Heal Nerve-Wrecking Leg Cramps with Simple Home Remedies

Updated on December 9th, 2019
home remedies for leg cramps

Cramps often leave you immobile and agitated! The exact cause of leg cramps is unknown, Insufficient blood supply, tensed nerves, nutritional deficiency may trigger cramps. Most of the muscle cramps arise in the leg (calf), wherein you may notice a lump of hard muscle tissue underlying the skin. Here are some simple home remedies for leg cramps which can save you in your difficult times as such. Let’s check some simple solutions to soothe those aching cramps.

1. Pickle juice Can Save You from Extreme Leg Cramps

Pickle Juice for Leg Cramps

Pickle Juice

Pickle juice can be effectively used to cure cramps. It is one of the home remedies for leg cramps(1), over the past years, has become quite popular especially, among the athletes and cramps runners. Though there is no reliable scientific reason behind this, research suggests Pickle juice is very much beneficial.

The juice consists of vinegar and salt, which restores electrolyte content in one’s body – magnesium, chloride, sodium, calcium, potassium, and phosphate. Consume raw 2-3 ounces of juice after your workout and see the results. You can also opt for a sports drink to replace the lost electrolytes.

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2. Mustard Works Great on Leg Cramps

Mustard for Leg Cramps


Home remedies for leg cramps always give us fruitful results. We have spices, herbs and, different kinds of natural products to save us from this distress. Malfunctioning nerves are often a cause of burning muscle pain caused by cramps.

Yellow mustard nourishes the same malfunctioned nerves and prompts fast relief. One or two teaspoonful’s of yellow mustard can give fantastic success. It’s convenient; you can grab it from the kitchen cabinet and try it. Many health professionals vouch on how stomach absorbs mustard and exerts medicinal effect throughout the body.

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3. Apple Cider Vinegar to Help You Get Rid of Cramps

Apple Cider Vinegar for Leg Cramps

Most cramps vanish with time, but sometimes shooting muscle cramps are hard to bear, especially if it takes a toll on your sleep during nights, you can try some foods for quick relief. This one is very affordable, and you can get it at your home, try having apple cider vinegar with honey, one of the best home remedies for leg cramps. You can even consume it with salads. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which helps in the formation of acetylcholine in our body that boosts our muscles for better functioning.

4. Bananas- A Fruity Treatment for Leg Cramps

Bananas for Leg Cramps


Foot cramps occur from sudden tightening or shortening of muscles, it is painful, but in most instances, it is a spasm which does not last for more than ten minutes. Causes may range from heavy exercise, excessive strain on your muscles, or inadequate fluid intake. Ageing, liver disease, pregnancy, medication for lowering hypertension or cholesterol can also generate cramps.

The primary origin of potassium is Bananas. Electrolyte imbalance in the body can lead to muscle cramps, mainly lower potassium or magnesium(2) levels. Bananas supply nearly 420 mg of potassium, which is 10% of 470 mg needed by an adult body on average, every day. Having bananas may not cure cramps, but it can prevent its occurrence. Another home remedy for leg cramps includes turmeric.

5. To Easy Your Leg Cramps, Turmeric Can be a Great Savior

Turmeric for Leg Cramps

Turmeric possesses some anti-inflammatory properties which help in controlling foot cramps. To your great surprise, turmeric powder does help in decreasing pain. It is also helpful for the whole body, lower back and abdominal pain, which last for more extended periods. It has some great pain-relieving qualities that you must try! With 4 ounces of normal water, you can add ¼ tsp. of turmeric and drink the solution.

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Treat Your Leg Cramps with these Home Remedies During Pregnancy

Home Remedies for Leg Cramps During Pregnancy

Having muscle spasms during pregnancy is not uncalled for, pregnant women do suffer from leg cramps, with a gradual rise of cramps in the evenings. Weight gain during pregnancy disrupts blood circulation, even pressure on blood vessels and nerves may be the reason behind the cramps. There are few home remedies for leg cramps that you can follow-

  • Massage your feet and calves.
  • Apply some warm compression.
  • Elevate your legs while resting.
  • Engage in light exercise on a regular basis targeting your calves.
  • Put supportive stockings.

