Coffee Enema Benefits You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Updated on February 25th, 2020
coffee enema benefits

Enema is a procedure performed to stimulate stool excretion, mostly for people suffering from constipation. A coffee enema is a procedure in which the colon is cleansed using alternative forms of medicine. The process requires brewed caffeinated coffee and water. This solution is then inserted through the rectum into the colon.

A German American doctor called Max Gerson believed that detoxing the body helps the body to get all its nutrients that help heal, which can be done eating a plant-based diet, juice, and coffee enemas. Gerson Therapy(1), his rigorous program has become quite popular now.

Know more about coffee enema benefits and simple DIYs

Nutritional Facts

  • Coffee enema helps to get rid of parasites. It breaks down harmful bacteria that are collected in clusters in the colon and gets rid of them from the body.
  • The detoxification through coffee enema reduces the toxicity by 700 percent.
  • A coffee enema is a preferred alternative to many other chemical medications. 

How Coffee Enema Benefits Us?

It is no secret that the benefits of coffee enema have convinced the majority in the world, but how does it benefit us? Performing this prevents you from degenerative diseases and also against fatal ones like cancer. It helps in the healthy functioning of the gallbladder, and as gross as it may sound, it improves the operation of the digestive system.

Benefits of Coffee Enema

1. Treats Constipation


Being constipated can cause irregular bowel movements that disrupt a healthy life. Using it rarely doesn’t cause any permanent damage. The fluid passes through the intestines into the rectum that eases the passage of stool.

Coffee enema stimulates a significant bowel movement.

2. Detoxifies

Coffee enema benefits our health by detoxifying the body. It contains an antioxidant called glutathione(2), which is a detoxifying agent for the body. It stimulates the flow of bile in the body.

So the next time you need an enema, try a coffee enema.

3. Enables Bile Production

Coffee comprises components- theobromine, theophylline, and caffeine. They help to widen the blood vessels and the bile duct that boosts the flow of bile in the body. Cafestol palmitate stimulates Glutathione S transferase that increases the bile duct produced in the liver. As the liver starts to produce more bile, it improves digestion by breaking down the components.

Coffee enema helps in cleansing out toxins from the body while enabling better functioning of the liver.

4. May Prevent Cancer


Coffee enema benefits the human body by preventing cancer. Research states that doing coffee enema reduced the risk of prostate cancer. As it excretes toxins from the colon and liver, taking some supplements along with it helps to get rid of cancer cells.

Performing coffee enema may prevent you from the risk of cancer as the cells function healthily.

How to Perform Coffee Enema

Here is a DIY Coffee Enema recipe

  • First, prepare the coffee concoction and make sure the liquid is in body temperature when you prepare for enema.
  • Lie down to your side to instill water.
  • Use an enema system to infuse the coffee mixture into the rectum.
  • Make sure it’s not too hot. Keep it for 15 minutes. The longer it stays, the more successful the coffee enema is.

Doing a coffee enema weekly is probably okay, but always follow your doctor’s recommendation.

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Side Effects

According to the National Cancer Institute, three deaths related to coffee enemas have been reported. One of those deaths was due to a bacterial infection and the other two due to electrolyte imbalance.

  • There is no doubt that coffee enema is useful, but it is also hazardous if followed without instructions.
  • A coffee enema can cause severe damages to the rectum.
  • It may cause rectal burns.
  • Enema can cause diarrhea and may lead to electrolyte imbalance.
  • It is best if you do not use a Coffee enema for a very long period.
  • It may cause damage to the intestines, trigger allergic reactions, and even cause electrolyte loss that may be fatal.
  • Trying coffee enemas without the right guidance can make subsequent enemas more difficult.

The Bottom Line

A coffee enema can be performed in holistic centers at a hefty price but is also safe to perform at home. Coffee enema benefits to treat people suffering from constipation, but it isn’t recommended by mainstream medicine. Many people claim that coffee enema has improved their bowel movements without causing any side effects. But in some cases, a coffee enema can be very dangerous. Consult your doctor for the right ways to do coffee enema.


1. When Should I Do a Coffee Enema?

The best time to perform a coffee enema is after your first bowel movement.

2. Are Coffee Enemas Dangerous?

You should ensure that the temperature of the liquid isn’t too hot. As this can cause internal burns. Also, overdoing it may cause dehydration. If you can keep it in check, you are good to go.

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