Top 10 Essential Oils for Treating Canker Sores Naturally at Home

essential oils for Canker sores

Canker sores are a type of painful ulcers that are found inside the mouth, in the soft tissues that form the base of the gums. Canker sores are also known as aphthous ulcers. To prevent mouth ulcers,you must use essential oils.

Using essential oil is an effortless and straightforward approach that cures the pain and heals them quickly.

Causes for Canker sores

  • Stress– Most people tend to find a link between stress levels and Canker sores
  • Viral infection– Infections are known to increase the chances of Canker sores
  • Hormonal Fluctuation– An abnormal imbalance in the hormonal count leads to the formation of Canker sores
  • Poor diet– A deficiency of iron and vitamin B12 is believed to trigger the formation of mouth ulcers
  • Allergies– Consumption of food that one is allergic to, might cause the breakout of mouth ulcers
  • Hot food– Eating hot food leads to the distress of the soft mouth tissues that result in the formation of the lesion

Symptoms of Canker sores include:

  • A tingling sensation in the mouth
  • Problem swallowing/gulping/speaking
  • A tiny white/yellowish colour ulcer/blister in the mouth
  • Redness inside the mouth causing pain
  • Feeling feverish/weary/tired
  • Swollen lymph nodes

Essential oils for Canker sores

Essential oils for canker cure

Essentials oils are aroma compounds obtained from the plants, the liquid holds back the essence of the particular plant and thus the name essential oil. Medical benefits provided by the essential oil remain uncertain, though practically the oils have proven helpful in many infections and ailments. While a few are known for their diuretic effects while others are famous for the effects on mucous membranes, tissues and the skin.

Essential oils prove highly beneficial, an easy and painless way to ease the weariness caused due to mouth ulcers. Using essential oils is a simple way that assists in preventing the spread as well as recurrence of the Canker sores.

Few oil varieties available in the market that help prevent Canker sores(1) are:

1. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil effectively helps in dealing with the excruciating pain caused by Canker sores by numbing the area. The oil is also renowned for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that further assist in reducing the pain

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2. Clove Oil:

Clove oil is famous precisely for its numbing effect on dental and oral pain. Thus, it helps people cope very well with the pain that accompanies Canker sores.

3. Eucalyptus Oil:

Eucalyptus Oil for canker sores

Eucalyptus is famed for its many medicinal benefits. The oil is full of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in dealing with the Canker sores.

4. Lavender Oil:

It has potent antiseptic and antibacterial properties that are well suited to treating Canker sores well.

5. Wild Oregano Oil:

Itl is packed with all the necessary healing properties to help get rid of those painful Canker sores. The antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties are known to reduce Canker sores.

6. Thieves Oil:

Thieves oil is a mixture of clove oil, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata, rosemary cineol and lemon. The blendof all these has some potent medicinal properties that help heal the Canker sores and give relief to the constant pain.

7. Peppermint Oil:

It acts as an astringent and also tightens the tissue surrounding the Canker sore. It is an ideal treatment method as the oil successfully helps prevent the spread of lesions and also reduces the chances of any infection.

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8. Niaouli Oil:

The oil is considered beneficial owing to its healing property that considerably eases the pain caused due to the sores. The oil also has antibacterial properties, thus help in destroying the bacteria and protect against recurrence.

9. Melrose Oil:

The oil is formed by combining a few different essential oils: tea tree, rosemary, niaouli and clove essential oils. As all the oils have bacteria fighting properties the combination makes for an extremely potent antibacterial and stops the germs and sore from spreading.

10. Melissa Oil:

Melissa Oil for canker sores

It is famous for its antibacterial properties that help treat numerous infections and also assist in the process of healing. The oil is well suited to treat the Canker sores as it has a dual effect.

Why use essential oils for Canker sores?

Essential oil abounds in antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties that help treat the sores immediately and effectively ease the pain that ensues formation of mouth ulcers.