Worried About Leg Cramps During The Night? Here Are Some of the Best Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Home Remedy for Leg Cramps at Night

  • Stretch and massage your cramped muscle.
  • Apply warm towel on the tight or tense muscles.
  • Take a bath in warm water; this can also soothe the pain.
  • Consume supplements of Vit B complex.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Wintergreen oil- one of the finest topical applications. You can apply this oil all over the skin and let it soak thoroughly. The active components give a positive impact on muscle inflammation and pain. Powerful and effective!
  • Clove oil- Clove oil helps in lowering the swelling of the effective tissues. Anti-inflammatory medications work extraordinarily for people who suffer from muscle cramps regularly. The active elements present in these oil acts as a pain reliever. Apply directly to the area. Home remedies work beautifully, gives wonderful results.

Leg cramps can induce severe pain, resulting in sleepless nights. Massaging can give you comfort from the unbearable cramping pain, staying hydrated or stretching during work or exercise can prevent cramps. On sensing these alarming symptoms like severe discomfort, leg swelling, muscle weakness, redness in the skin, a frequent occurrence, it is advisable to consult with a doctor as early as possible. In most cases with proper self-care, leg cramps are curable. If your severe cramps still persist, medical attention would deem necessary.

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Suffering from Frequent Leg Cramps While Sleeping? Try These Simple Easy to Use Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

Home remedies for leg cramps while sleeping

Nocturnal muscle cramps are painful and can spoil your entire night. Sudden intense pain in your leg can make you feel paralyzed. Most of the times, the pain stays for less than 10 minutes. But such a short seizure could be a spoiler. Muscle overuse, improper sitting posture, prolonged standing, abnormal activity of nerves, shortening of tendons can impart muscle cramps. You can try these simple hacks to get relieved.

  • Massage the affected portion.
  • Stretch your leg, if the source of pain is a calf.
  • Balance on your heels when you walk.
  • Drink 1 to 2 tsp. of pickle juice.
  • Take OTC painkiller if you have a sore leg with excessive pain.
  • Apply heat to soothe your muscles.
  • Increase your fluid intake.
  • Change sleeping positions.

Almost every person has experienced muscle cramps sooner or later. Some underlying illness, like peripheral artery disorder or diabetes, could cause cramps. Though maximum muscle or leg cramps are harmless and do not last for long periods. Different vitamin deficiency, rigorous exercise, electrolyte imbalance can lead to this cramps.  You can also apply a heating pad or a warm towel on tensed muscle to get soothing results. Researches reveal that massaging and stretching your muscle soothes pain, regular exercise of calf-stretching may not eradicate cramps, but it can help to reduce them.

There are many home remedies for leg cramps one can follow especially apple cider vinegar for leg cramps to get relief from this extreme agony. But if your muscle cramps are quite disturbing, often resulting in swelling or numbness, it requires medical attention. After examining the actual cause for your leg cramps, a  doctor can guide you well regarding the treatment and medication.


1. Is It Safe to Use OTC Painkillers for Leg Cramps?

For instant pain relief, one can combine ibuprofen or naproxen, aspirin with acetaminophen. There is strict “no” to intake the above three combinations within eight to twelve hours of first consumptions. Owing to the pros and cons, you must start taking any painkillers only after learning the side effects.

2. What Is the Best Home Remedy for Leg Cramps?

If you are suffering from frequent muscle cramps try to consume more water, some people dislike drinking water, for them opting for other hydrating drinks can be a better option. Apple cider vinegar is extremely beneficial for our body, and it has many benefits. Due to its rich potassium content, apple cider vinegar helps in releasing leg cramps. Sipping in small quantities can boost the body’s immunity to diminish tension among cramped muscles.

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