Grapeseed Oil for Skin, Hair, and Sexual Life

Updated on April 20th, 2020
grapeseed oil benefits

New beauty oil is doing the rounds and has become the next big thing. Grapeseed oil benefits make it the skin’s partner in crime. Grapeseed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes used to make wine. It is a light-weight oil, noncomedogenic, and is suitable for all types of skin.

Grapeseed oil for skin is prevalent as it has proven to be beneficial for people with extremely sensitive skin.

Here is all the required information about grapeseed oil uses and benefits.

Nutritional Facts

100 g of Grapeseed oil provides the following    

Calories 884
Total Fat 100g
Total Carbohydrate 0g
Protein 0g
Vitamin A 0 %
Vitamin C 0 %
Calcium 0 %
Iron 0 %

The Health Benefits of Grapeseed Oil?

1. Grapeseed Oil for Acne

Acne Treatment

There are proven benefits of grapeseed oil(1) that convinces people to treat acne breakouts with grapeseed oil. Although more research needs to be done, it works for acne as the oil attacks the harmful growth of bacteria that gets into your pores and causes acne. Using grapeseed oil for face also helps to clean your skin and keep it nourished.

2. Grapeseed Oil for Skin Lightening

Proanthocyanidin is an antioxidant found abundantly in grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil benefits in removing skin pigmentation and lightens the skin as it evens out skin when used regularly.

3. Grapeseed Oil Benefits as a Sunscreen

The antioxidants in cold-pressed grapeseed oil have more benefits. A study shows that applying grapeseed oil protects the skin by not absorbing the UV rays.

4. Grapeseed Oil Benefits Against Free Radicals

As it is a rich source of antioxidants like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and proanthocyanidin(2), it helps in preventing the UV related damage caused by the free radicals. It smoothens the skin and protects it against diseases like eczema and skin cancer.

5. Grapeseed Oil for Stretch Marks

stretch marks
Image: ShutterStock

Using Grapeseed oil for skin care is a better option than using harmful chemically loaded products for skincare. Grapeseed oil benefits the skin as it contains fatty acids that keep the skin moisturized and help reduce transepidermal water loss wherein the skin loses its water to evaporation.

Vitamin E helps to replenish lipids that are lost. As the skin stays moisturized, it eases outstretching of skin and reduces stretch marks. Vitamin E also helps to reduce scars.

6. Grapeseed Oil for Face Wrinkles

Grapeseed benefits preventing premature aging of the skin. Other than fatty acids, it also contains polyphenols that fight premature aging of the skin. It not only slows down the process of skin aging but also reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

7. Grapeseed Oil for Hair Loss

Grapeseed oil benefits in stimulating hair cell production that slows down the hair loss process. People who are suffering from hair thinning or extreme hair fall benefits when using grapeseed oil. It speeds the hair growth process.

8. Grapeseed Oil for Sex

Sex Drive
Image: shutterstock

Grapeseed oil benefits health as a lubricant in sex. It heals the vaginal tissue and makes it less painful. It is best for vaginal treatment.

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How to Use It?

  • For topical use, always mix with any carrier oil. Coconut oil, Olive oil are the best oils that can be added with grapeseed oil.
  • To utilize grapeseed oil benefits for hair, mix it with castor and coconut oil and apply thrice weekly for proper hair growth and prevention of hair fall.
  • Its extracts are available in capsule form too,  so you can rub it onto your hands to keep them moisturized.
  • You can also substitute grapeseed with normal oil and use it while cooking.

Precautions to be Undertaken

  • If you are not allergic to grapeseed oil, you are good to go.
  • Always do a patch test in an area of your skin that isn’t visible, for example, ankles or wrists. Wait for a day to ensure there are no side-effects, and the skin can tolerate it. It is deemed unsafe for people –
  • Suffering from blood disorders.
  • Who are due for a surgery
  • Who are on blood thinners like warfarin, aspirin.

You must understand the grapeseed oil benefits it has for the skin. Using this as a part of your bedtime routine helps your skin in the long run. It is a promising and powerful natural ingredient that improves the appearance of skin and makes it look younger and moisturized.

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1. Is grapeseed oil better than olive oil?

The composition of both these oils is very similar, but it varies only in culinary purposes. Grapeseed oil doesn’t contain saturated fat, unlike olive oil, so if you are on the lookout for an oil that doesn’t contain saturated fats, grapeseed oil, this is the best choice.

2. Can grapeseed oil be consumed?

Cold-pressed grapeseed oil is a part of a healthy diet when it is moderately consumed. The side-effects of consuming this oil are nil unless you are allergic to grapes.

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