Top 5 Supplements for a Healthy & Balanced Diet

Updated on September 14th, 2020
Dietary Supplements

Dietary Supplements are just an ornate term for those ingredients you use to replace nutrition in certain forms. They help you attain your fitness goals faster and help to foster muscle growth. Though dietary Supplements cannot wholly replace nutrition, they complement your diet and help you cover up nutrition deficiencies.

Now, all these dietary supplements are made up of multiple ingredients, each for suiting specific requirements and also for building a strong foundation for you. Building a strong foundation here is crucial, given that these additives can have side effects too if not taken in the right proportion and required form.

There are specific proteins that you need to put together to fuel your workouts but do not puzzle your stomach. So, if you are a novice at the gym, here’s a guide to the dietary supplements you may need to build a healthy foundation.

1. Garden of Lifes’ Raw Organic Protein Powder, Vanilla Flavor – 21.86 oz (620 Grams)

Proteins are very crucial for muscle-building and are the building blocks of life. Initially, ten to fifteen percent was considered the ideal protein intake for everyone. After extensive research and study, it has been elevated to twenty-five to thirty percent for all physical warriors and athletes.

A large chunk of this should be covered with diet, preferably, a non-vegetarian diet, but some people do not prefer eating too much or too often, that’s when Raw Organic Protein Powder comes into play.

Food items like steak and chicken add up to your basic protein requirements, but supplementing it with Raw Organic Protein Powder helps you build quickly. Consumption of Organic Protein Powder should be increased post-workout. This way, it strengthens protein synthesis hence increasing the muscle-building rate.

2. Garden of Lifes’ Organic Whey Protein Grass Fed, Vanilla – 13.37 oz (379 Grams) 

If we consider protein intake more keenly, then this whey protein is suggestible for lean-muscle building. Attributes like amino acid delivery in less than 90 minutes and easy digestion promote rapid muscle-protein synthesis for stimulating muscle growth.

For taking whey protein, here’s the ideal dosage:-

    • 20gms of whey upon walking
    • within half an hour of working out 
    • finally, half an hour after working out

3. NOW® Sports – Creatine Monohydrate Powder – 8 oz (227 Grams) 

One of the well researched and effective supplements to ever hit the market, Creatine is proven to increase muscle mass by ten pounds and strength by more than ten percent. It draws more water weight into the muscles, increasing the fluid content in cells.

Though you may hear it from individuals that it only builds up water weight, it stimulates muscle protein synthesis, ensuring long-term and real muscle growth. It also gives energy helping to increase muscle contractions during workouts.

Creatine is a crucial energy component of muscle cells. More energy means more stamina to exercise, and you can complete more reps and eventually gain muscle size and strength.

Dosage for Creatine depending on the form should be:-

  • One to five gms before and after work out with whey protein
  • On workout days, make two of these doses, both pre and post-workout 
  • With creatine monohydrate, consider a loading phase for the initial five to seven days, five gms per day four to five times with meals.

4. NOW® Sports – Micellar Casein, Unflavored – 1.8 lbs (816 Grams) 

Casein protein has different qualities; unlike whey, it digests gradually; it may take up to seven hours to deliver its amino acids to the muscles. So, it is advisable to take this protein right before you go to bed.

Now it is up to you in what form you wish to consume it in the form of a Greek yogurt or protein shake or cottage cheese. Though individuals may feel that it is a waste to take during exercise, casein still works effectively.

Casein taken with whey helps increase the rate of muscle growth, which is greater than the muscle growth rate only with whey. Where whey helps to deliver amino acids quickly, casein slows down the rate of muscle breakdown. Milk is a fantastic source of casein and can be taken mixed with whey and consumed post-workout.

Dosage of casein should be:

  • 20gms of casein to 20 of whey post-workout
  • 20gms before going to bed

5. BCAA Capsules – 90 Capsules by Pure Encapsulations

Isoleucine, Leucine, and valine, the three essential amino acids which are not produced by our body, are the contents of this one. Since they are not found inside our bodies naturally, it is essential to intake them. The most crucial of the three is Leucine; it is highly critical for muscle growth.

It increases insulin levels, which helps to deliver all amino acids, Creatine, and glucose to reach the muscles. It also prevents muscle breakdown and enhances muscle protein synthesis. For anyone who is planning to maximize benefits, it is an excellent choice.

They can be taken throughout a day, before and after a workout, and in the morning when you get up.

Here’s how you need to consume BCAA:-

  • Five gms when you wake up 
  • Within half an hour of starting a workout
  • Half an hour post-workout

6. Raw Organic Meal Powder, Chocolate Cacao Flavor – 17.9 oz (509 Grams) by Garden of Life

A simple carbohydrate source that would digest easily should be consumed right before, during, and after your workout to boost glycogen resynthesis and protein synthesis. This translates to muscle building, energy replenishing, and faster recovery.

This technique is essential for people who are looking to add up muscle mass and training at quite high volumes.

Dosage can be as under 40-60gms of carbohydrates (quickly digesting) half an hour post-workout

Bottom Line

Fitness Additives maximize your training potential and help you feel energized. Jumpstart your fitness training with these dietary Supplements, but before you take them, consult your physician, if they are suitable for your needs. 

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