Natural Methods of Birth Control You Need to Try

Updated on January 14th, 2020
natural birth control

Young couples want to control their reproductive health and the birth of their child. But the problems of resorting to birth control are many. For one, it is complicated to choose the right method. Contraceptives and fertility control are popular.

The choice of opting for the right contraceptive is not natural. But making the right choice is not as simple as it looks. Apart from just abstaining from sex, no usual birth control method is 100% assured. Add the side effects to this, and you’ll understand why you need herbs you can rely on.

Why Choose Natural methods?

Birth control methods are not foolproof, and they come with plenty of side effects. Few herbal solutions could prove more effective. Such herbs interfere with implantation, and once eggs are fertilized, it becomes hard for the embryo to maintain a solid grip on the uterine wall.

The zygote breaks down, and menstruation takes place. No birth control method offers 100% or complete protection. Yet herbs can be beneficial. Read on to know which birth control methods can naturally work for you when the Depo Provera shots fail.

1. Neem

Neem Leaves

Across the world, neem(1) is a potent antiviral with plenty of benefits. This herb is called Indian Lilac and is known for its many benefits. It has been used as a medicine across the globe in different parts of the world. The herb is useful as a birth control measure for not just women but men too! The leaves and herb oil or leaf extract can all be used to avoid pregnancy.

Neem is extremely potent and has spermicidal properties. If a woman is injected with neem oil where the fallopian tube meets the uterus, it causes a reversible block. The block lasts for 365 days and does not affect ovary function or menstrual cycles. Neem oil can reduce the speed and motility of sperms for men.

Sperms take longer to swim in this case and fail to reach the egg. Studies show neem oil kills sperms in the vagina in under 30 seconds. Neem leaf tablets can easily be used for maximal of one month. This step ensures a reversible, natural birth control. This includes gelatin capsules of neem seed oil. This herb protects against STIs and vaginal infections, too, which is a bonus. Neem further is an antibiotic and has immune-boosting properties.

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2. Blue Cohosh

Blue Cohosh

The root of this plant is essential for birth control. It contains substances that induce uterine contractions. Blue cohosh(2) acts in the same way as oxytocin hormone. It contains caulosaponin, which is a plant-based saponin. It can be taken as the morning-after pill.

If you fear pregnancy post-sex, make Blue Cohosh tea and drink it up. Boil some water, add a teaspoon of root powder of Blue Cohosh and let it rest for 5 minutes. Sip this tea and make sure it is not consumed more than three times a day.

Take no more than 400 mg /day. Periods should ideally commence immediately. Do remember that the herb can have side effects. Take this herb under medical supervision, therefore.

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3. Queen Anne’s Lace

Queen Anne’s Lace

This one is known as a wild carrot, too. Queen Anne’s Lace is a plant, the seeds of which collected from the flower crown ensure effective birth control. The synthesis of progesterone is blocked. This action disrupts the synthesis of hormones like progesterone to prevent implantation.

The effect caused by this herb is mild, and side effects can include constipation. But if you have kidney stones or fall stones, avoid this method of birth control. For the others, a teaspoon of these seeds, within 8 hours of sperm exposure can work well. Avoid Queen Anne’s Lace if you are a nursing mother, though.

4. Pennyroyal

Ancient civilizations, like the Greeks and the Roman, used this herb for birth control. It immediately starts menstruation and initiates self-abortion. This herb can be combined with others to stop pregnancy. The herb can be used fresh and dry both.

All you need is boiled distilled water. Add a teaspoon of pennyroyal and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Add some honey to enhance the taste. Drink this tea post unprotected sex or before implantation occurs. Bear in mind that too much of this herb can cause problems in the liver,

kidneys, and the nervous system. Also, avoid this drink if your periods are more than ten days late. It is an herb that works best under the guidance of an herbalist. So, ensure that you are working towards a remedy that is administered under medical supervision for safety and security.

Harsh chemical options should ideally not be used for birth control. If you want to avoid synthetic birth control methods that come with lethal side effects, and you don’t want to rush to the doctor each time you want to engage in sex without chances of pregnancy, natural birth control methods could be the answer you need.

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However, remember that the best option is always to use a condom. Have safe, responsible, and protected sex, and you’ll automatically avoid the potential for pregnancy. Herbs can also be an excellent option for emergency options.

However, the best part about these natural cures is that they can be used without hesitation and the fear of side effects. However, bear in mind that you need to watch out and opt for medical supervision, even when taking herbal supplements or teas.

The right dosage can work the best way. Choose a good, qualified herbalist to guide you through the process and ensure that you engage in hassle-free intercourse with your spouse or partner.

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