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Updated on February 18th, 2020
herbs for psoriasis

There are many skin challenging ailments which at times are difficult to cure even eliminate. Among such psoriasis is a type of disease that

The response is very less to medications. Some natural remedies like Herbs for psoriasis are discussed in this article. If you are suffering from any such skin disorders or psoriasis, the solution is what matters most, and you are chasing for that. With the advent of psoriasis, skin turns unsightly blemish; white flakes even results in itchy rashes.

In this chronic condition, skin cells get multiplied fast, resulting in rashes. Generally, on every 30 days, skin gets renewed itself, whereas in psoriasis skin travels faster from the innermost layer to the surface of the skin in just three days, causing itchy and red areas.

Lastly, after getting accumulated on the superficial layer, skin dies, turning flaky, and white. Finding an appropriate treatment for psoriasis is not an easy job since nothing exists until now. Most dermatologists or doctors don’t have the idea regarding the cause behind this disease and hence considers it untreatable.

But there appear many natural remedies like herbal remedies for psoriasis which can bring some relief to this disease. Even considering the extent of natural resources, there are no possibilities of existence to absolute cure.

Herbs for Psoriasis

Herbal Remedies

Most of the scientific studies acclaim abnormal operating of the immune system as the primary cause behind this illness, which is responsible for destroying microbial and viral cells. The physical appearance of this disease is the outcome of defective functioning of the immune mechanism, which considers their enemy tissues as the skin-cells.

To destroy these skin cells, our brain triggers the process of skin generation, which results in scaling. The elimination of psoriasis indeed very hard, mainly due to the interpretation of this problem, how you can eradicate this disease may be hidden among people having this disease of anatomical peculiarities.

Professional are still working to discover the cause of this occurrence, the suggested treatments can give short term results, as we aim towards curing the symptoms, first and foremost concept which gets compromised most is compliance with great personal hygiene. One must take care of the affected area by consistent washing, which helps in controlling bacteria growth.

An acute skin disease, psoriasis requires special care. In case you are eager to know in-depth about this sickness, continue studying this article. Bearing psoriasis in the skin is annoying and awkward. If you are dealing with this ailment, you must be eager to know the ways to get rid of this.

To uncover, the most effective therapy, it’s crucial to discover the source of its causes. Painful to say, it can be challenging to remove this disease forever.

Practically, there is no specific standard solution that can help to remove this illness for all and once. Doctors still carry out various studies to locate the ideal psoriasis treatment. Though this disease is not at all contagious, people getting this syndrome must understand the therapies like Herbal treatment for psoriasis, which can help to reduce the unpleasant symptoms and signs are:

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1. Sarsaparilla


The most familiar type is plaque psoriasis(1). Red skin patches and scales or whitish silvery flakes can be seen, mainly found on lower back, knees, and elbows. It can even bleed and crack, lefts an impact of sore and itchy. On scratching more, it gets thicker. These patches can be up to four inches wide and even more at times.

There are no age bars, but more common among adults. Among herbal remedies for psoriasis, tea tree oil can be used over the skin; it has some antiseptic qualities. This can take place anywhere in the body but mostly occurs on the scalp, lower back, elbows, and knees.

Psoriasis cannot be transferred from one individual to another. Sometimes, it ends up showing among some family members. Usually, psoriasis takes place in the early ages of adulthood. Majority of people get affected over a few skin areas. In extreme cases, this disease can cover large body parts.

Why to Use?

It helps to fight this disease. A regular dose of flaxseed or fish oil can be beneficial.

How to Use?

Kick start with fish oil of 1500mg /day; one can even try two teaspoons of powdered lecithin.

How Much to Use?

The dosage depends on various factors like age, gender etc. So its better to consult a doctor or pharmacist before using.


people having kidney problems or asthma or during breast-feeding and pregnancy one must avoid using this.

2. Aloe Vera

aloe vera
Image: ShutterStock

About a half a dozen people who have psoriasis possess this type. Though it looks like dandruff, in reality, these are not. Dandruff scales are greasy and yellowish, but scalp psoriasis is powdery being white or silver.

Sometimes the scalp skin becomes flaky and bit crusty. It may cover your whole head, spreading near your ears, neck, and forehead.  Aloe Vera, an Herb for scalp psoriasis, is very useful, it minimizes scaling and redness associated with this illness. Opt for creams which contain 0.5 per cent aloe. Aloe Vera for psoriasis is perfect due to its anti-inflammatory property.

