Top 5 Supplements to Build Muscle Mass

Updated on September 14th, 2020
best supplements for muscle gain

As we all know, eating right and lifting heavy is the finest way to build muscle. It takes hard work and determination to accomplish this feat.

You must have also heard that you can include the best supplements for muscle gain to help you build muscle rapidly. Maybe your colleagues have suggested that you take them to help you see quicker results.

How do you Build Muscle?

To build muscle, you should be in a positive protein balance, supplementing protein powder can help. In your body, there’s a constant muscle protein turnover, with periods of increased MPS (muscle protein synthesis) (where the muscle is built) and periods of MPB (muscle protein breakdown) (where muscle will be broken down into energy) [1].

If the total muscle protein synthesis exceeds muscle protein breakdown, then you’ll build muscle mass. On the other side, if MPB exceeds MPS, the overall result will be muscle loss.

You can easily increase your muscle protein synthesis rates if you perform resistance training or have a high-protein diet, or, with a combination of both being the most effective.

But do they work? Are they worth your hard-earned money?

Well, it’s not such a black-and-white answer.

There are some best supplements for muscle gain and weight loss out there that can surely optimize your performance and fill in your diet gaps. But many are wholly and utterly useless.

They make outlandish and ridiculous claims about how you can pack on 16 pounds of muscle in as little as 3 months (no, really, we’re serious).

We’re going to sift through the junk and determine what’s worth your hard-earned money to help you reach your goals quickly!

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The Best Supplements for Muscle Gain and Strength

1. Weight Gain Powder, Vanilla – 40.6 oz (2.9 lb / 1.2 kg) by Naturade

Weight gainers are excellent for those who struggle to pack on the pounds due to a lack of appetite (often called ‘hard gainers”), as these are often much less filling than regular meals are. If you aren’t receiving enough calories, you won’t build muscle. Simple and plain.

Improve your calorie absorption with the added enzymes of Naturade® Weight Gain. They added three natural enzymes – Bromelain, Papain, and Pancreatin to supercharge the benefits of Naturade® Weight Gain and maximize your calorie absorption [2].

2. Klean Essential Aminos +HMB®, Natural Orange Flavor – 9.7 oz (275 Grams) by Klean Athlete

Athletes have a special state of mind – goal-oriented, driven‚, and unrelenting. Week, day‚ and year-in and -out athletes push their bodies to perform at top levels. As athletes grow old‚ a tremendous effort is needed to support anabolic muscle mass.

Continuing to perform at higher levels‚ requires not only adequate training‚ but also demands accurate fueling to maintain and build muscles.

No matter if you’re in your 30’s or 50’s ‚ Klean Essential Aminos + HMB® is made with a leucine-rich blend of essential amino acids combined with HMB®‚ glutamine, and vitamin D3 to support building lean muscle mass and function for all grown-up athletes [3].

3. Beta-Alanine – 7.5 oz (200 Grams) by MRM

Beta-Alanine is another amino-acid and functions in a very similar way, like citrulline malate; in that, it works best for aerobic types of training and higher rep sets. 

A review of many studies (known a meta-analysis in the scientific world) showed a 2.85% increase in muscular endurance, which is essentially the reps one can perform until exhaustion, for workouts that lasted between 60-240 seconds.

Also, don’t be panicked if you feel a little tingling when you have this supplement. This is a phenomenon called paresthesia. This is a harmless sensation you can feel in the arms, face, or legs after ingesting [4].

4. 100% Whey Isolate Protein Powder (Sugar-Free), Vanilla Flavor – 11.8 oz (336 Grams) by Biochem Sports

100% Whey Sugar-Free Protein Powder from Biochem® Sports can provide all the benefits related to whey protein. It is regarded as an excellent source of amino acids and might be one of the finest protein sources for muscle development.

This vanilla-flavored product from Biochem® Sports provides twenty grams of proteins, without artificial hormones like rbST (Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin). It will indeed work wonders for your health and is easily digestible.

The whey protein offered is procured only from grass-fed cows and is prepared using a cold process that removes all the unwanted fat and lactose from the whey [5].

5. Whey To Go® Protein Powder Natural Chocolate Flavor – 16 oz (453.5 Grams) by Solgar Vitamin and Herb

Whey is a brilliant source of protein due to its high biological value!

Solgar® Whey To Go® Protein Powder is an advanced, highly efficient‚ protein enhancement supplement. It is prepared with a blend of uniquely processed whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Cross-flow micro-filtration enhances Whey To Go® Protein Powder’s amino acid absorption, availability‚ and utilization.

Solgar® Whey To Go® Protein Powder also contains two beneficial ingredients: Free-Form Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Free-Form L-Glutamine.

BCAAs get directly involved in protein synthesis and help support muscle nitrogen, and a free amino acid pool during exercise and L-Glutamine plays a significant role in supporting protein metabolism. Both BCAAs and L-Glutamine are used by muscle tissue as a source of energy.

Bottom Line

These are the best protein supplements for muscle gains that are most definitely worth your investment if you’re looking to optimize those muscle-building goals and augment that hard work you put in the gym every day.

Whether you’re powerlifting, bodybuilding, or even doing CrossFit, these supplements will add an extra edge in your muscle-building efforts.These certainly won’t replace an exercise regimen and proper diet and, but they can most certainly aid you in the process.

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