, overweight people, too, can experience irregular periods.

Some people can regulate their periods from eating or avoiding a particular diet. Eating relative fat and proteins can make the periods more regular. If you observe the calories immensely, you might affect ovulation, thus delaying ovulation and the period cycle.

  • You should maintain a healthy and regular diet to balance your hormones(4).
  • If you want to postpone your periods, you could opt to restrict your calorie consumption.

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CURE 2: Other Methods/Foods

1. Pineapples

Pineapples contain bromelain. This enzyme is believed to affect hormones like estrogen. Bromelain is also used to reduce the inflammation that could cause irregular periods. Some people have reported inducing their periods by the use of pineapples. However, researchers have not yet verified whether the use of pineapples can induce periods.

  • You should consume lots of pineapples if you want to induce your periods.
  • There is no hard and fast rule for the quantity. However, avoid over-eating. A bowl a day shall suffice.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to affect the level of estrogen and progesterone. Some people believe that if they consume a large amount of vitamin C, they could induce their periods and make it appear earlier than the expected due date. There is, however, no scientific evidence supporting this belief, despite some people claiming that it works.

  • You should increase your levels of vitamin C by consuming foods like green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and cruciferous vegetables.
  • Consume a high amount of vitamin C during the month in which you want to induce your periods.

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3. Herbs

Herbs like papaya, fenugreek, chicory, celery, among others, are believed to induce periods. People also call them emmenagogues herbs. People also use cinnamon, rosemary, sage, and chamomile to induce periods. Although it has not been scientifically proven, some people have said to have used these herbs and induced the periods.

  • You should take lots of herbs to induce your periods and if you want them to come before the expected due date.
  • Use the herbs in the month you want to induce your periods.

Intense exercises, on the contrary, can make your periods irregular.

Take-Home Message

These home remedies are not risky for healthy people. You should always buy herbs from a reputable dealer to avoid food poisoning. Hormonal birth control methods can have side effects on some people, and people age 35 years can face complications if they take birth control without consulting a doctor. Although people have tried various traditional and modern methods to induce periods, the only reliable way is the use of hormonal birth control.


1. Is White Discharge a Sign of an Expected Period?

Yes, thick white discharge is a sign that your periods are about to come.

2. How Many Days of Spotting Before the Period Is Normal?

Spotting can be caused by different causes and can last as long as work. If there is bleeding, you should consult a doctor.

3. Why Is My Period so Light?

Having a light period is normal. Some factors, like diet and exercise, can make the periods light.

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