5+ Everyday Habits you are Unaware of that makes your Thyroid Worse

Updated on October 31st, 2019

Are you gaining weight out of no reason or feeling immensely tired even after doing nothing? Everyone in this world has the right to pamper themselves with lethargy, but it comes with an unknown origin if you misjudge your body’s indication with your lifestyle choice. Yes! It all can be due to the malfunctioning of your thyroid glands.

The thyroid is a small butterfly-shaped gland in our body but capable of causing big troubles. Don’t get carried away with its small size as it is the lifeline of the hormonal system of the body. According to surveys, 20 million Americans are suffering from thyroid issues due to many reasons. And 60% among them are unconsciously inviting this ailment in their lives due to some lifestyle issues.

Thyroid has many effects on our body and overall life. Not many would have told you what habits are affecting your thyroid levels every day. Stop worrying as we unveil the ten basic habits that you would surely change after reading this article.

10 Everyday Habits That Are Bad For Thyroid

  1. Stop Ignoring Your Body
  2. Be Cautious Of A Low-Fat Diet
  3. High Soy Diets
  4. Have Enough Sleep
  5. Harmful Diet Sodas
  6. Flushing Your System With Alcohol
  7. Harmful Diet Sodas
  8. Avoid Gluten
  9. Do Not Over-Do Your Commitments

1. Stop ignoring your body

You would be surprised to know that your body shows the earliest signs of any ailment that it suffers from. But out of habit and fast lifestyle, we tend to ignore them until they hit the hospital bills. Yes! Start listening to your body when it gets tired out of no reason as this can be due to your thyroid glands too.

2. Be cautious of a low-fat diet

low fat diet
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A low-fat diet might be your mantra for weight loss but did you get your thyroid checked before starting it? It can be the reason for your shallow attention span or short memory that occurs when your body doesn’t get the required fats, and it triggers the malfunctioning of the thyroid glands.


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3. High soy diets

Soy is great for the body but when taken under limits. A heavy soy diet deprives your body to absorb the adequate amount of iodine that it needs for healthy functioning. A lack of iodine directly triggers the thyroid glands and breaks its rhythm on totality.

4. Have enough sleep

enough sleep
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Sleeping less and flaunting it around is not something that will help you attain good health. An adequate amount of sleep is imperative for your body as it needs rest too after a long day. It plays a crucial part in the perfect functioning of the hormonal system of the body, its secretions, inhibitions and triggers ailments on getting altered due to lack of sleep.

5. Harmful diet sodas

If you have a habit to drink diet sodas, then be alarmed as you are doing the worst thing ever to your body. Did you know that the “No sugar” label comes with a price of your life? Yes! The harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners present in these sodas are enough to give your thyroid a toss!

6. Not keeping a tab on your weight

tab on weight
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Being healthy is a mantra that can save you from spending thousands of dollars on hospital bills, and for this, it is imperative to keep a check on your weight. Being overweight invites many ailments including fluctuations in the thyroid levels too.

7. Flushing your system with alcohol

Alcohol has many harmful effects, and it directly alters the functioning of the feedback loop of the body that is the thyroid-pituitary-adrenal glands. Drinking alcohol regularly also affects the endocrine system and dysfunctions the signaling process of the brain.

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8. Excess use of vegetable oil

vegitable oil
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Healthy fats and oils are the basic requirements that your thyroid gland needs to secrete a required amount of hormones that work in the system’s favor. But If you consume unhealthy vegetable oils, margarine, etc., it may lead to leaky gut syndrome. It is a condition in which the particles of undigested foods can enter the blood which in-turn over-activates the immune system.

9. Avoid Gluten

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It has been found that people suffering from thyroid issues saw significant improvement with a 100% gluten-free diet. You can spot a visible difference in your thyroid levels and its functioning even with practicing a gluten-free diet for 30 days.

10. Do not over-do your commitments

We all know it is hard to say no, but it is also a fact that you are the one who is responsible for the health of your body. Learn to say no and do not over-stuff your schedule with a lot of commitments so that you can find some time for yourself too.

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How to overcome the bad habits to control thyroid?

Controlling your thyroid is not rocket science. Ponder upon some of these points to save yourself from the bad habits that deteriorate your thyroid all the more.

