5 Incredible Home Remedies to Get Rid of Bacne

Updated on February 11th, 2020
how to get rid of bacne

Pimples are always unsightly, no matter where they occur. These red acne bumps ruin your beautiful appearance. In its severe form back acne can be troublesome. It always comes in between you and your desire for wearing that pretty backless dress.

However, you need not to stay away from that dress for long as here you get some effective natural remedies that can clear all your troubles. Know how to get rid of bacne easily at home and flaunt your clear and beautiful skin.

What Causes Back Acne?

Acne forms when the pores of your skin get clogged due to excess of oil secretion and build-up of dead skin cells, bacteria and dirt. Excessive oil secretion can happen due to some reasons. Some of the common factors that can cause acne on the back are:

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Excessive exposure to the sun

Natural Remedies for Back Acne

The sudden breakout of acne can be disappointing. The acne on the back can be embarrassing. It can significantly affect your self-confidence. So what should you do? Stressing out is not a solution as it may worsen the situation, try out some simple remedies to get rid of bacne that give you clear skin in no time without costing you much.

Here are the most effective treatments that can clear the back acne and its scars

CURE 1: Foods


remove back acne with lemon

If back acne is your cause of worry and you are trying every bit to get rid of it, and nothing seems to work, then it might be that you haven’t explored your kitchen. Just head there and find the lemon, the solution of all your troubles. It has amazing properties that can help treat back acne.

How to use?

  • Take a lemon and squeeze out fresh juice
  • Apply the juice on the acne with a cotton ball
  • Leave it for around thirty minutes
  • After that, rinse the area with water
  • Repeat this remedy every day for some time to remove the acne

Benefits of Lemon

Lemon contains strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that make it an effective bacne solution. Regular application of it will give you clear skin in no time.


Those with sensitive skin must do a skin patch test before using this remedy. Rub a small amount of lemon juice on your arm, if it irritates the surface of the skin, then avoid using this remedy.

Foods to eat

Your diet dramatically affects your skin. For healthy, glowing and clear skin, you need to add healthy foods to your diet that boost your immunity and prevent the build-up of bacteria which causes acne. Add the following foods to your diet for healthy and clear skin:

  • Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids like walnuts, fish, etc.
  • Foods rich in zinc like oysters

Foods to avoid

Certain foods are known to increase acne breakouts. These are unhealthy foods that cause severe health troubles including acne. Following are the foods that you must exclude from your diet to prevent bad back acne:

  • Foods high in unsaturated fats
  • Foods high in sugar content
  • Foods high on glycemic index like white bread, etc.

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CURE 2: Herbal Treatments

Green Tea

get rid of bacne with green tea

Suffering from cystic acne on the back? Don’t know how to go about it? Try using Green Tea (1). The wonderful herb is one of the most effective home remedies for treating severe bacne. It helps alleviate all your acne troubles.

How to use?

  • Add a green tea bag in a cup of hot water
  • Allow it to steep for around five to seven minutes
  • Take out the bag and let the tea cool
  • When it comes to the room temperature, soak a cotton pad in it
  • After that, put the soaked cotton pad on your back
  • Leave it on the acne for around fifteen to twenty minutes
  • Then wash it off with water
  • You can repeat this process two to three times a day
  • For additional benefits, you can drink the tea regularly.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea has a high amount of polyphenols that effectively reduce the production of sebum, thus prevent the appearance of acne. Further, it helps in soothing your skin.


Make sure that the green tea is at room temperature when applying it. Do not apply it too hot as it can harm your inflamed skin.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is your ultimate beauty solution. It is known to treat numerous skin conditions. Besides nourishing your skin, it is a powerful remedy for those looking to get rid of bacne.

How to use?

  • Cut an aloe vera leaf
  • Squeeze out the fresh gel from the leaf
  • Apply the gel on the affected area
  • Leave the gel on the acne for around thirty minutes and let it dry
  • After that, wash it off
  • Repeat this process two to three times a day.

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has strong anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and reduce the redness caused due to acne. Regular application of aloe vera gel can also help in lightening the bacne scars.


Use freshly extracted aloe vera gel to get rid of back acne. The commercially available gels are not that effective in treating acne. They will not give you quick results.

CURE 3: Essential oils

Tea Tree Oil

get rid of bacne with tea tree oil

Tea Tree essential oil is a potent essential oil with numerous benefits. It is an excellent remedy for treating a myriad of troubles related to skin and hair. It also serves as a useful remedy for treating adult back acne.

How to use?

  • Add a few drops of tea tree oil in a teaspoon of a carrier oil like coconut oil
  • Apply the blend on the acne on the back
  • Leave it overnight
  • Next morning wash off the mixture with water
  • You need to do this daily for at least a week to see results.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has strong antibacterial properties. Application of the oil on the affected area kills the bacteria that causes acne. Further, its anti-inflammatory properties help in soothing the skin and reduce the redness caused due to acne.


Tea tree Oil is highly potent. Direct application of it can harm your skin. Hence, you must use it in diluted form only.

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CURE 4: Home Remedies

 Apple Cider Vinegar

clear back acne with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider Vinegar is an excellent remedy for those who looking for how to get rid of bacne. It is also helpful in treating back acne scars.

How to use?

  • Mix a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water
  • Dab a cotton ball in the solution and apply it to the acne on the back
  • Leave it on for around twenty to thirty minutes
  • After that, wash the area with water
  • You can repeat this remedy three to four times a day.

Benefits of Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is anti-inflammatory. It soothes the skin, reduces the redness and further accelerates the healing of the skin.


Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic. Thus, use it in diluted form. Also, do not use it on open cuts and wounds.

CURE 5: Natural Treatments

Oatmeal Bath

treat back acne with an oatmeal bath

Want to know how to stop the appearance of back acne. Looking for how to get rid of bacne. Try this simple oatmeal bath. You get supple and beautiful skin devoid of any marks and bumps easily at home.

How to use?

  • Add a cup of oatmeal to your bath
  • Soak in this bath for around thirty minutes
  • Take an oatmeal bath regularly and get rid of mild bacne easily.

Benefits of Oatmeal bath

Inflammatory acne can be effectively treated with this useful oatmeal bath remedy. Oatmeal has strong anti-inflammatory properties that ease the redness of the skin and calm it.


Oatmeal bath is highly effective for your skin, but you must not soak in it for too long as it can dry out your skin.

Bottom Line

Acne on the back indeed stresses one out. It is miserable and quite embarrassing. But you need not to live with it any longer as you can effectively treat it by using bacne remedies mentioned above. Their continuous application gives surprising results. Another significant benefit of these remedies is that these not only treat the acne but also prevent the appearance of scars. Try these easy home remedies and get clear and beautiful skin.

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