How to Cure Alcohol Poisoning and Its Related Disorders Naturally?

Updated on March 2nd, 2020
How to Cure Alcohol Poisoning and Alcohol Related Disorders

Alcohol-related disorders are seen in patients consuming more amount of alcohol than the required. The person who gets addicted to alcohol is called alcoholic and the condition is called alcoholism. Alcoholism is seen mostly in men when compared to women. Learn how to treat alcohol poisoning through simple home remedies.

The common cause of alcoholism is poverty these days. Alcoholic patients experience both physical & mental Autistic disorders.  There are 2 different categories in alcoholism, Alcohol abuse, and alcohol dependence. Alcohol abuse is a condition where the person is not completely alcoholic. But he/she is unable to control alcohol consumption. Alcohol dependence leads to alcoholism and the person suffering from alcohol dependence is referred to as an alcoholic.

Alcohol-Related Disorders

There are two main alcohol-related disorders that are common in patients.

1. Alcohol Intoxication or Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol intoxication is a disease when the amount of alcohol is increased in the bloodstream of the patient. Alcohol intoxication severity increases with time. Alcohol poisoning cure can be done through basic home remedies and a few changes in your lifestyle.

2. Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol withdrawal is seen in patients who stop drinking after heavy and prolonged consumption of alcohol. It occurs within several hours to a few days of withdrawal. The common symptoms include sweating, nausea, vomiting, and hallucination.

How to Treat Alcohol Poisoning

Detoxification and rehabilitation are the 2 main treatments for alcoholism apart from the natural remedies. Detoxification is to remove all the toxic substances from the body. The effectual cure for alcoholism is through natural resources like fruits and vegetables.

1. Vitamin B12

vitamin b12

Vitamin B12 helps in restoring normal functions of the liver which helps in decreasing the alcohol cravings. Food rich in vitamin B12 can be consumed on a daily basis to cure alcoholism(1). Vitamin B12 can either be consumed through natural sources or by artificial supplements. The natural source of vitamin show better results when compared to the artificial source. Use around 250mg of vitamin B 12.

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2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is required for a healthy brain. More amount of vitamin C is required by your brain. Vitamin C helps in mediating the activity of opiate receptors which in turn helps in reducing your interest in alcohol. Consuming vitamin C food helps in maintaining the levels of opiate receptors in your body and using the supplemental form could also be very helpful.

3. Amino Acids

These acids are responsible for a number of functions in your body. Amino acids(2) especially L-glutamine helps in stabilizing your mood and avoids neurological and psychological problems. Check with your doctor in regards to the dosage of the amino acids required by your body.

4. Acupuncture

how to treat alcohol poisoning
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Acupuncture points help in relieving your pain and anxiety. Abnormal behavior can be controlled with acupuncture therapy. Acupuncture can be used as an effectual alcoholism intolerance cure.

5. Exercise

Regular exercise helps in reducing your stress and controls your mood swings while suffering from alcoholism. Regular physical activity plays an important role in alcoholism and addiction cure.

6. Juice Diet

Drinking fruits and vegetable juices increase your immunity. Juice diet helps in controlling your urge to consume alcohol and thusly, aids in curing alcoholism.

7. Grape Diet

As wine is made of grapes, eating grapes daily can help you in controlling the craving for alcohol. Eating grapes and grape juice do not have any severe side effects on your body and thus it can be used as a simple natural cure for alcoholism. Have it at least twice a day.

8. Dates


Rub 2-3 dates in a glass of water and drink the liquid twice or thrice a day. Date drink helps you in completely avoiding alcohol. The date drink should be continued for a month to have a positive effect on alcohol poisoning cure.

9. Bitter Gourd

Alcohol consumption damages your kidney. Drinking bitter gourd helps in repairing your kidney damage. It also helps in the alcoholism and addiction cure.

10. Carrot

Carrots are used for curing Liver Cancer along with alcoholism or alcohol poisoning. Carrot juice also helps in reducing your urge of alcohol and can aid in alcoholism cure.

Prevention of Alcohol Poisoning or Alcohol-Related Disorders

Alcoholism is prevented by educating the people regarding the side effects of consuming more amount of alcohol on a daily basis. Consuming these natural products along with regular exercise can help in curing alcoholism. Alcoholism treatment requires a healthy diet with a healthy lifestyle.

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1. What Is Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment?

Alcohol-related disorders can be treated by changing the diet and lifestyle and mainly by completely avoiding alcohol intake.

2. What Are Alcohol-Related Problems?

Alcohol poisoning and alcohol withdrawal are common alcohol-related problems reported by people.

3. What Are Excessive Alcohol Consumption Side Effects?

Excess alcohol consumption can cause physical and mental problems. Alcohol intoxication is the common side effect of drinking an excess of alcohol.

4. Name a Few Alcohol-Related Diseases Symptoms?

The symptoms of alcohol abuse and alcoholism are very similar. The most common symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Continuous feeling an urge to drink
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Drinking alone secretively
  • An unhealthy relationship with family
  • Nausea as the time of the drinking approach.
  • Sweating and shivering when not drinking.
  • Intolerant behavior
  • Denial of problem

5. What Are the Common Home Remedies Alcoholism?

The common home remedies used for alcoholism are bitter gourd, grape diet, dates and vitamin C rich foods.

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