How to Get Rid of Pimple on Lip: 7 Great Home Remedies

Updated on March 23rd, 2020
How to Get Rid of Pimple on Lip

What! The very first thing you saw in the mirror was a pimple on your lip. Pimples can never be cool to have and the one, especially on your lip, can make you lock yourself in the room. On top of it, the pimple on lip also causes inconvenience while drinking and eating. Nothing can be more embarrassing than getting a pimple on the lip, but the good news is you can clear it with much ease and devoid of any pain. Here are some quick remedies on how to get rid of a pimple on the lip. So, what are you waiting for? Get started right now.

What is a pimple?

A pimple is a small red bump that appears on your skin. It can have a white, black or no tip and can form anywhere on your body. Pimples mostly occur on the face and can form on the edges of lips too.

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What causes pimples?

Before finding how to get rid of a pimple on the lip, you should first know what causes pimples. Pimples are known to form when the hair follicles get clogged due to dead skin cells or excessive oil. Skin releases oil known as Sebum that travels through hair follicles and helps keep the hair and skin moisturized.

At times due to excessive release of oil and build up of dead skin cells, the pores of skin get blocked, and bacteria start growing on them. This leads to the formation of red swollen bumps that are filled with pus. Whitehead a pimple or a pimple with white tip forms when the wall of the hair follicle swells while blackhead pimples are formed when the bacteria accumulated on the pore gets exposed to air.

Pimple on lip line causes

Besides the blockage of pores of the skin, the tiny pimple(1) on lip can be caused due to:

  • Use of low-quality Chapstick or lip balm
  • Chemical allergy due to some lip gloss or lipstick
  • Hormonal changes during puberty and pregnancy
  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Herpes Disease
  • More intake of oily and fatty food
  • Poor hygiene

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Home remedies to clear Lip Pimple fast

If you are looking for some effective ways on how to get rid of pimple on lip line, then you are at the right place, bid goodbye to an embarrassing pimple on the lip by using these effective home remedies.

1. Clear red pimple on the lip using Ice

clear red pimple on the lip using ice

Ice is an excellent remedy for a red pimple on the lip. Take an ice cube, wrap it in a tissue or soft cloth and press gently against a pimple. It slows down the blood circulation in the region, reducing swelling and further constricts the oil glands causing bacteria and oil to flow out. Thus, cold compress is an effective method to release pore.

2. Lime juice is an effective home remedy for pimple on lip

Lemon is known to contain anti-bacterial properties and has been recognized as an effective cleanser for acne vulgaris(2). Take a cotton ball, dip it in lemon juice and gently dab it on the skin. The antimicrobial properties of lemon act on the bacteria build-up while its astringent properties help to constrict the pore which pushes out dirt and oil.

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3. How to get rid of pimple on lip using steam?

get rid of pimple on lip using steam

Steam or hot compress is another great method if you are looking for how to get rid of pimple on lip. Steam helps warm the region and increase blood flow causing pores to open up and release the oil. Wash your face and dab it dry before taking the steam. Once you have taken the steam, gently dab the face with a clean towel and wash with cold water to close the pores. It helps solve your pimple trouble fast.

4. Toothpaste is a great home remedy to clear a tiny pimple on lip overnight

If sudden pimple outburst has caused panic and you are looking for measures on how to treat it overnight, then the most effective method is the application of toothpaste. Toothpaste contains baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, thus can be quite effective in treating the pimple. Make sure the toothpaste you use is non-gel and is non-whitening. Apply the toothpaste directly on the pimple and leave it for two hours or overnight and then wash off.

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5. How to get rid of pimple on lip using Turmeric?

get rid of pimple on lip using turmeric

Turmeric is a super healer and an excellent home remedy for pimple on the lip. Its antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties help reduce the secretion of oil or sebum and heal the pimples. For an effective pimple treatment take a pinch of turmeric and mix it with yogurt. You can mix it in water as well. Apply the turmeric and yogurt paste on the pimple and wash off when dry.

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6. How to treat a white pimple on lip using Tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is an effective home remedy to treat a white pimple on lip. Apply the tea tree oil on the pimple using a dropper. Only a small amount is required. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties act on the microbes of the pimple and clear the pores.

7. Clear an infected pimple on lip using Neem leaves or oil

clear an infected pimple on lip using neem leaves

Neem is known for its acne healing properties. No one solves your trouble of acne better than neem. So, if you are looking for effective methods for treating an infected pimple on a lip, then neem is a great option for you. Scientifically known as Azadirachta indica, neem tree is a beneficial home remedy.

The oil of neem or the crushed leaves when applied on the pimple can effectively reduce the size of a pimple owing to its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties(3). If you are using neem oil, then please note that it is quite strong hence dilute it using olive oil or coconut oil. Neem oil application should be avoided in children.

So, these were the simple tricks to do away with a tiny pimple on a lip. The methods are quite effective, fast and cost-effective. Unlike the OTC (over the counter) methods these do not pose any side-effect and can easily help treat an annoying pimple.

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