8 Amazing Health Benefits of Pears

Updated on January 6th, 2020
health benefits of pears

A healthy lifestyle must involve eating a variety of fruits every day. One such fruit that you necessarily must have on your plate is Pears. Pear is a prevalent fruit known for its sweet taste and its richness in fiber. Pears look very similar to apples, but its no neck feature and skin make it stand out.

When you buy a pear from the market, you will notice that they sell unripened ones, as the ripe pears are perishable and must be consumed immediately. The trick to buying good pears for consumption is to purchase firm pears.

The color and patches on the skin determine a more intense flavor of the fruit, but avoid buying pears that are mushy with dark spots. The health benefits of pears are plenty, and this is why everyone resorts to consuming it every day.


  • Kids don’t need convincing for pears. The sweetness and soft texture make it every child’s favorite.
  • There are more than 3000 varieties of pears in the world.
  • The pears grow in trees but ripen when off the tree.
  • The largest producers of pears of the world are the United States.
  • Pears belong to the rose family.

Benefits of Pears on Our Health

Let us find out more about the health benefits of pears

1. It is very rich in fiber

If ‘you’re talking about pears nutrition, you have to mention its richness in fiber. A medium-sized pear has up to 6 gms of fiber, and consuming one or two every day gives you your fiber intake for the day(1).

2. Fights off free radicals

Pears are rich in Vitamin C and K. They help to fight the free radicals in our body that cause cellular damage.

3. Fights diabetes

cure diabetes

Even though it is a sweet fruit, it is less in glycerin. This fact and the high fiber content control the blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes.

4. Boosts your immunity

Vitamin C and its richness in antioxidants boost the immunity of your body and helps to fight diseases.  For the calories in a pear they, it is very rich in nutrients.

5. Solves throat issues

Pears helps in preventing throat issues. It’s the best fruit to take during summers. The vitamins in pears help in treating the bacterial infection that causes throat ache. Vitamin C helps in fighting off flu and strengthens your immunity.

6. Beneficial for pregnant mothers

Pregnant moms are advised to take folic acid regularly. It protects the baby and helps it grow healthily. Pears are rich in folic acid, and pears are recommended during pregnancy.

7. Detoxes your body

To be able to detox your body, your body must be very hydrated. Pears are made up of water, and it aids in bowel movements and prevents constipation. It releases toxins from the body and detoxes it.

8. Controls blood pressure

Its anti-carcinogen glutathione and richness in antioxidants helps to control blood pressure(2).

Ways to Intake Pears for Maximum Benefit

1. Pear Juice

Pear juice

Benefits of pear juice are just the same as consuming it wholly.

Method: Take pears and wash them carefully. Chop the pears, and blend them in a juicer. Add ½ tsp lemon juice and ice (Optional). Blend them again and sieve the juice and serve.

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2. Using Pear as a Weaning Food

This is the best food to wean your child with. Because of it’s low acidic and hypoallergenic nature, it doesn’t create any problem in the stomach and helps in bowel movements.

Method: Peel the fruit, heat and then puree it to offer to a weaning baby. You can also cut into small pieces to offer as finger foods for the child.

3. Directly Consuming Pear

Eat a pear the way you would eat an apple. Cut into half, remove the seeds and dice it. Add black salt to enhance the taste.

You can also add it to salads or pancakes. Its sweet taste helps you avoid the deadly white sugar.

Pear is a marvelous fruit and can be used in various ways to suit your taste. When ‘you’re choosing one, pick the bruise-free, and smooth ones. Allow it to ripen at home, and refrigerate only once they have ripened.

Pear is delicious when eaten raw but use it as a dessert, or indulge in a snack by making pear chips. You could also relish it as an ingredient in a sandwich and use it to accompany pork and chicken.


1.  Are Pears Rich in Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is one of the main Vitamins in a  pear. As it is rich in Vitamin C, this fruit is much recommended in treating a lot of diseases. It helps to fight flu, allergies and boosts immunity.

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