Many different oils are widely renowned for their astringent properties that help make the tissue surrounding the sore/ulcer become taut and relieves pain. The essential oil proves beneficial owing to these numerous medicinal properties that they exhibit.

How to use essential oils for Canker sores?

The usage is convenient and fuss-free remedy to cure canker sores as the application of the oils is excessively simple and promises some remarkable results.

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  • Essential oils(2) can be applied directly on the Canker sore. Use clean hands for the application. Apply a drop of the oil on a finger and place that finger over the ulcer. Reapply the oil 2-3 times during the day until the sores are gone
  • If the oil appear too strong for direct use, one can mix it with a little bit of coconut oil. Coconut oil serves as an excellent carrier oil and dilutes the oil to make the oil less strong. Dilute a drop of the oil in few drops of coconut oil and continue with the application.
  • For a relaxed and hassle-free application dip a cotton swab/ piece of gauze in the essential oil (diluted/undiluted as per choice) and keep the swab/gauze over the Canker sore for a few minutes. Repeat the process 2-3 times during the day to get rid of the ulcers.
  • If a breakout of the mouth ulcers is expected, rinse with a few drops of oil diluted in water to stop the Canker sores from appearing.

Dos and Don’ts

Essential oils are famous for their numerous health applications and find use in several skin problem remedies. The oils are rich in antioxidant properties that make them an easy to use natural medicine. Though the usage of essential oils is recommended, it isn’t clinically proven yet.

It is earnestly advised that a person checks with a medical professional if they had allergies to a specific substance. The oils are strong and have distinguished aromas; it is essential not to have any sensitivity to such smells and only then go ahead with the usage. If a stinging/tingling sensation is felt on repeated applications, stop use immediately and see a doctor. In case of irritation and a burning feeling discontinue use.


  • Essential oils should be stored in a clean and dry place, away from exposure to sunlight
  • The oils should be used after doing a patch test
  • Be careful to use oil for preventing Canker only if the person is not allergic to the substance; an allergy might lead to a breakout of ulcers
  • If the person feels irritation and a tingling sensation in the mouth, the application should be stopped immediately
  • When irritation persists visit a medical professional and seek advice
  • If the skin/tissue is extremely sensitive use a diluted form of essential oil for Canker sores

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Other Natural Remedies for Canker sores

girl suffering from canker

1. Consume fenugreek:

Fenugreek is a finds numerous application in food items as it is used to add flavour and texture to food. It is a delicious ingredient and is used extensively in preparing mouthwatering curries.

Research proves that fenugreek has effects on the immune system that enhance the immunity. Mix a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and swish the mixture in the mouth to relieve the pain caused by Canker sores.

2. Saltwater:

One of the most natural therapeutic methods to follow while treating Canker sores is to mix well a little amount of salt into a glass of warm water. It serves as a great natural remedy to get rid of Canker sores.

Salt water acts as a natural disinfectant that helps in the process of healing and also reduces the pain caused by mouth ulcers. On making the mixture, swish it in the mouth for about 30 seconds. Later, rinse mouth with fresh water. This is one of the best natural remedies for canker sores which is very easily found in every home.

3. Rinse mouth with Baking soda:

Being an alkaline base, baking soda successfully neutralises the acidic contents in the mouth that can irritate the ulcer. It also kills the bacteria present inside the mouth and prevents further spread. Mix a tablespoon of baking soda(3) in half a cup o warm water and rinse mouth with this mixture. Rinse the mouth with fresh water, afterwards.

Having a Canker sore can be a disturbing and wearing experience, and it is advisable that it be treated as soon as possible. The mouth ulcers though aren’t malignant but cause numerous problems in swallowing/ eating/ talking etc. Essential oils for Canker sores are a safe and straightforward remedial method. The application is simplistic and doesn’t require umpteen efforts.

Though the medical benefits are still being researched and undergoing clinical tests, it is entirely safe to use essential oils as the many useful properties it exhibits being anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial all collectively heal the ulcers fast and prevent their reappearance. The astringent properties of certain essential oils make it well suited for treating the mouth ulcers.

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