Cherry Juice for Arthritis: Is It Beneficial?

Updated on November 7th, 2019
cherry juice for arthritis

In the present scenario, the world has witnessed an increase in medical cases and health issues. The dynamically changing food industry and diets, and degrading food quality have resulted in a significant increase in severe illness and lower immunity.

Ignorance towards small health concerns and improper diet schedules have downgraded the immune mechanism and increased the chance of acute diseases.

Arthritis is one such disease. High inflammations, joint pains, and many such symptoms are indicative of arthritis. In any such case, you can consume Cherry Juice for arthritis treatment for gaining remarkable results.

Cherry juice is not only refreshing, but it tastes fantastic and can be easily consumed as concentrated juice.

A study conducted in 2012 depicted that people who consumed cherry juice for 21 days consecutively, witnessed a reduction in pain caused by osteoarthritis.

When these days, our diet majorly comprises of fast and junk foods, we can add this cherry juice at any time and with any ongoing nutrition. The perks of intaking cherry juice are phenomenal, and many studies have proved the benefits.

Did You Know?

  1.  Cherry intake is associated with a 50 percent lower risk of gout flares.
  2. Liquid cherry extract is readily available in health-food and specialty stores and is highly impactful in cases of arthritis.

Why Cherry Juice for Arthritis?

Benefits of Cherry Juice

Cherry Juice is quite a favorite drink easily consumable and associated with a wide variety of health benefits. The benefits include boosting the immune system, improving memory power, curing inflammations, and aiding sleep.

In an article published back in 2013, about Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, researchers reported that patient who consumed two 8-ounce cups of cherry juice for 21 days witnessed a significant reduction in the pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis and osteoarthritis(1).

There are currently hundreds of types of Cherry juice available in the market. But you should look for the one with 100% concentration of cherry extracts with no added sweeteners and flavors.

Purer the juice extract, better the results. If you see two options like “from concentrate” and “not from concentrate,” do not get confused. They both are nutritionally the same. The primary difference between both is:

Not from concentrate juice: It is made by putting the pure juice directly into the bottle without doing any processing.

From concentrate: They do proper filtering and processing of the juice. The juice is firstly squeezed and extracted from the cherry. Then water is removed from the juice by filtering.  After that, the extract is rehydrated and packed.

So when both have the same nutritional benefits, you can consume any depending on your taste and choices.

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Tart Cherry Juice and Its Benefits

Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice is a particular type of cherry juice(2) which is sour to taste and may not be liked by everyone. However, tart cherry juice provides more amount of anthocyanins when compared to its counterparts like black cherry juice, which is comparatively sweeter and has lesser amounts of anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins are the chemicals responsible for promoting the anti-inflammatory processes in the host body. Despite the differences, both are great nutritional options.

Each cup of unsweetened tart cherry juice typically contains:

  1. 33 grams of naturally occurring sugar
  2. 159 calories
  3. Traces of minerals like calcium and potassium
  4. Almost no vitamins and fats

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Benefits of Cherry Juice

The cherry juice has a lot of health benefits, few of which are still being researched and debated on. Two significant benefits of Cherry Juice for Arthritis are:

1. Lesser Gout Symptoms

gout Pain

Gout is a particular type of arthritis typically impacting one joint at a time. The anthocyanins present in the juice are considered to be the critical cure for the high flares, inflammations, and pain caused in gout affected joints.

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2.  A Stronger Immune System

The anthocyanins occurring from the natural sources in cherry are suspected of having antimicrobial properties. These properties mean that they can kill small micro-organisms called microbes, which are the bacteria responsible for immune diseases in the body. Some researchers have suggested that these anthocyanins present in cherries could help fight bacteria. This will eventually help support the immune system of the body by fighting off minor illnesses and inflammations.


1.  Is Cherry Juice Good for Arthritis?

Apart from the above benefits, cherry juice has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, which are the primary help for arthritis to cure joint pain and stiffness. Potassium present in cherry also helps maintain blood pressure, hydration, and muscle recovery after exercise or workout. Cherries naturally contain about 330 milligrams (mg) of potassium mineral per cup of cherry juice, which is almost equal to 10 percent of daily recommended value.

2.  How to Obtain Cherry Juice?

You can prepare it at home by following these simple steps:

  • Wash and stem fresh cherries as per your need.
  • Mix 1 cup of cherries with one-quarter cup of water.
  • Blend the mixture in a food processor until cherries come just loose from the pits.
  • Pour it in a jar and save for consumption.

3.  How Long Can Fresh Cherry Juice Be Kept?

If the juice is freshly prepared, consume it in 5 days. It is not recommended to keep any fresh juice for more days.

As part of a balanced diet, drinking Cherry Juice for Arthritis can be a highly beneficial and a functional cure. Cherry juice is deliciously tart and refreshing. And for arthritis patients, it is the best drink you can wish for.

Try replacing sodas and sports drinks with this juice that can make a significant difference to your health.

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