CBD Oil for Asthma: Will It Really Help or Is It Harmful?

Updated on December 5th, 2019
CBD oil For Asthma

As you all know that asthma is a long-term respiratory condition, in which the airways may unexpectedly and suddenly narrow. CBD oil is made of marijuana and provides better healing power when mixed with natural elements. The dosage for CBD oil can differ depending on the symptoms a person is facing. So, for some, it can be 4.5mg but 45mg for someone else.

CBD oil for asthma is declared to be effective and carries the potential ability to provide much better and long lasting relief. Research has found that CBD oil works by reducing the inflammation and production of mucus that is related to asthma. There is a variety of CBD oil available in the market. Thus, you need to consult a physician before using any one of these oils.

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Did You Know?

  • Both hemp plants and marijuana are an excellent source for CBD oil.
  • Using CBD oil for treating asthma will never get you high because of low THC content.
  • CBD oil has a lot of other benefits which includes relief from depression and epilepsy.
  • It was in 2700 BC when marijuana was first used for medicinal purposes.

Ways to Take CBD Oil for Asthma?


A study conducted in 1970 showed that the smoking of cannabis helps to widens the air passages. It has a positive effect on the lungs when compared to smoking tobacco. Most of the treatment procedures of CBD oil(1) for asthma include inhalers and is an alternative to vaporizers. But at the same time, CBD vaporizers are also effective and do not have any negative effect on the body.

Many doctors recommend that the majority of people with asthma can use single vaporizer inhalers. If taken in the right dosage, it helps to breathe deeper, relives constrictions and also expands the lungs. But, many people experience coughing by using vaporized CBD. In that case, an edible form of CBD is the solution. Edible form of CBD will not be very much effective in fighting a sudden asthma attack.

Asthma patients can use CBD oil in three different ways – inhalers, vaporizers and orally. The first two ways seem to be more effective in the treatment of the symptoms. Make sure that you always consult a physician before using CBD oil. CBD oil does not have any serious side effects, but it is important that you follow the proper way. Depending on the seriousness of the symptoms, individuals will need to follow different ways.

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Risks of Taking CBD Oil

CBD oil

Around the world and especially in the countries where marijuana is legal, CBD oil plays have different applications. One of the most important of them is the treatment of asthma. CBD oil for asthma comes with a long list of positive benefits in treating the symptoms. It also has another impact on the body which helps to prevent asthma.

However, researchers have not found any negative effects of CBD oil till now. There is no significant negative impact on the central nervous system. Only one effect that can be seen in some people is tiredness. But it must be remembered that CBD oil has not yet been tested on children. For now, only adults can use it safely for asthma(2).

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Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some important Do’s and Don’ts of CBD oil that you should remember before consuming it.


  • If you want to get relief from an asthma attack, then it is better to smoke or vape the oil.
  • Always start using the oil by taking small amounts of CBD oil.
  • Use CBD oil from licensed and verified brands.


  • Never give CBD oil to children or pregnant women without consulting a doctor.
  • Avoid using CBD oil in heavy dosage on a regular basis for a long time. Use it when necessary.
  • You should never decide the dosage by yourself. Always consult a doctor.


1. How to Use CBD Oil for Asthma?

Ans. CBD oil is popularly used in three different ways – inhalers, vaporizers, and edibles. Medical experts have found that inhalers and vaporizers are the best way to use CBD oil. They are much more effective and offers quick relief in case of an asthma attack. But edibles take a long time to work and it is not useful during an attack. Nowadays, many people use CBD oil by placing it under their tongue.

2. Does Marijuana Help Asthma?

Ans. Yes. Marijuana helps asthma. Different studies conducted have made it clear that smoking marijuana helps to widen the air passages. It also helps to expand the lung. When you inhale marijuana in regulated amounts, it offers the best solution to asthma. CBD oil for asthma is one of the most popular methods for treating the symptoms.

3. The Dose of Taking CBD Oil for Asthma?

Ans. The dose of consuming CBD oil for asthma depends on the individual. Depending on the intensity of the symptoms that a person is experiencing, they will be provided with the dosage. For some, it can be 4.5 mg or even 45mg for those who have serious problems. Thus, you need to consult with your physician on this matter.

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