7 Amazing Health Benefits of Dill

Updated on December 2nd, 2019
health benefits of dill

Dill has incredible benefits for your health. It is excellent for the various type of diseases, disorders, and even cancers. Here is a list of top health benefits of dill herb which you can use for yourself.

What is Dill?

Dill is a powerful herb which can be used in both the ways, as dill leaves or dried dill. It has powerful medicinal properties and a robust and appealing tangy flavor.Health benefits of dill come from its nutritional profile which includes Vitamin A, C, iron, and manganese along with many other minerals.

7 Top Health Benefits of Dill

1. Health Benefits of Dill Enhance Digestion

dill benefits for enhance digestion

One of the best health benefits of dill(1) includes its role in activating the secretion of bile juice and other digestive juices which help in strengthening the digestion and improving the stability of metabolism for the body. It relieves the passage of bowel movements and also alleviates constipation.

2. Health Benefits of Dill Include Preventing Insomnia

dill benefits for preventing insomnia

The dill essential oil found in dill herb has powerful and peculiar properties to act as a sedative for curing and stimulating insomniac conditions. They activate the secretion of some enzymes which calm down the hypnotic effects of the body and help you to have a better night’s sleep.

3. Dill Helps in Strengthening and Repairing Bones

One of the health benefits of dill is that it maintains your bone’s health. It enhances the bone mineral density of your bones and aids in the proper growth of injured bones of your body. It is also an excellent repairer of damaged bones in your body.

4. Dill Helps in Managing Diabetes

One of the health benefits of dill includes dealing with proper management of diabetes. It helps in controlling the fluctuation of insulin secretion in the body and maintains the serum lipids levels in corticosteroid-induced diabetes.

5. Dill is Helpful in Preventing Gas

dill for preventing gas
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One of the health benefits of dill includes the prevention of gas and aiding in other gastric issues. It reduces the build-up of excessive gas in the body. It is extremely dangerous if gas in your body presses against the delicate organs or causes chest cavity. Dill allows your gas to go down the digestive tract and safely leave your body.

6. Dill is Helpful in Boosting your Immunity

Dill has numerous antimicrobial agents which help in dealing with many microbial, bacterial, viral, and fungal infections by preventing your body against the attack of these microbes and also helps in healing the infections caused by the germs.

7. Dill is Helpful in Curing Diarrhea

dill benefits for curing diarrhea
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The primary cause of diarrheal infection is microbial action or indigestion. Dill is useful in treating both the issues and thus, helps in curing diarrhea. It enhances the digestive properties of your body and maintains a perfect metabolism for your body. Dill also has antimicrobial properties which help to push the microbes from your body and makes it free from microbial action and thus, helps in aiding to cure diarrhea.

How to Use Dill?

  • You can go for dill essential oil for both topical and ingestion purposes
  • Dill pickles are useful as well. It is one of the best use of dill for consumption
  • You can also go for a paste of dill herb by drying out the leaves of dill plant and using it topically or for ingestion

Recipes of Dill

Dill Pickles

An easy and one of the best things to do with dill is to consume it daily. It is quite yummy and enhances the tangy flavor of dill.


  • Four cups of cucumber spears
  • One and a half cups of white vinegar
  • Three and a half cups of water
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • One tablespoon of sea salt
  • Two heads of fresh dill
  • One tablespoon of sugar

How to Prepare?

  • Add white vinegar in water and stir
  • Add sea salt in the same and heat in a saucepan
  • Make sure the temperature is high
  • Bring it to boil and remove from heat
  • Let it cool down completely
  • Slice down cucumber, garlic cloves, and fresh dill in a different bowl
  • Pour the mixture of vinegar, water, and sea salt in this container
  • Mix well to coat all the ingredients equally
  • Seal the pot with a lid and allow it to refrigerate for a minimum of three days
  • Consume after three days along with your daily diet

Side Effects of Dill

  • An overdose of dill can cause dizziness as it has sedative properties
  • It can also lead to sore throats due to its tang flavor if consumed inappropriately
  • Dill must not be consumed during breastfeeding and pregnancy
  • If you are allergic to dill plant, do not consume it
  • If you have a surgery scheduled for yourself, stop taking dill at least two weeks before the scheduled surgery


Dill is fantastic food if you take it correctly. Make sure you follow the necessary precautions and stay alert of the mentioned side effects. Some of the remedies may take about a week to show the result; however, you need to hang in there and continue following the solutions on a regular basis. Take the health benefits of dill right away for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What dill tastes like?

Dill has a sour and tangy flavor with a hint of bitterness to it.

2. Why should dill water be stored in a tightly closed container?

Dill water evaporates quickly so it is must that you store it in a tightly closed container, so it does not vanish off.

3. Can I freeze dill?

Yes, it is entirely safe to freeze dill. It will make dill last longer for you, and you will be able to use it for a more extended period.

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