Is Cryotherapy for Weight Loss a Safe and Effective Way?

Updated on December 18th, 2019
Cryotherapy Weight Loss

A lean and fit body is a dream for everyone out there. All of us wish to have a shape which is the best version of itself, in all the possible ways. However, the weight loss regime is not the cup of tea for everyone out there. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and potential to lose a few pounds of weight keeping in mind the diet as well. However, one of the other ways to lose weight is the cryotherapy weight loss regime.

With around 400 cryotherapies (1) weight loss spas, the United States of America provides broad access to this treatment. The first WBC (Whole Body Cryotherapy) chamber was built in the late 1970s which further got introduced in the 1980s in Europe, and since the past decade, in Australia, and the US.

Cryotherapy has its own set of benefits for the body and those looking for weight loss can pursue it. However, before going forward, you need to know about cryotherapy and how it aids in weight loss. Read on to find out more about the cryotherapy weight loss routine.

    1. Is Cryotherapy a Safe Practice
    2. How Does it Works
    3. How Often You Should take Cryotherapy
    4. Who Should Avoid Cryotherapy
    5. Side Effects

What is Cryotherapy and Is it of Any Help in Weight Loss?

Cryotherapy can be defined as the method or therapy which involves the freezing of irritated nerves to a temperature which may also cause pain. It is also used to cure abnormal skin cells and cancer cells as well. This practice has recently emerged as limelight because it can also help in weight loss.

It is a medical therapy which involves using shallow temperatures. It consists of a person sitting in a chamber where the temperature around you is made extremely low, which in return tends to raise the heat inside your body. This rise of temperature inside the body burns calories and tends to enhance the metabolism, and thus, helps in partial weight loss in a very few sessions only.

Here are several benefits of taking this  Other than weight loss, there are other benefits of cryotherapy, and they including glowing skin, chronic pain relief, recovery of muscle, and more.

A study in the year 2013 revealed that people who spend 2 hours every day in a chamber(2) which has a temperature of 63 degrees Fahrenheit burn more calories in about a month and a half.

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Is Cryotherapy Or Cold therapy For Weight Loss Safe Practice?

cryotherapy lose weight

There are a lot of myths which are associated with cryotherapy being unsafe for people. However, here is a myth buster. Cryotherapy is totally and completely safe for people who wish to lose a few pounds sooner than usual. The nitrogen gas which is used in cold therapy for fat loss regime is not at all toxic and is harmless. Also, it does not touch your skin in any way.

The doors of the chamber remain unlocked which means that the user can leave the room and the treatment as and when they reach a threshold. Also, during the entire session, a professional accompany you. So, all of this pretty much makes cryotherapy weight loss regime, a cake walk.

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How Does Cryotherapy Make you Lose Weight?

During cold therapy weight loss regime, your body is turned in a temperature of around 220 degrees Fahrenheit for about three minutes.  During this procedure, the metabolism of the body increases and you burn around 800 calories in 48 hours.

The fat storage of your body is also tapped into even when you are doing nothing. Even though the temperature of the chamber is quite cold, once you step out from the room, your temperature will come back to normal very quickly and naturally.

All you need are those three minutes in the WBC to get started with your new body all over. Before you go for a cryotherapy weight loss session, you must also go through a pretest so that it is assured that you are in your best health to go for the treatment.

What Happens When you go for a Cryotherapy Session for Weight Loss?

Cryotherapy Session for Weight Loss

Sitting in a freezing chamber might seem like an unusual path to losing weight. However, cryotherapy weight loss regime is likely to help your body in the same. Cryotherapy is not a medical treatment. It is like a spa setting.

However, sometimes, doctors also use cold therapy for many ailments. The first session of cryotherapy weight loss routine might be quite unpleasant as your body might not be able to adjust with the low temperatures.

However, the successive sessions will be relaxed as your body will adjust with the routine. The course must not exceed three to five minutes. There are many benefits which come with cryotherapy. However, when we talk about weight loss, cold chamber therapy is quite helpful in supporting the process. A few minutes of cold temperatures for your body can enhance your metabolism.

Also, cryotherapy or cold therapy helps in relieving muscle pain, and muscle recovery as well. So, people who work out each day can go for cold therapy for weight loss routine as it will help them to get back to a fitness routine if they have had some injury or breakthrough.

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How Often Should you take Cryotherapy for Weight Loss?

Take Cryotherapy for Weight Loss

One point that needs to be brought into light is that cryotherapy alone will never help for weight loss. It is just supportive of the process. Healthy eating and some physical activity are necessary if you wish to see results. Cryotherapy will enhance the intensity of the results in a lot of ways. However, it depends on your diet and physical activity level.

To achieve good results with cryotherapy weight loss routine, you need to have an exercise plan and eat healthily. Also, talking about the time, around ten sessions must be taken in a period of two to three weeks. It is also safe to have a course of CYRO each day.

The reason behind this is that once when your body has adjusted to the low temperatures and your metabolism has started showing effect, the benefits of regular sessions become cumulative.

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Who Should Avoid Taking Cryotherapy for Weight Loss?

Not everything is meant to have the same effect on everyone. Similarly, cryotherapy weight loss routine for some people may help induce loss of weight. However, for some people, it may do just the opposite or even worse health hazards. Thus, it is advisable that the people with the following health conditions must steer away from any cryotherapy weight loss sessions:

  1. People who have blood pressure – both high or low must never go for this type of course. Uncontrolled blood pressure is not right to go for such a rise and drop of temperatures.
  2. For a pregnant woman, cryotherapy weight loss regime is not recommendable as it can harm the baby as well as the mother.
  3. People suffering from Raynaud’s Syndrome must stay away.
  4. If you are suffering from a disease which affects blood vessels, you must avoid thiskind of treatment as cryotherapy has a direct impact on blood vessels.
  5. If you have had a heart attack in the past, please do not participate in this therapy.
  6. Also, if you are allergic to cold, this therapy is not meant for you.
  7. People who have a history of blood clots, cold chamber therapy is not for you.
  8. If you have or keep having unstable heart pain, do not jump into this session.
  9. People with open sores must not take part in cryotherapy sessions.
  10. If you have nerve pain in legs and feet, then stay away.
  11. If you have an uncontrolled seizure disorder, this therapy is not recommended.
  12. Also, if you have any condition which is by far related to sensitivity towards cold, then cryotherapy is not recommended for you.

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What are the Possible Side Effects of Cryotherapy?

The side effects could be

  1. Irritation or itchiness on your skin for some time.
  2. It can also induce sensations or numbness in your hands, feet, legs, and arms.
  3. In extreme cases, it can also case integumentary damage when you take localized therapy
  4. If the duration of the therapy is increased, you may experience difficulty in breathing, low heart rate, and enhanced blood pressure. So, do not go beyond that.

With that said, cryotherapy is one of the best ways to support your weight loss routine. However, cryotherapy weight loss regime alone, will alone not help. Include a healthy diet and workout for about half an hour to see results.

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