  • Start your day early– A sedentary lifestyle is the main culprit of 90% of the issues faced by the generation of today. Hence, it is essential to get out of your bed early in the morning to have a kick start to your day.
  • A 15-minute workout works wonders– Not just your body but your mind also needs a little fresh blood circulation that you can boost with spending a minimum of 15 minutes working out. A regular work out regime is imperative to keep a balance between the precious hormones of your body.
  • Keep a check on caffeine– Some people cannot start their day without caffeine. It is ok to have that cup of coffee in the morning but not at the cost of your health right! Switch taking caffeine-containing drinks with a healthy one to relax your gut in the morning.
  • See what you eat– Eating healthy is as important as your existence for your loved ones. Yes! Your body is in need of nutrition for a rigorous functioning, and none of the junk food items in your plate can give it that. Always fill your plate with foods that are healthy, nutritious and fresh.
  • Spend time with you– It is something that all everyone wants to but fails to devote time to it. It is a boon for the mind if you spend at least some time doing your favorite thing. It helps a great deal to boost your mind and keep you stress-free, and that directly keeps your hormones on track.
  • Plan your meals in prior– If you plan your meals in prior, you get to give your body the best it deserves. Once you start keeping a tab on your body requirements, you get a better idea of how to nourish yourself with whatever you eat hence keeping it healthy all the time.
  • Hit the bed on time– Hitting your bed at the same time every day is also significant. This way you are making your body more aware of the biological clock that it has by default. All the healthy hormonal secretions depend on the time clock that you follow. Hence sleeping and getting up on time is highly critical.
  • Use a headset for your cellphones– If you are ignoring yourself from the harmful radiations that surround you, then this might cost you high in the future. Cell phones and brain tumors have a deep connection and hence is the proximity of this harmful yet inevitable device to your thyroid glands. If you have thyroid issues, then it is essential to use a headset while you talk on your phones to keep you away from the radiations.

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How can you heal your thyroid naturally?

You can heal your thyroid naturally when you start believing in food to be your natural medicine for thyroid along with practicing some thyroid beneficiary habits. Hence it is of utmost importance to stay away from junk and processed foods of all kinds and follow a healthy lifestyle. Read ahead as we list the best seven ways through which you can heal your thyroid naturally.

1. Don’t run away from butter

If you were afraid of eating butter till now, then it is a piece of good news for you that you can include butter in your diet. Butter is hugely beneficial for the endocrine system hence including a little butter in your diet will help to keep your thyroid under control.

2. Thyroid and Workout

The workout is indeed essential for healthy living. But if you are a thyroid victim, then you must be careful about working out. A bit of excess exercise can be harmful to you. So, explaining your thyroid trouble to your fitness coach is mandatory.

Trying Yoga is the best option for thyroid patients for staying in shape. Yoga will also help you to control the stress level and to enhance the quality of your sleep. You can try the following Yoga poses for improved thyroid health:

  • The Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)
  • Solder Stand (Sarvangasana)
  • Plough Pose (Halasana)
  • Fish Pose (Matsasana)
  • Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)
  • Camel Pose (Ustrasana)

3. Include sea vegetables in your diet

vegitable diet
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If you live near the shores and suffer from thyroid, then this is the best place to live as sea veggies are very beneficial for your thyroid health. They are an excellent source of natural iodine that is the underlying support system of your thyroid glands. Include a little kombu, kelp, nori, etc. in your salads and food and have it at least twice a week.

4. Eat cooked kale

Eating raw cruciferous vegetables are very harmful to your thyroid glands if they are under a state of malfunctioning. Hence it is advisable to cook your kale and other cruciferous vegetables before eating. Refrain yourself from kale smoothies and salads. Instead, cook and make delicious recipes of kale and include it in your diet.

5. Include protein in your diet

Proteins are responsible for the transportation of thyroid hormone in your body hence including a fair share of protein helps in maintaining a healthy thyroid profile. You can have protein in the form of quinoa, nuts, nut butter, eggs, etc

6. Take natural thyroid supplements

There are many supplements available in the market that helps to keep a healthy thyroid functioning and that are multivitamins and mineral supplements. You can consult your physician and include these supplements in your daily habits in the prescribed quantities.

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7. Get your thyroid checked regularly

There aren’t any said symptoms or signs that you can bank upon for keeping your thyroid levels at their optimum. Hence getting them checked periodically is a healthy habit that you should follow. Taking thyroid tests regularly along with a healthy diet is very important to keep a check on it for your good health.

Our habits make us what we are. So there is no excuse of pampering ourselves and repeating the same mistake. It is always better to stop our bad habits and alter those with good habits than blaming ourselves later. According to studies, any habit needs 66 days to become a part of our lifestyle or subconscious brain functions. So being patient is highly recommended. Few easy and simple habitual changes and determination can save us from prolonged diseases like Thyroid. So stop being stress about your ailments and take positive actions to get a better life.

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