Why to Use?

Aloe Vera plant gel a herbal remedy for psoriasis is very useful.

How to Use?

You may even try mixing it along with your salads, morning cereal, smoothies, or cereals.

How Much to Use?

One can apply three times daily over the skin.


Avoid adding this to hot boiling water or using it along with cooking oil, because it gets oxidized very fast transforming into rancid.

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3. Mahonia Aquifolium

Mahonia Aquifolium
Image: ShutterStock

Inverse psoriasis(2) shows bright red, shine aching. The areas surrounding them are devoid of silver scales and generally smooth. Areas like buttocks, breast folds, genitals, groin, and armpits get affected with this kind. Sweating and rubbing worsen the condition.

Why to Use?

Under Herbal treatment for psoriasis, a particular herb which gives excellent called mahonia aquifolium, popularly known as Oregon grape, a natural solution of plant, which acts as a tough antibacterial agent. Mahonia aquifolium is present in a particular product known as M-folia.

How to Use?

One can find this product in different forms like shampoos, ointments, cream preparations, and sun screams. Oregon grape (Mahonia Aquifolium) is the best Herbal treatment for psoriasis, strong antimicrobial herb, which improves immune response. Creams possessing 10 percent mahonia works excellent in healing mild to average psoriasis.

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How Much to Use?

Use 3-4 times a week.


It’s unsafe during breastfeeding and pregnancy conditions.

The grounds of psoriasis are still unknown, experts believe, one cannot blame particular speculation; instead, it’s a combination of several factors — the disorder in the immune system which results in quick formation of fresh skin cells causing inflammation.

Usually, with every ten to thirty days, new cell comes up. With psoriasis, fresh cells grow in every three to four days. This accumulation of old tissues being succeeded by new cells creates silver scales.

This trend of the disease can be noticed in families, can even skip generations. Like a grandmother and his granddaughter may get affected with psoriasis but not the mother of the child.  Control your stress level if possible, stress reduces the immune functioning, and a fragile immune system cannot fight with the activities of psoriasis.


1. How Much Vitamin D Should I Take for Psoriasis?

When exposed to direct sunlight, the body produces Vitamin D, and it has many benefits in one’s body along with treating psoriasis. As per physicians, recommended dosage lies between 400-1000 IU daily. Omega-3 fatty acids showed positive results in minimizing inflammation.

Vit D is the key to healthy skin; deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to psoriasis; in some cases, the condition gets even poor. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, aloe Vera for psoriasis is extremely helpful. Apply any cream containing aloe Vera over the affected region, or you can directly apply aloe Vera plant gel. Patches heal over some time then can come back in an individual’s throughout a lifetime.

2. Can People Who Have Psoriasis Smoke?

Researches reveal smoking can augment psoriasis, especially among women. It is recommended people diagnosed with this disease should quit smoking.

People who have psoriatic arthritis are advised to avoid smoking, as it can impact your joints and skin, increasing high chances and seriousness of skin scaling. Among natural cure Turmeric for psoriasis is very powerful and gives relief against inflammation and itching.

3. What to Do After Diagnosed with Psoriasis?

After diagnosed with psoriasis, seek the help of dermatologists. In mild cases, one can treat with ointments or creams spreading over the affected skin, as it helps in inflammation reduction. The treatment mainly covers skin clearing and inflammation lowering. In severe cases, doctors prescribe light therapy or oral medications along with ointments.

Treatment of Topical psoriasis includes anthralin, topical corticosteroids, synthetic Vitamin D, Calcineurin inhibitors, Topical retinoid, Coal tar, Salicylic acid, and Moisturizers. Doctors target for clearing the effect as much as possible i.e. 1 per cent or less than those plaques followed by three months of therapy.To gutter the itchiness, petroleum jelly can provide a moisturizing effect.

Natural/Herbal treatment for psoriasis is not effective for all. It is suggested to consult with a doctor before undertaking any herbal remedies. On being breastfeeding or pregnant or having pre-existing medications like mood disorders, excessive blood pressure, or diabetes. One must stop usage immediately, seek doctor’s help on experiencing any side-effects.

Herbs have the potential to treat and relieve us from many health problems and diseases. Using these home remedial treatments and herbs for curing psoriasis can prove beneficial in reducing inflammation and relieving us from various symptoms of this disease.

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