How to Treat Large Open Pores Naturally with Simple Home Remedies

Large Pores Curing Tips

Looking into the mirror, you might not always notice that the skin of your face is replete with tiny pores that are actually there to provide hydration to your skin. It will not be until these pores get dilated or are clogged that you will notice them getting enlarged.

Sunlight, aging as well as decrease in the elasticity of the skin is what might cause these pores to enlarge and once enlarged, it is not possible to entirely shrink them back to their original size, but they can be made to become less noticeable.

There are various home remedies that might help you to make the pores smaller in size.

Face Wash

It is highly necessary that skin with enlarged pores be kept clean so as not to aggravate the problem.

Washing your face regularly with cold water, two to three times a day will help keep the pores clean as well as tightened. But do not over wash them as that might lead to dryness.

Ice Cubes

Applying ice cubes on your skin for 15 to 30 seconds ensures that the skin gets a tightening effect where the pores automatically get smaller.

Exfoliate with Apricot Core

Sometimes the dirt could be clogged too deeply which is why, using a light scrub that contains finely grated apricot core to exfoliate will not just unclog the pores but also remove any dead skin on your face.

Do not use a face wash after the scrub as that might result in excessively drying your skin due to over-washing.

Home Remedies

Baking Soda Treatment

Baking Soda is considered one of the miracle salts since it has been known to have almost a magic effect on enlarged pores and most makeup artists have been known to swear by its helpfulness.

Baking soda is also helpful in fighting acne papules which is another reason for enlarged pores.  But people with sensitive skin are cautioned from using it as it has been known to cause irritation in such skin types.

Make a paste out of baking soda and water in a 1:1 proportion and massage this gently, in a circular motion, on the area where the pores are prominent for about 30 seconds and wash off with cold water.

You will see a result within a week’s time if you keep at it for 5-7 days. Second week onwards, reduce the massage to 3-5 times a week only.

Lemon Power

Lemon has been known to have skin lightening properties as well as the ability to tighten pores.

When used properly, lemon easily reduces the blemishes on your skin since the citric acid it in has been known to attack any kind of pigmentation present thereby having a lightening effect as well as help with reducing the sun tan and any other kind of sun damage that your skin might have faced. You can apply lemon juice directly on the affected area on your face or use it in a face mask.

Lemon has also been known to make oily skin dry by stripping out the oil which is why; people with sensitive skin should use moisturizer before using the lemon juice so as to avoid a breakout.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple, just like lemons have been known to help with reducing pores. Soak a washcloth in fresh pineapple juice and place it firmly on your face for 30-60 seconds.

With natural enzymes in it, pineapple has been known to tighten and make firm the face thereby purifying and brightening the skin tone as well.

Tomato Juice

Tomatoes have also been known to have an amazing effect of open or enlarged pores. Cut a tomato into half and rub in onto your skin for 1 to 3 minutes and leave it on for 10 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

Try this for atleast a week and you will see a visible different on your face.

Turmeric Face Pack

Turmeric (paste or powder) mixed with honey and lemon juice also helps in shrinking the pores as well as reducing the blemishes. Apply regularly before bath time and wash off after 10 minutes and you will never have any skin issues ever again.

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Sandalwood Paste

Sandalwood has been known to have blemish reducing properties as well is effective aginst fighting sun’s damage on your skin. Make a paste with rose water and leave on the face for 10-20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.


Papaya contains certain enzymes like bromelain that are considered not just good for the skin but also for the digestion. Rubbing a piece of ripened papaya on your face with help with the reduction of the pores as well as help lighten your blemishes.

Banana Peel

Banana is another miracle fruit that can be used to different health issues.  Eating cooked raw banana is beneficial when you are suffering from loose bowel movement.

Ripe banana works for the entirely opposite thing. If you are suffering from constipation, banana would help you with the bowel movement.

But best of all is the use of banana peel which contain various antibacterial, antifungal and enzymatic properties that when rubbed on the skin helps with the shrinking of the pores as well as the general well-being of the skin.

Yogurt Face Mask

Plain yogurt is known to contain both lactic acid as well as certain probiotics when used on the skin helps combat the bad bacteria and reduces acne.

Using yogurt as a face mask for a max of 10 minutes once a week, with help not just with the enlarged pores but with also the sun tan.

Drinking Water

Make sure to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated as well as to wash away the toxins from your body. But avoid any kind of sugary drinks as they adversely affect your health and also your overall health.

Healthy Diet

A diet rich in lean proteins, whole grains as well as lots of fruits and vegetables, especially green leafy vegetable helps maintain good health and metabolism that in turn helps with keeping the skin hydrated and in good condition.

Your diet should also contain the prescribed dosage of vitamins since each vitamin has its specific use. For instance, Vitamin C helps with reducing scar marks, lines as well as wrinkles on your skin.

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