The 8 Best Anti Smoking Products of 2019

Updated on January 6th, 2020
Quit Smoking

Nicotine, the adamant life taker has claimed several lives. That one last drag is hauntingly taking away every single ounce of your life. You promised to yourself, you would quit when you started the new job, or when you had your first child or when you turned 30. You promised your family and friends, that this was the last time you would smoke. 

Every year several million Americans make a promise to quit and every year only half of them succeed. Now, to make your chances higher, here are a few products that help you in the journey of quitting the smoke!

1. Nicorette Quick Mist Mouthspray

Nicorette Quick Mist Mouthspray is an oromucosal spray which is a clear, opalescent solution with a scent of peppermint. 

This spray contains 1mg of nicotine, which aids in helping smokers with withdrawal symptoms and associated tobacco dependence. It is a safer alternative to smoking for smokers and those around them.

Nicorette Quick Mist Mouthspray

This is a spray that should be sprayed into your mouth, press the button thrice and make sure a fine spray appears. 


The patient should not eat or drink while administering the oromucosal spray. Also, do make sure that you don’t spray it into your eyes. 

Other medicines:

Hypersensitivity is sometimes noticed in a few patients due to the active ingredients. Also, it is to be noted that patients with diabetes should monitor their blood levels whilst on medication. Additionally, people with renal and GI disease should use this cautiously as this spray could exacuberate their symptoms. 


Avoid alcohol and other drugs

2. Organic Smokes (Premium Blend Powder)



Organic Smokes (Premium Blend Powder), is a tobacco-free product that is a healthy alternative to smoking. This product helps in effectively stopping smoking and additionally, it also consists of an antioxidant that is beneficial in detoxification and relieving stress. 

This is an all-natural and organic product that can be consumed and ingested in multiple ways such as sipping, soaking in for a bath or smoking. 

You could directly blend the powder into hot water, for a bath or tea and this powder could be rebrewed 2 to 3 times. Additionally, you could roll it into the smoking paper as well. 


Do make sure that you keep it in a cool and dry place and out of reach for children. 

Other medicines:

It is recommended that you consult with your doctor, as there are rare chances that it could interfere with a few diseases. 


Avoid alcohol and other drugs

3. COOL DEALS Anti Smoke Patch

Anti smoking patchPatches are nicotine- medicated topical patches that work transdermally. It is targeted to be placed on the back, and on the muscles. It helps in smoking cessation and also helps in controlling the urge to smoke. 

These patches come in doses and the best dose for you would be the one that decreases the urge to smoke without the side effects of nicotine. It is recommended that you use the medication as prescribed by your doctor as the dose is adjusted to your needs which includes your smoking history, and your medical history. 


This medication should be started on the day you quit smoking. Different brands have different dosages and even different time intervals it should be left on. Hence it is recommended that you consult with your doctor on what works for you. Do not apply the patch on red/cut/irritated skin, also don’t use it over makeup. Additionally, apply it on a different area on your body, to avoid irritation. 

Other medicines:

It is recommended that you consult with your doctor, as there are rare chances that it could interfere with a few diseases. 


Avoid alcohol and other drugs

4. STOP-NIC Nicotine Gum 2mg, Cool Mint, Sugar-free

Stop Nic


STOP-NIC Nicotine Gum 2mg, Cool Mint, Sugar-free, is sugar-free nicotine-based chewing gum. This helps smokers and tobacco consumers in quitting their habit. 

The whole system is based on a well-established concept called the Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

Chewing this gum helps reduce the withdrawal symptoms and also helps reduce the nicotine craving that is common in patients who have stopped using nicotine. 


If you are allergic to any drugs, please do mention to your doctor. Also, mention the signs and symptoms you may experience whilst using this drug. 

Other medicines:

Be sure that you talk to your doctor as there are some drugs that are not safe with this drug. Also, check if there are any negative reactions to the body. 


Avoid alcohol and other drugs

5. Royal Swag Herbal Mint(MCT) Cigarette

Royal Swag

Herbal cigarettes, This is one of a kind product that helps in replacing your nicotine filled death sticks, with 0% tobacco and 0% nicotine herbal cigarettes. 

These cigarettes come in several flavors as well, which decreases the craving to smoke. This is based on the replacement therapy as well. This directly extracted from the concept of Charaka Samhita from a book of Ayurveda. 

Use this day you stop smoking as an alternative.

6. Anti Addiction Capsule

Anti Addiction Capsule

There are several products in the market right now to help you stop smoking. However, did you know about the herbal capsule that could help you stop smoking?

This capsule has immense potential and is completely a herbal product and will help you deal with your smoking effectively

Do start taking it today, for the best and instant results.

7. Smokill Supplements


Natural supplements that are ayurvedic in nature are one of the easiest ways to quit smoking. This is a 100% natural product to quit tobacco and alcohol. 

This is 100 % vegetarian, with a shelf life of 36 months, that is safe to use on a daily basis. Every bottle comes with 60 capsules at your disposal.

8. Bipha Ayurveda Smoking Cessation

Bipha Ayurveda Smoking Cessation


Also called Big Cig.

This is a smoking cessation aid, that helps in the cessation of smoking. This is a safe, non-additive and non-nicotinic formulation, this removes the tastelessness and loss of appetite caused due to prolonged smoking. 

The recommended dose is it chew 1-2 tablets when you feel smoking or you could also do it in a time interval. 

This is a safe to use product with no side effects and heavy metals/colors or preservatives. They have 60 tablets in a single bottle.

Every person has a different story on why they started smoking, every person has a different story on their path to recovery. Each and every milestone on this path you reach – a week. a month, a year.

All these milestones are important and will bring untold joy to you and your family. The bottom line is that you take the decision to quit, but you don’t have to walk the path to recovery alone.

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